The Unconscious Girds for War

Something in the air has just in the last few days changed. It has at least changed in the air of me – in my spirit. And if it has changed in me, then it must have changed in the hearts of many millions of men like me.

I am the most pacific, equable person I know. I have reason to understand myself as competent at combat – as fairly lethal, should I need to be. But I abhor fighting. I have studied fighting, and have trained in martial arts. But I never think about it. Fighting – as distinct from the martial arts – is just not an item of my psychic furniture.

A few days ago I read about Sarah Jeong, the Social Justice Warrior recently hired to the editorial board of the New York Times. I read some of her tweets, in which she expresses her intense hatred for men like me, and wishes that I and my ilk could all be deleted. And I read that the Times was defending her, and doubling down on their decision to hire her. While I was appalled, I was not surprised. In fact, I was grimly pleased at these turns of the earthward gyre of the mainstream media. “The mask slips,” I thought: “the more, the better – and the sooner and more vigorous the comeuppance.”

Then I moved on to think of other things – the grandchildren, the sandwich, work, the mouse the cat dragged in (this has been happening a lot lately). I thought nothing more about it.

Or so I thought.

The next morning, I awoke from an intensely vivid dream in which, suffused with cold calm wrath, I deliberately, carefully took aim at a Social Justice Warrior *and killed her.*

That was a shock.

It was a dream of war; of civil war. The setting was a battle, indeed a mêlée. But in that noise and chaos and confusion, I was clear in my head, perfectly controlled, and deadly.

I take it as evident that something deep in me has changed, and is now rehearsing war. I read lately that many men like me have recently suffered the same heave of paradigms. It’s an ugly thing. What’s interesting is that it feels … curiously healthy, as being correct, more truly fitted to things as they are. It feels like settling down into a better understanding of life, which is always something of a relief.

I dream now of a coming war. Not that I want to. I’m not *doing* it, you see. Rather, it is just *happening* to me, like the weather. Is it happening to you, too? If so, it cannot but bode ill. In the short run, anyway. In the long run: the sooner we get this over with, the better.

The Saxon may have begun at last to hate. Or, as in my case, even with him the Swede.

80 thoughts on “The Unconscious Girds for War

  1. I too wish for a better future, but it feels like it is not to be. And I too have been awakened to dreams where with no hesitation I put down a rabid animal on two legs trying to do harm to me and mine. Though it is a cliché just like at the end of Terminator, I too feel a storm is coming.

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  3. I felt something similar on the day – just a bit over three years ago now – that SCOTUS unilaterally birthed a “right” to gay marriage. It’s funny, this is shortly after God called me back to the Church, but before I heeded his call. I wouldn’t have described myself as religious, but something in the pit of my stomach changed; I knew then there could be no peace. There was no stone the Left would leave unturned. I, personally as well as a member of my tribe, was an enjoyable to them. That’s the day it shifted on me.

  4. I think it’s because she’s NYT, that is the gold standard of the Establishment voice. And the establishment voice has said “I hope you die”.

    I hope no one does anything stupid, but if you don’t have a point where you will say no, you will be pushed until you have nothing left.

    They are already making economic war on us, if you say or believe the “wrong thing” they will do their best to deprive you of the means of life. They are importing foreigners to ensure themselves permanent power. Once there things will escalate. Or we can say No and save everyone some serious grief.

  5. A couple of years ago, one summer evening after visiting the sick bed of someone we buried shortly, I had wandered up to the community pool and while floating in the middle of it I was overcome. It must have only been a few seconds, but it felt longer. It was a gorgeous night and the overwhelming feeling was this is ending. Nothing is ever going to be the same. With the passing of this older generation the angel holding something back was being removed. The sin was going to be made full. And the question was could anything stand.

  6. I think this roughly apposite:

    All things have their season, and in their times all things pass under heaven.

    A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted.

    A time to kill, and a time to heal. A time to destroy, and a time to build.

    A time to weep, and a time to laugh. A time to mourn, and a time to dance.

    A time to scatter stones, and a time to gather. A time to embrace, and a time to be far from embraces.

    A time to get, and a time to lose. A time to keep, and a time to cast away.

    A time to rend, and a time to sew. A time to keep silence, and a time to speak.

    A time of love, and a time of hatred. A time of war, and a time of peace.

    It could be said that you (and I, and others) are beginning to pay this more than lip-service.

    • I wrote a post at my kids’ private blog less than an hour ago titled “To Everything There is a Season,” citing Holy Writ, not Lenin, referring back to Kristor’s post.

  7. There comes the time when we must say, here, but no further. If Sarah Jeung’s hiring did not cross the line, something else will, and soon.

    • I’m skeptical. Conservatives have been saying that sort of thing for years – “the left has finally overplayed its hand, this will finally wake people up” – but it never seems to materialize.

      And if such obvious absurdities as sodomites play-acting at marriage and men pretending to be women aren’t sufficient to wake people up (not to mention all the earlier depredations), it seems unlikely that this will.

      • I generally agree that the right can’t do accelerationism properly.

        I have suggested an accelerationism of supporting liberal republicans over conservative ones, and supporting radical leftists over blue-dogs.

        I don’t suggest this strategy because it will achieve our policy goals (whatever those are.) I suggest this strategy because conservatives are unreliable allies, and blue dogs are in a solid enough position that they don’t need to worry about the left or the right unless both are attacking at the same time.

    • A bunch of soccer networks cancelled Alex Jones today, or maybe it was yesterday. Whether you’re a fan or no, the powers that be are shutting down one side of the discussion.

      I can’t see this being a good thing.

  8. Civil War is… bad business! No sane man looks forward to it. Nevertheless, and as God and my inner circle are witness, I have been saying this:

    … the sooner we get this over with, the better.

    … for years. Only that my iteration has been that “the sooner we get on with it, the sooner we can begin rebuilding civil society from the ground up.’

    I’m pretty sure ‘we all got it comin’ in any case.

  9. I also found myself abnormally infuriated by this incident. Not because of Jeong – women like her are a dime a dozen (in fact, I had gotten into a heated argument with a woman just the day before who had similarly nasty things to say about whites) – but because of the brazenness and viciousness of the ‘respectable’ media actually defending her.

    • I’ve been wondering since Clinton’s reign when people would finally wake up. My father wondered the same thing through the 60s and afterward. Yet, they never have. Will they, finally? #nomoreboysandgirls? “Mommy” as an insulting term? Dressing prepubescent boys as drag queens and parading them (yes, literally) as avatars of enlightenment for the masses? Standard Christian morality, unremarkable a few generations ago, as hate speech, child abuse, and felony? Reading the news invariably causes me to curse our wicked generation and plead that God Almighty take away the altars of the strange gods, and the high places, and break down the images, and cut down the groves — with apocalyptic fury. Unfortunately, such awesome vengeance would affect everyone, and, unfortunately, we’d truly deserve it. Still, a significant part of me (likely depraved and not at all saintly) desperately desires to witness those high places being smashed — the temples of perversion in rubble, the sanctuaries of lies smoldering after a blazing purge. I want to hear the mourning of the blue haired women with indecent hats, lamenting the annihilation of their frivolous, mindless, humping bovine, Sex in the City world. I long to watch hatemongers, parasites, and traitors being driven through the streets, pelted with rotten fruit and the waste of beasts. I do not pine for public executions — well, not on most days, but I do finally realize how revolutionaries can sink to such coldblooded hatred for their fellow human beings. There is an accumulation of outrage that finally refuses to be contained. The Left frets about Trump’s “fascism.” Just wait until they see what is coming down the tracks if our little reaction fails . . .

      We may yet reform and avert the coming disaster and all the pitiless violence and damned souls that are sure to accompany the next radical swing of our civilization’s pendulum. I’ve remarked to several friends and family members that Obama may have saved the republic by initiating a slow-burn counterrevolution — perhaps simply some sparks to light the tinder — in a controlled enough environment to channel the fire constructively. During his presidency, “normal” people began to make comments that more insightful folks have been making for the past century (and longer, much longer, for the truly prophetic) — about democracy, individualism, liberty, the voluntary enslavement entailed in consumerism, the relationship between a political community and the family, the necessary transcendent foundation for civil order, et alia. Of course, many wise people have always counseled us so — we’re heirs of great riches. But we stopped listening. Consider the late pope, for example, who never ceased to talk about these matters, but I don’t think that it ever sunk in with the flock — until possibly now. Now, we’re seeing with vivid illustration what he warned about — concerning the dehumanization and commodification of people, of human bodies, of sexuality, of family, of children, of communities, of friendship, of learning . . . even of our minds. It’s not that the old Pole and his fuddy-duddy personalists irrationally held onto outdated paradigms. He saw man turned into a mouth in the Soviet world in a particularly brutal fashion, and he knew that it was happening in the West in another less abrupt, less obvious way. And he was right.

      Maybe, just maybe, the revulsion to the devil strutting naked in the public square will result in a great awakening. Perhaps, we can rebuild civilization not from ashes but by renovating neglected foundations and structures. Upheavals may satisfy thumotic indignation, but they come with so much loss — so much collateral damage. Hopefully, we can avoid that dreaded waste.

      For that reason, far more folks need wake up, and it does appear to be slowly happening. The postwar liberal order is under stress, and I believe that its contradictions will destroy it (and/or the Lord break it in his righteous wrath!). The better part of me wishes for a Fabian (well, anti-Fabian) fix rather than an anti-Bolshevik rebuild. We’ll see. I don’t know exactly where the wagon is heading, but I expect that the route is about to get a bit rough for all of us.

      • We sort of wake up now and then: Nixon, Reagan, and now Trump. But we never drink enough coffee.

      • Dr. Bertonneau:

        We sort of wake up now and then: Nixon, Reagan, and now Trump. But we never drink enough coffee.

        Not “never,” just very very rarely. It’s in The Declaration: “… men are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves,” and all that.


    • I’ve tried not to be infuriated by this, and just tell myself that such unconcealed bigotry ought not to be dignified by responding to it. But what DID get to me was not so much Jeong and her tweets (I make a conscious effort to pretend that the cultural cesspool know as Twitter does not even exist), but rather her defenders on the left. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people argue that ethnic minorities CAN’T be racist, or that women CAN’T be misandrist, that anti-white racism “just isn’t a thing.” The explanation goes something like this: such thought crimes can only be perpetrated by those who enjoy a hegemonic advantage, and the only group that consistently enjoys such an advantage is white, “cis-gendered” males. This is nonsense, of course, and I can’t help wondering why the people who make such arguments aren’t embarrassed. The argument rests on the same practice of making blanket stereotypes that the left routinely decries.

      When I was in fifth grade back in the ’60s, I had my first male teacher, Mr. Hanson, a former navy man (I still remember the anchor tattooed on his forearm). On the first day of class, he pointedly announced that if he ever heard of one of the boys hitting or otherwise just being “mean” to the girls, they could expect him to answer in kind (and back in those days, mild physical punishments were still common and accepted). He added that there was never a situation where a boy is justified in hitting a girl, not even if she hit him. There was an obnoxious girl in the class, Charlene, who felt shielded by Mr. Hanson’s threats, and would routinely go around belting boys on the playground. “You can’t hit me back, because I’m a girl,” she would shout as she ran away laughing. In Jeong and her defenders on the left, I see an army of Charlenes. I want to ignore them because I don’t consider them worthy of a response (not to mention that responding could have all kinds of unpleasant repercussions from the various institutional incarnations of Mr. Hanson). But it’s becoming more difficult to ignore them.

      • I make a conscious effort to pretend that the cultural cesspool know as Twitter does not even exist

        Excellent advice. I myself have never touched the thing.

    • What was amazing about this was that Candice Owens retweeted several of Jeong’s gems & substituted “black” or “asian” for “White” and it took all of 10 minutes for her to get a temporary suspension.

      And they wonder why Whites are getting a little edgy.

      It is a bad thing to fall under the kosher or halal police.

      Neither play fair.

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  11. I smelled war a long time ago, in the Zimmerman incident. But other people did not smell it.

    Now the smell is obvious.

    We will kill them, Deus Vult, or they will kill us.

    • I too smelled war in the offing long ago. So much so that Lawrence Auster likened me to a Mongol general coolly prepared to wipe out millions. And that was when I had been speaking in rather a reflective mood, albeit somewhat bloody minded.

      The difference is that now for the first time I feel it rising in my own guts.

  12. I also feel the oncoming war, civil unrest and confusion here in the RSA. I felt it for quite a few years now but nowadays things are seriously picking up speed after our president’s anouncement that the ANC will go ahead with land expropriation without compensation. All the talking and negotiation of agriculture unions and civil rights organizations were all in vain. Our future here is rather insecure at the moment if not for the grace and protection of God.

  13. With respect to the situation in America, bear in mind that Sarah Jeong and co. are but spoiled bourgeois brats with no independent firepower or indeed *any* substantial power of their own. They act the way they do because people who are supposed to be authority figures indulge them. Before we arm for war, we might try saying “no” to them first.

      • The lack of inclination is precisely the problem. In the USA, the (nominal) party of the Right controls the very State right now- and yet, the Leftists have become even more arrogant than usual and are acting worse than I have ever seen them act in my entire life while the State looks on and does nothing even as its authority is openly challenged.

      • Excerpted from Northern Mind and Character, published in the Nov., 1860 issue of The Southern Literary Messenger:

        The culmination of Northern mind and character, as displayed within the last four years, more particularly in matters of religion, morals, and politics, have not failed to attract the observations of all persons, at home and abroad, who are at all in the habit of contemplating the results of certain given causes. While they furnish materials for much curious disquisition to the South, they are also the source of much apprehension, when viewed in connection with the probable durability of the Union of these States. And, unless the conservative elements in their own midst shall prove themselves more capable in the future, than they have in the past, of controlling the extravagances of the multitude-the problem is almost a demonstration. The South, in self-respect, will be compelled to withdraw from longer association with her as a member of one common government.

        (bold mine)

        Sound familiar?

        The article goes on to enumerate a number of the extravagances “of sentiment and opinion that prevails in every department of society.”

        The connection between the mind and character of radical Republicans and abolitionists of the Civil War era, and their radical SJW spiritual grandchildren (JMSmith) like Ms. Jeong of the modern left, is inescapable. Likewise the inability and/or unwillingness of “conservatives” in power to control their excesses.;rgn=full+text;size=100;view=image

    • It might well be, however, that the spoiled bourgeois brat with no independent firepower is the stalking-horse of people who have, at the very least, economic firepower in that they are equipped to make life miserable for those who dissent from their psychosis. That is in fact how I read it.

    • Word. To paraphrase Josef Stalin: “…how many divisions does Sarah Jeong have?” Let all of these twisted, satanic, Marxists scream to the rafters. It only serves to get the attention of more of the sheeple and normies.

  14. Complaining on the internet is a bit like telling ghost stories around a campfire. And then you hear a savage cry or hear something big coming through the brush. The ghost stories give you the shivers; the cry and crash give you THE FEAR. You feel THE FEAR when you acknowledge that they really want to hurt you. Their talk is not just the bluster and strutting that precedes negotiation.

  15. Here’s my equivalent experience, Kristor. I have an abiding interest in the Civil War. Believe it or not, my great grandfather and great grand uncle, scions of the New Orleansian gens de couleur libres, were colored officers in Confederate colored infantry — the Louisiana Native Guards. When The Union captured New Orleans, the Native Guards were afforded a unique opportunity: They were permitted to reform under the Federal aegis, as the Corps d’Afrique. My sense of the war has, under the influence of this genealogical lore, always been as just as I could make it, conceding reasonable motives to both sides in the conflict. Arnold Bertonneau was willing to fight for Louisiana, but as an abolitionist, he was happy to put on the other uniform. My family history on my father’s side is a history of American race-relations. (One of the citations in Plessy versus Ferguson is Bertonneau versus the School Board, New Orleans.) That’s the background to my story.

    I very much like the musical group calling itself the 2nd South Carolina String Band. They specialize in music from the Civil War era and are notably pro-Confederacy although their repertoire ranges widely and includes abolitionist songs by Stephen Foster and Henry Clay Work. One song that the 2nd plays that always provoked in me a sense of guilt for enjoying it (the tune, anyway) is “Kill that Yankee Soldier.” Like you, I want to kill no one. A few nights ago, I entertained myself by revisiting the 2nd on YouTube, which I can link to my hi-fi set-up and my TV screen. I initiated a list and enjoyed the songs as they came up. For the first time, I found myself listening to “Kill that Yankee Soldier” without the usual pangs of guilt. I understood the sentiment: “If you’re coming to kill me, sorry, but I have an obligation to kill you first.”

    The Bertonneaus, who as mixed-race people suffered prejudice despite their prosperity, originated, not incidentally, in Western Saint-Domingue, where they constituted the shop keeping bourgeoisie. Their advent in New Orleans had its cause in their flight from the rapaciously race-motivated black rebellion in Haiti. Once the revolutionaries had killed off or driven away the white planter-class, they turned their murderous ire on the mulattes and began killing them. The ferocious rhetoric that has us alarmed resembles the rhetoric of the Haitian Jacobins in their merciless campaign. That same rhetoric is ramping itself up on America’s college and university campuses to the degree that I walk around a good deal of the time with a fearful gravity in my solar plexus. The American Left, which controls all of the institutions, now brazenly announces its murderously racist intentions.

    Added later: The utterances of the morally depraved Asian girl who is now apparently the spokesperson for the Left are frighteningly homicidal and absurd at the same time. As the Korean shop keepers of Los Angeles discovered during the Rodney King Riots, the rioters did not include Koreans in the categories of negritude and oppression; rather, the rioters included Koreans in the category whose annihilation the brainless and immoralTimes employee demonically awaits.

  16. Since I’m watching America for years but from far away (Germany), I am hesitant to comment, but after the Sarah Jeong / NYT incident, the extinction of Alex Jones (you may like him or – like me – rather not) and the following reactions my feelings are: They have just started the civil war, ideology has robbed them of their reason and the evil appears behind the mask of compassion. I don’t try to sound pompous, but it’s a very cold feeling in the stomach (and we have 36 °C today).

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  18. I don’t know if the sleeping Anglo-European white warrior will ever really reawaken. It doesn’t seem that likely to me, frankly. But if he does, the world should tremble. No other creature has ever shown anything close to the capacity for organized mass violence that we have within us.

    One of the things that I find interesting is the democratic political assumption: the assumption that once the white man is a ‘minority’, the POC-SJW coalition of freaks will have him where they want him, because – wait for it – they will be able to outvote him. Tremble at their power!

    These folks don’t seem to have taken stock of actual historical kill ratios when small handsful of US Marines have taken on large groups of more pigment-challenged enemies.

    • > I don’t know if the sleeping Anglo-European white warrior will ever really reawaken.

      Reward him for victory personally and individually with land, women and power, as well as with land and power for his platoon, his company, and his regiment. He will be back.

      Set the status of women back to what it was in eighteenth century England, or better, back to what it was in the Carolingian empire. He will be back.

      If the state remains in the hands of people who wish to destroy us, we will have to build our own state, and the quickest way to whip up a state from nothing much is feudalism and freehold.

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  20. I smell it too.

    It’s the getting it over with, not the getting it started or winning, that I worry about. I won’t be North versus South. It’ll be city versus rural with the big battles in the suburbs. How does that end?

    • If it happens it will be worse than that, it will be all against all.

      There are more conservatives in cities than is commonly supposed. There are also hippies who wander out into the countryside. Unlike the last go around it won’t be a war between states with a civil war in states like Missouri, etc. It will be an honest to goodness civil war a “war in the civitas(city)”.

      All the secession talk doesn’t work either, it’s like Northern Ireland. Part of the reason for partition is that ultimately the Republic didn’t want the six counties because they came with a million Orangemen who aren’t interested in an independent Ireland, and the British had difficulties because the six counties included a big chunk of Republicans too. So it slowly bled for decades.

  21. There is no turning back, no return to the time when politics were intellectual pursuits. The aim, now, certainly on the left, is to murder and/or subjugate the ‘infidel’. I hope we wake up and bind together soon enough. I fear that many of us will go down as islands in the storm, surrounded by flotsam and jetsam (dead, deranged leftists).

  22. During the obama years I ran a border protection team. Not large in numbers, around 10 individuals, who were also sick of the joke of our southern border. The team trained and worked together well as a unit, or so I thought. When the supreme overloads declared the constitutional right to same sex marriage I was appalled. I express my belief in Jesus and the word of GOD, saying how disappointed and upset I was with this decision. The team I thought was a working unit immediately came apart at the seams. I was called many disgusting names and chided for my belief in a make believe god. I was told how biblical account of Jesus was a fairy tale and how I was a fool to believe. That was the end of my border protection team, torn apart because I stated that “JESUS CHRIST is my boss, not the supreme idiots.” I have stated for years that blood will run in the streets, we are now closer to that than ever. Civil war will come as there are too many like my old team who are loyal to the evil one and want us dead. Current events every day show we approach the horrific solution desired by the reds is very close.

    • Individually yes, Ned, we are ready. Few would disagree. Collectively maybe not so much? The question in my mind is simply, at what point will we coalesce? And what will IT be that finally brings us together? The ‘coming together’ never happened in pre-WWII Germany and it’s not happening today in South Africa. Instead, the majority are fleeing the battlefield rather than standing their ground. Alternatively, should that ‘coming together’ happen in the United States, who is the “we” and how organized and disciplined will “we” be? The Left already has a well-established command structure, impressive funding, political and media support, and they have begun arming themselves with more than cups of hot coffee and rocks. If Whitewolf’s experience can be considered a microcosm, why will the larger society in the United States behave any differently than his border protection team?

    • Agree with Martin.

      As things stand now, the left would crush ‘us’ if things were to come to war.

      Unless it were via a military coup or something of that nature.

      We should also recognize that ‘our’ side is united by the enmity of the left and the hatred it has directed toward us. So if somehow ‘our’ side were to win in an existential battle with the left, that doesn’t equate to a victory for traditional Christianity. See Whitewolf’s comment. There are a lot on the ‘right’ who also despise us.

      • Everyone who practices with a gun on the gun range is on our side.

        Almost everyone who lifts iron is on our side.

        Most people who practice the seriously dangerous martial arts on our side.

        The great majority of young white males are our side.

        Deus Vult. God is on our side.

      • I don’t see how the fact that people on our side have guns matters much: there is no organization on our side. The other side controls the military and the police. Do we expect the grunts to turn against their commanding officers (who are certainly on the other side)? The police consistently carry out orders from their leftist overlords against rightwing dissidents. Should we expect these things to change?

        God is on our side.

        This seems presumptuous. Our entire nation – not just the current left – deserves to be razed to the ground, the earth salted over, and its memory blotted out from the face of the earth for all eternity. And that would be a punishment too kind. The best thing to do is to repent and throw ourselves upon God’s mercy. I have a lot more faith in God’s mercy than in ‘our’ side winning a hot war with the left.

  23. It is coming. Don’t let hatred spoil the steadiness of your aim. Channel it. Use it. But don’t become a slave to it.

  24. Comfortable people don’t rebel. However as the leftist culture continues to squeeze us, we become less and less comfortable.

    Every person has a balance, or scale. One side telling him to continue on as normal; the other side telling him to “hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats,” as Mencken put it. More and more stuff is being added to the latter side, lately. Pretty soon all we will need is a spark to kick it off, some outrage as happened with Mohamed Bouazizi. The Internet will spread it far and wide, and then assholes will be swinging from lamp posts.

  25. I too have recently (3 or 4 months) began to feel the dread of what now I accept as inevitable. I fear we have passed beyond the divine grace we’ve enjoyed for so many years. That purchased with the prayers and steadfastness of many generations better than our own. Brace for the juggernaut.

    • Seek out ‘Reluctant Partisan’, by John Mosby. Not the only guide on how to get better prepared, but it’s far and away the best I’ve found. Well worth every penny.

      It’s not strictly a guide to how to prepare for ‘doomsday’, or ‘civil war’; it’s about building and maintaining community, and many of the skills such an undertaking may require. Including, but not limited to, weapon skills.

  26. Having actually seen war, and having actually killed men in combat, suffered the privations of both wounds and sickness while engaged in same, and still carrying the scars, I can say confidently I do not propose or anticipate war. It ain’t just hell right now, it’s hell everyday and night, and holiday and place. I think some of you may have seen too many movies, war ain’t nothing you know of right now. Do I think it’s coming? Yes. It will be horrible and disgusting, it will last too long, and the winner will be whichever side wants to do the worst. Prepare to abandon your morals and your standards. The winners get to write the history.

  27. Same with me, I feel it in my bones, a war is coming. I’ve been to war three times, this has that feel to it.

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  29. Amen. Now that I have children of my own, one near fighting age, this is the nightmare that keeps me up at night. All the more dreadful fore I can see it coming, but can see no way to avoid it. Like the protagonist in a cheesy Lovecraft story who just watches the horror creep closers and closer.

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  31. You’re not alone.

    That same day, a normie coworker of mine brought up the white ethnostate, even in mixed company. The kid isn’t even out of high school. And he’s desperate for an alternative.

    Everyone knows what’s coming.

  32. Over and over, Sarah Jeong tweets her hatred of “white leftists”. How could any sane person not hate white leftists? The best part of the civil war will be watching blurry cellphone videos of unarmed white leftists getting beaten, raped, and killed by their beloved diversity, in a massacre that takes them completely by surprise because they get all their news from the NYT and NPR.

    For a funnier take on white leftists, check out
    Or David Cole’s piece on how Jews address us as “fellow white people” and their inner-city pets as “fellow downtrodden non-white minorities”, like a chameleon who doesn’t realize that his camouflage isn’t working.

  33. It is simply that the time of cleansing our nation of our domestic enemies is close to being upon us. Soon it will be time to stop dreaming and start purifying our nation and washing it in the blood and tears of those who destroy it.

  34. The Saxon knows all too well how to hate. He knows also all too well how to expunge that hate. The problem is within his own ranks, the battle between those who exalt decency and those who exalt deviancy. The conservative and the liberal. The coming war is notable for its utter familiarity. Who will be caught in the crossfire? The Muslim who came to the West and has begun to think about Jesus, methinks.

  35. Keep poking the bear with that sharp stick, get him really upset. It’s FUN! The cage will hold him. I’m almost positive.
    I think so…

  36. Civil war against boys and men — especially conservative Christian men — has been ongoing for half-a-century in America. But with The Mask on.

    Lately, the last of the mask has dropped, and the agenda that U.S. intel and the Left have waged against us for decades has become overt. They are no longer afraid to tell us openly that they seek to exterminate us. Which I’ve known, and resisted, for many decades now.

    If Hillary had won in 2016, you’d already be in hot war. Ask me how I know. Donald is only a reprieve. Use it or lose it.

  37. “It was a gorgeous night and the overwhelming feeling was this is ending. Nothing is ever going to be the same. With the passing of this older generation the angel holding something back was being removed.”

    That is correct. The nation has been guided by a ‘foreign spirit’ for many decades now. By the nation’s own demand and choice, for in the beginning did not The People reject God, and choose the serpent? It is Jezebel’s nation now, has been quite a while.

    “Remember your guard dog? Well I’m afraid that he’s gone!
    It was such a drag to hear him, whining, all night long” (Revolution Blues)

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