The Illogicality of Determinism – Further Considerations

This article is now available at the Sydney Traditionalist Forum. Among other things, I argue that if physical determinism were true, then the appearance of intelligent behavior and the fact that car accidents, for instance, are the exception, not the rule, would be a mystery. Determinists typically want to banish God and consciousness – that is, our ordinary subjective experience of freely thinking, evaluating, deciding and having purposes – yet end up imbuing The Big Bang, by logical implication, with many of the properties of both God and consciousness, including omniscience, omnipotence, benevolence, purpose, intention and desire.

The link is The Illogicality of Determinism – Further Considerations.

It is a follow up to The Illogicality of Determinism.

And it is related to The Reflexive Problem in Analytic Philosophy – Illogical Logicians.

7 thoughts on “The Illogicality of Determinism – Further Considerations

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  3. Determinism and free will find Truth in Perfection…

    So I am determined to Perfection and a righteous free will shall be the effect.

  4. The effect of Babel in relation to “determinism” is a low-grade “reverse psychology” of sorts where one stomps and screams the highest reality of “determinism” for the very purpose of drawing out those most inclined to destroy DETERMINATION. Over time and having successly and aggressively destroyed determination in one white Christian after another, “we” reach this point… NO DETERMINATION TO PERFECTION in the white Christian because…



    Rejection of Perfection.


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