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A reader suggested starting local traditionalist groupuscles that would meet regularly for discussion and socialization, acting both as a breeding ground for ideas and as a sort of therapy for their participants, reminding them that they’re not alone in their beliefs.

The contributors liked the idea, so here’s how we have done it. Anyone who’s interested in forming or joining a traditionalist group should either email the contact for one of the existing groups listed below, post their own contact information in the comments for this page or, for greater anonymity, e-mail it. Needless to say, there’s no need to get too specific (the name of your city, county, or equivalent will do), nor to divulge any other personal information. We’ll periodically pin the locations of those interested to the Google map below. After that, if you see other people in your area and want to form a local group, contact us again, and we’ll give you the contact details for those people, leaving it to you to work out the details with them, form the group, decide how it should be organized, where and when it should meet, what it should do, and so forth.

Alternately, for those who are too far away from anyone else to attend meetings regularly, there’s also the possibility of conferencing through Skype or an equivalent thereof. If anyone has any ideas about how this could be organized, e-mail us at the address given above.

Local contacts

New York City area: Jim Kalb (jimkalb AT gmail.com)

Los Angeles area: Our Los Angeles contact has asked to remain anonymous. To get in touch, e-mail  tradisjonalisme@gmail.com, and we’ll pass it on.

London (UK) area: Our London contact has asked to remain anonymous. To get in touch, e-mail tradisjonalisme@gmail.com, and we’ll pass it on.

Vancouver area: B. Horne (vancouvertrads AT gmail.com).

Similar groups

Eltham Traditionalists (Melbourne, Australia)

Sydney Traditionalist Forum (Sydney, Australia)

10 thoughts on “Orthosphere Offline

  1. Danbury, Connecticut

    I suppose this is the best the place to introduce myself now that I have finally delurked. I am a young student of traditionalist conviction, determined to live a noble life in our decadent age. I discovered what has now become the Orthosphere through Bonald’s excellent Throne & Altar while searching for commentary on Spengler’s Decline of the West last summer. I was thrilled to discover there were other people with a similar worldview to my own, and have since learned considerably from reading this blog community.

    I’ve refrained from commenting until now because I did not believe my views were yet sufficiently developed. I still have much to learn, no doubt, but I’ve also wasted enough time in the shadows, idle. I believe this community is not a relic of the past, but the vanguard of the future in store after the liberal/leftist order falls. I want to be a part of the making of that future and would be honoured to join the company here and hopefully in person.

    Your’s Truly,
    the semi-pseudonymus Robert Equestris

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  3. BTW, Jim Kalb has been (relatively) diligent in calling the NYC area Orthospherites together regularly. We haven’t solved too many of the world’s problems yet, but we have designed really snazzy brown storm trooper uniforms.

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  6. Sirs,

    May I recommend also the Tradition Family Property group, which is an association of Traditionalist Catholics who take the fight against the broad-left right onto their front yard.

    We at the STF work closely with them (see here for more information). The group is rather young in Australia but I see that their website in the US is very well developed.

    If one is religiously inclined, and Catholic, this is yet another network that can be connected to. You will not be disappointed.


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