Paranoia, Proper & Less than Proper

I have noticed a trend of late in our tiny reactionary corner of the web, of estimable and supremely intelligent commentators characterizing some other mostly like minded,  likewise  intelligent commentator as glowing, comped, a gatekeeper of our enemies, a sub rosa enemy. To wit, Giuseppe Filotto has just accused our friend Bruce Charlton – an utterly irredeemable idiosyncrat, if ever there was such an one, God bless the man (hoo boy, let me tell you …), and, ergo, an inveterate heresiarch, in respect to *any traditionally received body of doctrine whatever* – of being a gatekeeper. Forsooth.

LOL. I know Bruce. ROFLOL. The same accusation is hurled at Tucker Carlson, at Trump – indeed, it seems soon or late to be hurled by some one of us or other (spirit of envy, much?) at anyone who takes some ground in the culture war, or who speaks some truth or other forbidden by the Narrative,  at no small risk to himself. Vox Day is probably next, that horrible apologist for the globalists! Pay no attention to *everything he writes.* That’s all a smokescreen! He’s actually an agent of the WEF! He’s the Ray Epps of the web!

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Correcting Some Errors in Lippincott’s Culture War Essay

[JM Smith beat me to the punch, but my punch is different.]

At American Greatness, Josiah Lippincott opines that conservatives need to back off from culture war and focus on saving the country via immigration control, tariffs, no foreign wars, and law and order. These are all needed, but they’re not enough.

At a first reading, Lippincott’s thesis seems to be that conservatives must stop fighting the culture war because doing so will cause them to lose elections and therefore be unable to save the nation. A closer reading reveals that he counsels backing away from culture war at the national level, but acknowledges that cultural victories are still possible at the state and local levels.

Problem is, this nuance will be lost on many readers. The impression one gets from the article is that all conservative politicians and the voters who support them need to back off from culture war because they’ll only get crushed. That’s not right.

Also, Lippincott’s main thrust – – judging by how many words he devotes to it – – is that Christianity is too weak to win political fights over cultural issues. If that’s correct, his distinction between what’s possible at the national versus the state and local levels becomes irrelevant.  If Christendom is too weak to win then it’s too weak to win at all levels of government, in which case Lippincott should be counseling us to avoid cultural combat at all levels. And if it’s strong enough sometimes to win then his counsel needs to be more nuanced.

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Jubilee Incoming, Ready or Not; Why Not Make Ready?

As things now stand, the current debt of the West shall never be repaid. It is too big, and it is every day compounding: we are already borrowing to pay interest on the outstanding US Federal Debt, and as taxes rise to pay interest on that Debt, productivity growth cannot but slow, so that the growth of the tax base – i.e., the economy – compounds at a lower rate than the Debt. As things now stand, the Debt is bound to swallow the entire economy of America, and so of the rest of the world. The very poorest countries are perhaps spared the oncoming sequelae; for, they have already suffered them.

The same problem is replicated in the governments of states and cities, and in many of their pension plans. Likewise also, of course, in the personal debts of almost all individuals (only a lucky few have managed to climb out of net debt on their balance sheets). And, of course, this all holds equally true for all sovereigns whatever – not just among the governments of the West, but in all governments, everywhere.

The real economy simply cannot catch up with the financial economy limned in the credit markets. The former owes too much to the latter ever to make good … unless of course there be some wholly new increase in productivity due to technology as yet unlooked for maybe perhaps O dear God please let’s hope so out on the horizon beyond where anyone can see.

The world changing singularity that rescues the financial system could happen, albeit not without massive dislocations in the lives of millions (for, that is just the way that such economic adjustments of societies have always been (because they must be) mediated: via the bodies of their constituents). The thing is, singularities can’t be counted upon. Because, hello, they are singularities. So, unlike sunrise and Easter, they can’t be bases of social order. We may not therefore prudently bet on them. So, let’s not. In that case …

Debts will at some point in the not too distant future revalue to $0. All of them, including debts owed to and by sovereigns. It is going to happen, one way or another, and no matter how it is hidden or disguised.

If in no other way, all the debts now on the books will be eliminated by inflation.

If we do nothing to avert it, then whether slow by inflation or fast by catastrophic economic collapse, this will be Jubilee as disordered, chaotic, and destructive.

Most likely, it will happen in a chaotic, black swan event, in which governments, nations and states fall asunder, there is war both within and between nations, and millions die of starvation, exposure, or disease. Or blunt force trauma, torture, bullets, or shrapnel.

Mostly, though, in the nature of things, it would be starvation.

So, better we do our best to avert all that, in favor of something better, anything better.

Then think of it, I beg you, as fantastic as this notion now seems – the discharge of the mass of debt hanging over our civilization could happen in an orderly, gradual way, as institutionalized in law, and so understood by all the parties thereto; by, i.e., all of us. So, without lots of death.


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Hi You Pathetic Dickless FBI Weenies

Now that we know that the FBI has been targeting traditionalist Catholics such as we *in our own churches* – and, no doubt, the devout in the temples also of our Evangelical and Orthodox brethren – we can be *absolutely sure* that they have been tracking all of us here.

We all of us here are known to the FBI. They have all our contact info, and all our email traffic. Those utter fools consider us enemies.

So pathetically sad. You infamous impotent weenies of the FBI. How can you live with yourselves?

Probably you compensate for your profound weakness with sadism of some sort. How forsooth could you bear up from one day to the next, otherwise?

So absurd; so sad, your lives, so wicked and so sordid.

May God bless and keep you, and may he make his coruscant light to shine upon you. It can’t give you peace, unless you repent.

Repent, I beg you. Don’t go to Hell.

Conservatism is (Slowly) Changing: From Protecting the Existing Order to Honoring God and Protecting and Benefiting Our People. Faster, Please!

Protecting the existing order is usually good. But the current Western orders are toxic.

By “order” we mean the orders religious, social, economic, intellectual and political. The comprehensive Order that defines a nation.

In the past, when America’s order was godly and practical, conservatism meant defending godliness and practical wisdom. Godliness was both the proper response to the greatness of God and, in the words of Proverbs 14:34, an exaltation of our nation. Therefore there were two definitions of conservatism: Conserving the existing order, and promoting godliness and practical wisdom

Today many conservatives are confused. Preserving the order we see around us is easy to understand and to support. It is also the natural instinct of mankind. When that order is bad and fundamental change is needed to prevent catastrophe, people become confused. And when the traditional order is overthrown, many philosophies compete, compounding the confusion. And the danger. Continue reading

The Vipers Are Now in Charge

But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?

Matthew 3:7

O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? For, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.

Matthew 12:34

The Pharisees whom both John and his cousin Jesus called a brood of vipers were in first century Palestine the counterparts of what today we would call the Woke Enforcers of Political Correctness. Not of Justice, properly so called. Just of Political Correctness.

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Goodness, Truth & Beauty are Classist, Racist & Sexist

Woke seppuku reached something of an apotheosis – I shall not say, a maximum – in the recent announcement by a Loyola professor of marketing (marketing, forsooth – that quintessential organ of oppressive capitalism) that clean, tidy, well stocked pantries are “classist, racist and sexist.”

I kid thee not. Pantries. What’s next: butt wiping?

One wonders immediately whether professors of marketing are per se classist, racist and sexist. How not?

Keep working your way down this rabbit hole with me. For “clean, tidy, well stocked pantries,” substitute any other denotation of something that has been from ancient days – or even in the last day or two – thought unremarkably good. To wit:

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FFS Are You Kidding Me is the Gedanken Policy Test Writ Small

Every human is from birth imbued with the filter of the Gedanken Policy Test. After all, the Test is that of Reality; so, no real can but apply it, so as to discern which way it should go. Thus no organism subject to selection pressure – i.e., to the Test – can long do without an intimate acquaintance, and indeed agreement, with its dictates.

It is a harsh and implacable Test. It is the Test of conscience. Nobody gets out of it. Nobody is in the end ignorant of this fact; or as well, of his own failures in respect to the Test.

The failure of a policy under the Test is registered in the normal and healthy human by a reaction of disgust thereat. If a policy fails the Test, it almost always is viscerally disgusting to most people. At least, a bit. What right mind, after all, can abide a policy that manifestly fails the Test? Only a mind wholly corrupt, and lost to corruption.

Now, in the natural course of a life these days, the reaction of disgust to this or that perversion – this or that failure of the Test – is likely to have been somewhat attenuated, by considerations of political correctness (which is to say, of expedience), or of confusion, or of divided loyalties (i.e., “I don’t want to valorize x, but if I don’t, I shan’t so readily be able to excuse my own y”).

No matter. The Test is inexorable.

FFS Are You Kidding Me is then where the rubber of social life meets the road of the Test.

Attend to your feelings of disgust. They propose something real.

How to Increase Priestly Vocations

I heard the other day driving along and listening to Catholic Radio that in some diocese or other, the Catholic Church had one priest for every 12,000 laymen.

The mind boggles, right?

I can’t cite to a source, because I can’t even remember what program I was listening to at the time.

Obviously, there are not enough priests. And this itself must be an important factor of the dearth of priestly vocations. Imagine you were thinking about taking a job serving 12,000 people regularly even as, say, a cashier. It’s a non-starter.

The Church needs more priests. Fortunately, the recipe is not hard to discern – although it is a fair bit of work to implement. But then, once the men of the parish were engaged in the overall project, it could get to be lots of fun for everyone.

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Kill Them All, & Let God Sort Them Out

This is how social deliquescence appears concretely. One faction or another – or, all factions – throw up their hands, give up negotiations, and resort to civil war. As soon as the percentage of those in the nation ready to take such a step surpasses about 3%, war is on, no matter what, sooner or later, and despite the wishes of all the other nationals. On such occasions, a Fort Sumter event is inbound. It shall soon or late happen. Then, all bets are off.

This is where we now find ourselves. Far more than 3% of Americans – perhaps it is as much as 5%, or even 7% – have decided that all Americans who are remotely such as we of the Orthosphere ought to be, and so are to be, deleted. So, the war is on.

The shooting has not yet begun, but the imprisonments have. The American gulag has already begun.

What is more, the plan is already out in the open. The elite have by the offices of the FBI declared war upon Traditional Catholics, such as I. Good heavens, and forsooth: I sang the Hassler Missa Secunda at Mass this last Sunday, in Latin; probably that makes me an enemy of the state.

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