Modern Life as Cargo Cult

We are nominalists, so we can’t know where true virtue lies; indeed, as nominalists, we are sure that it does not lie in any real particulars; so that, really, it does not lie anywhere, at all. Still, we find that we are compelled for reasons native in and obscure to us to adhere to some notion of virtue or other, even though we feel sure that there is no such thing as virtue in reality. So, to satisfy that compulsion, we will now and henceforth *signal* virtue, as our forebears did – albeit, without any ugly untoward recollection of the really appurtenant deontological distinctions among men & their acts that our fathers drew between virtue and vice. All our moral evaluations are pretenses. But, to save our appearances, we shall pretend that they are not.

Our pretence prescinds its pretence.

So, and despite all the foregoing – which might lead to an appearance of pretence or uncertainty on our part – we utterly condemn all those who have not volubly vouchsafed their adherence to … the stuff that we these days adhere to.

We shall *act* as though we understand what it is to act badly.

Bad Faith as Endemic – ergo, Fundamental – to Modernity

The basic idea is that moderns cannot as such believe anything honestly and with a whole heart. This follows straightforwardly from their nominalism – which, often, they do not even suspect might be in them operative. So, their beliefs are all tentative, ad hoc, only their own and private, nowise dispositive of any reals external to themselves, certainly not at all authoritative (over anyone else, or even over themselves) and thus *not truly believed.* This is why moderns are so prone to depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation.

They don’t believe the Narrative in their hearts. But the Narrative is all they have to go on; and one must perforce go on. They have no confidence in anything else.

The Great Satan versus Man

I learnt just now from our shieldmate Patriactionary that there is a new Hulu reality TV series about ten unspeakably beautiful ‘Muslim-American’ Afghani sisters “sleeping around, causing drama, and getting cosmetic work done.” Lots of cleavage to be seen on the adverts, of course. Plus collagen, and no doubt Botox, makeup out the yin yang, obviously; then also the sultry come hither looks: all the usual stuff.

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Paranoia, Proper & Less than Proper

I have noticed a trend of late in our tiny reactionary corner of the web, of estimable and supremely intelligent commentators characterizing some other mostly like minded,  likewise  intelligent commentator as glowing, comped, a gatekeeper of our enemies, a sub rosa enemy. To wit, Giuseppe Filotto has just accused our friend Bruce Charlton – an utterly irredeemable idiosyncrat, if ever there was such an one, God bless the man (hoo boy, let me tell you …), and, ergo, an inveterate heresiarch, in respect to *any traditionally received body of doctrine whatever* – of being a gatekeeper. Forsooth.

LOL. I know Bruce. ROFLOL. The same accusation is hurled at Tucker Carlson, at Trump – indeed, it seems soon or late to be hurled by some one of us or other (spirit of envy, much?) at anyone who takes some ground in the culture war, or who speaks some truth or other forbidden by the Narrative,  at no small risk to himself. Vox Day is probably next, that horrible apologist for the globalists! Pay no attention to *everything he writes.* That’s all a smokescreen! He’s actually an agent of the WEF! He’s the Ray Epps of the web!

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Jubilee Incoming, Ready or Not; Why Not Make Ready?

As things now stand, the current debt of the West shall never be repaid. It is too big, and it is every day compounding: we are already borrowing to pay interest on the outstanding US Federal Debt, and as taxes rise to pay interest on that Debt, productivity growth cannot but slow, so that the growth of the tax base – i.e., the economy – compounds at a lower rate than the Debt. As things now stand, the Debt is bound to swallow the entire economy of America, and so of the rest of the world. The very poorest countries are perhaps spared the oncoming sequelae; for, they have already suffered them.

The same problem is replicated in the governments of states and cities, and in many of their pension plans. Likewise also, of course, in the personal debts of almost all individuals (only a lucky few have managed to climb out of net debt on their balance sheets). And, of course, this all holds equally true for all sovereigns whatever – not just among the governments of the West, but in all governments, everywhere.

The real economy simply cannot catch up with the financial economy limned in the credit markets. The former owes too much to the latter ever to make good … unless of course there be some wholly new increase in productivity due to technology as yet unlooked for maybe perhaps O dear God please let’s hope so out on the horizon beyond where anyone can see.

The world changing singularity that rescues the financial system could happen, albeit not without massive dislocations in the lives of millions (for, that is just the way that such economic adjustments of societies have always been (because they must be) mediated: via the bodies of their constituents). The thing is, singularities can’t be counted upon. Because, hello, they are singularities. So, unlike sunrise and Easter, they can’t be bases of social order. We may not therefore prudently bet on them. So, let’s not. In that case …

Debts will at some point in the not too distant future revalue to $0. All of them, including debts owed to and by sovereigns. It is going to happen, one way or another, and no matter how it is hidden or disguised.

If in no other way, all the debts now on the books will be eliminated by inflation.

If we do nothing to avert it, then whether slow by inflation or fast by catastrophic economic collapse, this will be Jubilee as disordered, chaotic, and destructive.

Most likely, it will happen in a chaotic, black swan event, in which governments, nations and states fall asunder, there is war both within and between nations, and millions die of starvation, exposure, or disease. Or blunt force trauma, torture, bullets, or shrapnel.

Mostly, though, in the nature of things, it would be starvation.

So, better we do our best to avert all that, in favor of something better, anything better.

Then think of it, I beg you, as fantastic as this notion now seems – the discharge of the mass of debt hanging over our civilization could happen in an orderly, gradual way, as institutionalized in law, and so understood by all the parties thereto; by, i.e., all of us. So, without lots of death.


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The Basic Problem With Libertarianism

The demons, too, maximize their own hedonic profit – as they themselves construe it. Unfortunately for them, they are wrong in their construction of things. They are wrong about where the true hedonic profit truly lies. So, the profit they wrongly seek is of the sort that is earned as one Falls: falling feels like flying, for a little while.

We need not be like the demons. This is one of the things that makes temporal creatures like us superior to the aeviternal angels, some many of whom have Fallen incorrigibly: we can learn, and change our minds. For a little while.

Liberty can work toward the common good only insofar as it be first constrained by a vision of the good *which is in absolute terms itself correct about what is absolutely good,* toward which the idiosyncratic will finds itself inclined, prior to hedonic effects of this or that particular act. Liberty works, i.e., only when free agents think always in terms of a good prior to themselves, subvenient to their being, and therefore utterly suasive, whatsoever the agonies they suffer in obedience thereto.

Liberty unmoored from absolute morality is just chaos. Is, i.e., just evil.

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Hi You Pathetic Dickless FBI Weenies

Now that we know that the FBI has been targeting traditionalist Catholics such as we *in our own churches* – and, no doubt, the devout in the temples also of our Evangelical and Orthodox brethren – we can be *absolutely sure* that they have been tracking all of us here.

We all of us here are known to the FBI. They have all our contact info, and all our email traffic. Those utter fools consider us enemies.

So pathetically sad. You infamous impotent weenies of the FBI. How can you live with yourselves?

Probably you compensate for your profound weakness with sadism of some sort. How forsooth could you bear up from one day to the next, otherwise?

So absurd; so sad, your lives, so wicked and so sordid.

May God bless and keep you, and may he make his coruscant light to shine upon you. It can’t give you peace, unless you repent.

Repent, I beg you. Don’t go to Hell.

Christ Is Risen, & We With Him, & All Good Things We Rightly Love

The Risen Christ has defeated death. This should not be such a surprise when we consider that the Lógos is the Principal and origin of all being, all life – to which death is logically posterior, and upon which it depends, as a parasite. Nonbeing can’t have defects such as death, for it is not anything at all, either good or bad.

Still it is a surprise, indeed a shock; for most people, it is simply incredible. Destroying death looks to us impossible, because to us it is impossible.

In Jesus, we see a man like us surmounting death (not to mention the rest of nature). Most Christians I have known are still struggling to come to terms with this notion; they want to believe it, but have no idea how to. Thus most Easter sermons I have heard were about how, as surely as spring refreshes the world, so there is hope of renewal for our broken relationships, lost hopes, and so forth; true enough and hopeful, but in the final analysis merely worldly discourses, eschewing any honest straightforward grapple with the main thing, the metaphysical thing: Jesus is God, and God wins.

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The Necessary Devastation of Good Friday

The Apostles didn’t understand Jesus until after the Resurrection. They couldn’t have understood him even then, had not his horrible death completely ruined all their notions about him, and left them utterly emptied of all expectation, all preconception, all pretense of comprehension.

Passion of the Christ 2: Resurrection Will Be The Greatest Story Every Told, Says Jim Caviezel ...

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