Old-fashioned transvestites had the virtue of celebrating femininity – albeit an over-the-top movie star conception. This can be contrasted with the self-hatred and misogyny that many feminists evince, to the point of insisting that actresses be called “actors.” Many feminists insist that adjectives associated with men and masculinity are positive, those associated with women, negative. The old-fashioned transvestite at least paid homage to the feminine genius.

The modern version of transvestitism has turned into a scapegoating lynch mob with a tyranny of the minority making up constantly changing rules about how they are to be addressed, how we are to think of them, etc.. A man in women’s clothing is one thing. A man who insists that he is a woman is quite another.

19 thoughts on “Transvestites

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  2. “…to the point of insisting that actresses be called actors.”

    It’s gone even beyond that. There is a trend in certain sports (women’s basketball, softball) to refer to exceptional female players as “studs.”

    • Or how about spouses being called partners. Same thing with girlfriends and boyfriends.

      Every time someone says “partner” I think that they’re in a same-sex relationship, or maybe a business partner. When it turns out a wife talking about her husband or vice versa I just cringe. The whole neutral mindset strips away anything romantic or meaningful, probably because neutrality is “nothing.”

      • @ GRA – I agree. New Zealand and Canada have adopted the PC “partner.” I enjoyed hearing that my brother-in-law was surprised to be thought gay when he used it outside NZ.

      • Such individuals are consciously or subconsciously employing a liberated language that is rarely called into question on the spot and so the phenomenon persists.

        And even here, there is no indication that an evolved articulation is now necessary due the fundamental metaphysical denial of the masses. So where so many intellectual Christians “see” bad or false metaphysics as our collective woe, as far as the dull mass goes and our ability to communicate with such dull mass, there are no metaphysics and this is surly recognized in a liberated language where “partner” replaces “husband” and “wife.”

        Our aim is, at minimum, to talk these people into AT LEAST engaging in some metaphysical speculation. Ultimately though, we must impress the metaphysical truth with exacting and explicit articulation REGARDLESS of a dull mass. This means in the emerging now, take control of our liberated English language where Creation somehow translates into self-annihilation for salvation.

        How can “we” articulate our way out of this most diabolical inversion?

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  4. We are told that the transgendered constitute 0.3 to 0.6 percent of the U.S. population, which means that there should be be one or two in any group of 1,000. This strikes me as incredible, even if we assume that many transexuals are very convincing or do not act out in public. If one knew, or at least knew of, five homosexuals, one should know, or at least know of, one transexual (on the higher figure). Drawing my own social circle very widely, I’d say it takes in about a dozen homosexuals, but no known (or even suspected) transgendered. In fact, setting aside what I take to have been prostitutes on the sidewalks of big cities, I have in my lifetime encountered only a very few who seemed to be women dressed as men, or men dressed as women.

    I’m told there is a male professor at my university who lectures in a dress, but given the size of this this faculty (and the character of faculty generally), there ought to be ten or twelve transexuals, six to eight of them biological males. Maybe I’m just dense, but I don’t see them.

  5. Speaking of “scapegoating lynch mobs,” this morning over (under?) breakfast I was reading Rene Girard’s discussion in his “When These Things Begin: Conversations with Michel Treguer” of political correctness as Nietzsche inverted; that is, rather than saying that weaklings and losers ought to be eliminated, now every cause has to be conducted in the name of a victim, even if we have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find them, and these “causes” (which cost their most ardent advocates little or nothing) tend to their own sort of totalitarianism. The current crusade for transgender liberation is one illustration of this, as does the insane treatment of the poor Toronto professor who has the guts to stand up to the mob demanding mandatory use of artificial pronouns.

    • @ Roger – Yes. Instead of the normal competition for prestige and power, there is the striving for proving one’s weakness and vulnerability. The Toronto professor has a lot of sensible things to say.

  6. Yesterday’s transvestites as compared to today’s transvestites are, as “we” should all be well aware, LESS LIBERATED. So that tomorrow’s transvestites WILL BE MORE LIBERATED than today’s.

    The critical question though is WHO WILL TAKE tomorrow’s MORE LIBERATED transvestite and make “it” MORE CONCRETE TODAY?

    I say the “intellectual right” will author such a consecrating FOR they have written off “deconstruction” in favor of the “victory creed” of Final Liberation.

  7. An indictment on modern women is that the transvestite character in “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” manifests a refined form of classical femininity unknown to popular culture today. She (… I mean, he) could teach many a young millennial girl how to behave. However, the lesson would likely be ridiculed unless it was an instruction on “how to act like a tranny”. It really is an inside-out world in which we live in…

  8. I’ve “evolved” from supporting the LGBT community to being a skeptic towards their appeal in being victims of hate crimes/bigotry. I have discovered that I have little patience for such a fragile, obnoxious, paranoid, and pathetic group of ultra-delicate snowflakes. They and their advocates say they’re normal as normal can be but their insecurity says otherwise.


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