Sacred Places, a Video

I have been teaching a course in Cultural Geography each fall semester since Methuselah was sucking on his teething ring. This semester I am converting it into what is call a “flipped” course in which the material formerly delivered in a lecture is delivered in a video, and class meetings are given to discussion. We began with videos on the concept of culture and are now applying that concept to the geographical concept of landscape. We just finished three videos / discussions on culture in ordinary landscapes and are now beginning a series of three videos / discussions on extraordinary, symbolic landscapes. I’ve just finished the first of these on sacred places, and have linked it here for those who are interested. Remember that this was made for an undergraduate class in cultural geography, but it is not a travelogue of temples, churches and shrines. I try to explain the semiotics and sacramental theology of sacred places. This is not a video of me giving a lecture, so you need feel no apprehension about that, and it’s only about half an hour long.


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