What You Can Do Right Now

You are not going to prevail against the FBI, the IRS, Facebook, Google, or their equivalents in the rest of what remains of the West. Not if you go up against them directly. So, don’t try. Render unto Caesar. Give them what is needed to get them off your back. Live to fight another day, in another way.

In what way?

By a direct spiritual assault upon the Enemy, and his minions, the enemies of Man.


The spiritual war is fought one body at a time. Mundane wars, likewise; but only inasmuch as they resemble their spiritual archetype.

Let your body be your battlefield, and so with it your worldly life. Perfect your holiness. That is at bottom your only weapon against the Enemy. It is the only field of battle on which you can fight him, practically; so, it is the only battlefield on which he can be fought, at all. And if you are holy and righteous altogether, like Galahad, he cannot, when push comes at last to shove, ever touch you; for, you shall then belong utterly to the Lord God, who is the font of his being, so still his King, and thus his conqueror. So in Christ shall you conquer him, who would destroy you, and all that you love.

If in your decisions from one moment to the next you frustrate the Devil, and bid him get behind you, well then, you have done far more to deal with the perfidy at the high places of our worldly governments than you could possibly have done by going up against them directly, who are after all no more than the hapless stupid clueless minions of their Dark Lord.

Your outward governors are enemies capable to you at all only inasmuch as you let the Enemy govern you inwardly.

Defeat him within yourself! It is at bottom fairly easy, if just you pray; the Lord Jesus will help you, if you do. And so shall he through you help Christendom; thus, derivatively, the West.

On, then, brothers. Deus vult.

Tinkering with the News

“In foreign questions it was often striking how newspapers would hold back their comments until they had received in this way a mot d’ordre from Washington.” 

Johann Bernstorff, German Ambassador to the United States, 1908-1917.

“The propagandists stood, therefore, in a position to find what methods would best serve to lash their own people into a fury of ‘righteous wrath’ . . .  They tried everything—artistic creation, plain canards, heavy argument, and finally tinkering with the news.  This last method proved by far the most effective.”

Will Irwin, Propaganda and the News (1936)

Mot d’ordre is normally translated as watchword, although a more literal translation would be word of command or perhaps simply order.  Bernstorff used the phrase to indicate the government-approved “angle” on the news, the official “treatment” a story should be given.  This is relevant to us, one hundred years later, because the mot d’ordre appears to be that the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines is no big deal.  Nothing like so big a deal as, say, the death of George Floyd.

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Pray the Jesus Prayer, & Be Done With All the Rest

Hunting as I do daily over the links provided by our valuable and indefatigable allies at Synlogos, I am struck again, as I have of late been more and more often, with the bootlessness of it all.

Our struggle looks doomed. As usual.

What mundane prince might save us? None, at the last. For, we are all doomed to die. We are doomed to lose all that to which we have devoted our lives, including our progeny and their heirs, all of whom shall like us, and like the grass, wither away. That shall all happen, no matter the outcome of the midterm elections, or the war in Ukraine, or … of anything else whatever.

Mundane princes then are in the final analysis neither here nor there. While it behooves us as a matter of plain duty to attend to their motions, still in the end they amount to nothing. All that matters to us in our private persons is our ultimate reconciliation – each of us – with ultimate reality.

Pray then with me the Jesus Prayer, as often as you can remember to do so:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon me, a sinner.

Nothing could be more lethal to our worldly adversary, and to his designs.

Conservative Cosplay

It’s not merely that they think our constitutional system is, or ought to be, sacrosanct . . . . It’s that they believe . . . that once implemented, it can never be lost.

Michael Anton, “What Does Fidelity to Our Founding Principles Require Today?” American Greatness (September 26, 2022)

“Nothing has been hitherto found a sufficient check and barrier to the exorbitant passions of men . . . . Laws and Constitutions framed by the best and wisest men, have first or last become the sport and conquest of the worst, sometimes of the most foolish . . . . Could wise establishments have ensured the stability of a state, that of Rome had been immortal . . . . But she, whose force and policy no power could withstand . . . fell by the corruption and perfidiousness and violence of her own citizens”

Thomas Gordon, Discourses Upon Tacitus (1737)

Laws and constitutions suffice to check and bar the exorbitant passions of men only so long as men of exorbitant passions are weak, scarce and despised.  When such men are numerous, strong and admired, they know what to do with these papers.  They burn them, ignore them, emend them, or declare that their meaning is quite otherwise than was formerly supposed.

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Sacrilegious Magic and Ritual Obscenity

 “I do not know whether the monstrous tableau of the Black Mass . . . is still enacted in our days, but I do know that all but the most horrible practices of the sacrilegious magic of the Middle Ages are yet performed, from time to time, in a secrecy which is all but absolute. 

Arthur Symons, The Symbolist Movement in Literature (1919)*

I wonder if we should think more often and more clearly about sacrilegious magic, ritual obscenity and propitiatory perversion.  Although professedly religious, we seldom if ever understand sacrilege, obscenity and perversion in religious terms.  We seldom if ever understand obscene and perverse acts as magical incantations, hieratic rituals, and Satanic propitiations.

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An Atypical Comment Upon Current World Affairs

We here for the most part and by preference abjure commentary on the affairs of the day, which are in the nature of things mostly foolish nonsense, bound to vanish sooner rather than later beneath the vast slow tides of history, and of her storms.

Which of course we do here like to notice. History is fun, informative, and so formative. Current events, not so much; they are like yesterday’s rain on the tide.

Nevertheless, something Important – perhaps, indeed, epochally important – seems to have just happened.

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Additions to a revised Determinists Strike Back Part 4

As I did for Determinists Strike Back Part 3, Part 4 has also been revised with many new additions. For anyone who has already read Part 4, I am including some of the new additions in this post:

Determinists Strike Back, Part 4

Scientific Studies Showing the Negative Effects of Believing in Determinism

One interesting new discovery comes from Iain McGilchrist in The Matter With Things[1] which points to studies concerning the negative effects of believing in determinism. McGilchrist points out that they involve an increase in antisocial attitudes and behaviors, increases in deceitfulness, aggressive behavior, selfishness, lower achievement levels and increased susceptibility to addiction.[2] In other words, determinism predictably gives rise to antisocial fatalistic nihilism, contrary to RP’s assertions. Lower achievement levels seem obvious, since why make an effort if the outcome is predetermined? A belief in determinism is inherently disempowering and counterproductive, as any fatalistic attitude will be.

A.I. Is On The Wrong Path. You Can’t Get There From Here.

Gad Saad interviewed cognitive scientist Gary Marcus who argues that what is described as A.I. mostly involves “look up tables.” Continue reading

The Village Blacksmith’s Sorry Seed

The public schools taught my children no poetry apart from a few stanzas of Emma Lazarus and Mia Angleo, along with a lewd limerick about the menstrual cycle or the water cycle, or maybe it was recycling . . . In any case, the ever-increasing poetic nescience of Americans makes poetic parody hard.  I’m not blaming you.  It’s not your fault if no one suggested you read Longfellow’s “Village Blacksmith” and instead gave you a copy of To Shill a Mockingbird. The Orthosphere exists to rectify this and other aspects of our universal miseducation.

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O Generation of Vipers, How Can ye, Being Evil, Speak Good Things?

“In our democracy, many good qualities are certain to be found; but it would be vain to seek there for that old virtue styled sincerity.  It is doubtless comprised of many excellent ingredients; but also of envy, deception, ambition and slander, which serve our so-called democratic politicians or demagogues as a rich treat . . . .  Where this state of things restricted to politics alone, it might pass, but . . . democracy with its cunning deceit penetrates our entire existence and becomes a poison . . .”

Charles Sealsfeld, Life in the New World, or, Sketches of American Society (1844)

Every American lives in a state of radical insecurity.  I mean that his job, his social standing, his reputation, his companions, and nowadays even his marriage and family, may vanish at very little more than a moment’s notice.  And thus every American is enslaved to the good opinion of other Americans who are themselves radically insecure, and who are therefore the very opposite of averse to expediently stabbing him in the back.

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