Encore performance of “Don Colacho’s Aphorisms”

I’ve just gotten good news from “Stephen”, whose wonderful translations of the aphorisms of the Colombian reactionary Nicolas Gomez Davila have brought such delight to Orthosphere readers and writers:

I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind posting an announcement at the Orthosphere blog that Don Colacho’s Aphorisms will be re-posted via a Twitter account.
Here’s a link to the account: https://twitter.com/#!/DColacho/
If I am not mistaken, the proper Twitter tag (or whatever the hell you call these things) is @DColacho.
 I’m actually not sure what this “Twitter” thing is or how it works, but it it means expanding Stephen’s audience, I’m all for it.

2 thoughts on “Encore performance of “Don Colacho’s Aphorisms”

  1. I find Latin America’s failure to acknowledge Nicolas Gómez Dávila’s existence (much less his work) as evidence of the leftist corruption of its culture. I don’t consider myself a total ignoramus, and growing up in Colombia’s sister republic, Venezuela, and visiting it often, I never heard of Gómez Dávila until very recently, after my adoption by the US. Thus, García Márquez, a Fidel Castro admirer, was required reading and en vogue, but nothing of this humble, yet witty author.

    Among Venezuelan essayists, Carlos Rangel (not to be confused with the distinguished gentleman from Harlem, Charles Rangel) described this infection in “Del Buen Salvaje al Buen Revolucionario,” 1976. Obviously, he was ostracized and his work deemed as treasonous filth.

    From Don Colacho, I love this one: “The leftist Catholic is right when identifying the bourgeoisie as the rich man of the parable, but wrong when identifying the militant proletariat as the poor from the Gospel.”

  2. Putting the aphorisms on Twitter is great idea. Tweets are, by design, so brief and ephemeral that it’s very difficult to say anything with the sophistication I’d normally need to explain a reactionary position, so I’m typically stuck either sharing links which may or may not be read, or just staying quiet. The aphorisms, though, are succinct enough to work perfectly.

    It looks like this account already has several followers, too, which is encouraging.

    BTW, has there been any discussion of setting up a Twitter account for the Orthosphere? Since this is a WordPress blog, you can use the Publicise feature, which would automatically update Twitter (and Facebook, for that matter) with a link to new posts, so it should be fairly simple to use.


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