Worthy of Notice

I encourage you to read this recent post by Malcolm Pollack, a life-long agnostic who, with some anxious chagrin, finds himself figeting on the porch of the Church. I should really say on the threshold of theism, but my mood this morning is metaphoric rather than alliterative. Be sure to read the excellent comments. I was particularly delighted to see comments by Deogolwulf, a genius of blogging who is now sadly (and he says permanently) silent. His Joy of Curmudgeonry ended in 2012, but I keep the site bookmarked, and on those days when I find the Internet nothing but rubbish and tripe, refresh myself at that cool spring of mordant philosophy. The pithy penetration of his comments shows that the silence of Deogolwulf is not owing to senility or stupefaction. The other comments are also very good, and the the whole post is a model of serious reflection and exchange.

5 thoughts on “Worthy of Notice

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  3. This is really interesting to me. My family are a group of very intellectual agnostics, but their lack of curiosity on the point of religion has been a point of frustration for me. I cannot figure out why they just aren’t curious about faith the way I was–and why they disdain my curiosity as naivette or a manifestation of ignorance. I was never satisfied with confusion unless I got a clear answer. It was very refreshing to read Malcolms post for that reason: There is someone who has obstinately remained an atheist, and now finds his own answers perhaps not as satisfying as he convinced himself they were. The dialogue that follows is also deeply edifying. I wonder if there’s anything I can bring into my own apologetical toolbox or if I have to wait for the Tyranny of Time to begin enforcing it’s inexorable mandates.


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