What You Can Do Right Now

You are not going to prevail against the FBI, the IRS, Facebook, Google, or their equivalents in the rest of what remains of the West. Not if you go up against them directly. So, don’t try. Render unto Caesar. Give them what is needed to get them off your back. Live to fight another day, in another way.

In what way?

By a direct spiritual assault upon the Enemy, and his minions, the enemies of Man.


The spiritual war is fought one body at a time. Mundane wars, likewise; but only inasmuch as they resemble their spiritual archetype.

Let your body be your battlefield, and so with it your worldly life. Perfect your holiness. That is at bottom your only weapon against the Enemy. It is the only field of battle on which you can fight him, practically; so, it is the only battlefield on which he can be fought, at all. And if you are holy and righteous altogether, like Galahad, he cannot, when push comes at last to shove, ever touch you; for, you shall then belong utterly to the Lord God, who is the font of his being, so still his King, and thus his conqueror. So in Christ shall you conquer him, who would destroy you, and all that you love.

If in your decisions from one moment to the next you frustrate the Devil, and bid him get behind you, well then, you have done far more to deal with the perfidy at the high places of our worldly governments than you could possibly have done by going up against them directly, who are after all no more than the hapless stupid clueless minions of their Dark Lord.

Your outward governors are enemies capable to you at all only inasmuch as you let the Enemy govern you inwardly.

Defeat him within yourself! It is at bottom fairly easy, if just you pray; the Lord Jesus will help you, if you do. And so shall he through you help Christendom; thus, derivatively, the West.

On, then, brothers. Deus vult.

7 thoughts on “What You Can Do Right Now

  1. Getting to the essence of things here brother. Strive for spiritual perfection through prayer and fasting and dedicating the interior life to our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Deus Vult!

  2. Render unto Ceasar was always wrong. The spiritual poison that corrupted the West. Whoever wrote that line was the devil. Unless the line only meant “Judaism is trash, so let Rome enlighten you.” But to continue this line as if it supports current govts is a lie from the devil.

  3. And don’t ever attempt the branch Dravidian route no matter how legitimate. Even the Benedictine option. Lest they burn everyone inside said compound to death.

  4. I would like to apologize to Pr. Smith, particularly, and Dr. Charlton and Mr. Berger and all the other Romantic Christians in general. They are not enemies of Christ, as far as I can tell, except insofar as all us poor sinners are.

    I accept that they are far more fitted for martydom than me, who have weathered the enemy’s attacks more bravely. My instruments are straw, as St. Thomas wrote, though even straw is good for burning on a cold autumn’s night .

  5. Our weapon for these times is the Holy Rosary. If you are not praying AT LEAST one Rosary a day, you are not fighting.
    The Rosary deals more damage to the enemy than any other weapon (physical or spiritual). Our Lady has been insisting on this for more than 150 years.


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