New Wineskin 2

Here’s a video version of “Its a Cold Wind that Blows from a Strange Country.”  Don’t expect production to continue at this rate.  This is harder than the results might lead you to believe.

15 thoughts on “New Wineskin 2

  1. I think you should reach farther back into the archives and do one on how lust has a headlong fury, or perhaps how lust often leads to disgust. But what do I know? Maybe you ought to do one on the new iconoclasm, same as the old iconoclasm, with a bit of a different twist.

    Hey! The world is your oyster, and all of that. I am just along for the ride.

      • JMSmith:

        Selecting suitable illustrations will be interesting.

        Ha!, quite.

        And the best part is this: I and my compatriots get to sit back and wait on those selections, then criticize them to the hilt when they are finally forthcoming. See how this works: you, sir, are, and ever shall be, at a supreme disadvantage! Ha, ha.

  2. I am a fan of this medium. Is it too soon to predict an orthosphere podcast? Get a quorum of the ‘disgruntled professors’ having an ad-hoc conversation about a given topic. Plus audio-essays and other content.

    Thank you!

    • I’m a fan of podcasts, since I have many dull hours when my eyes are engaged but my mind at liberty to do as it pleases. A downloadable mp3 file would be attractive, especially for long posts. I enjoy choosing the paintings, and I like the way that subtle meanings and ironies can be expressed through the juxtaposition of an image and the words, but this is a slow process.

    • Someone in my immediate company suggested I suggest an Orthosphere podcast not long ago. I dismissed it out of hand due to new wines being placed into old wine skins. I didn’t think, at the time, of its opposite. But I am still not quite convinced.

      • The pitch I would make is that conversation is a fundamentally different way of relaying information. The essays found on here are phenomenal and I wouldn’t change it for the world. But the only interaction between the Orthospherian Authorship is in the comments, sometimes. Kristor clearly had an interesting reaction to Mr. Bertonneau’s essay. I would be very intrigued to have listened to them talking about it after the fact, or maybe the subject matter of a future article prior to publication.

        It would be a matter of watching the wine get made, rather than matching vintage to container. To amateur, up-start wine makers like myself, I think that would be very fruitful!

  3. Speaking as someone who is not entirely in alignment with the philosophy articulated on the Orthosphere, I find these videos compelling. I think this is because when I read what you write I create a voice in which it is read that tends to confirm my biases. Whereas when you read your writing I get to experience your words in the voice you intended. Thank you for this.

    • Thanks, Winstonscrooge. I think you’re right that the spoken word can elicit sympathy (or antipathy), whereas the written word is relatively “cold.”

      • Reminds me of an old english class grammar lesson:
        Teacher wrote on the board: “A WOMAN WITHOUT HER MAN IS NOTHING”
        And asked the class to read it aloud. My fellow classmates and i took the obvious path. Then the teacher added punctuation:
        A tangent, to be sure. But underscores winstonscrooges point about inner voice vs authors voice!

      • Well, you know what Bacon said:

        ‘Reading maketh a ready woman, speaking a steady woman, but writing maketh a woman exact.’

        Or something like that. Ha, ha.

        Nah, the point is well taken about the importance of punctuation (and understanding punctuation) in written speech.

  4. Please pardon this commercial intrusion, but I hope the interest will conceal the faux pas. Dale Ahlquist has just published “Knight of the Holy Ghost: A Short History of G.K. Chesterton,” with Ignatius Press.

    Best wishes!


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