Leave the Dead to Bury the Dead

Commenter Bohemund noticed that sex realists, reactionary Christians, and proponents of Natural Law agree on many things, and suggests that in the Orthosphere their various perspectives naturally intersect. He asks, therefore, “What ought to be the correct, i.e., orthospheric, response to feminism and the various aspects of the sexual revolution?”

What’s the Orthospherean response to the degeneracy of the age? Knight errantry.

Things will fall back into place when men stop idolizing sex, stop worrying about their little selves, stop whining, and start focusing their attention on bigger, more difficult things. Like glory.

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Nature Cannot Explain Itself

In his brilliant, aphoristic demolition of the modern, Pure: Modernity, Philosophy and the One, philosopher Mark Anderson explains in a few short paragraphs why nature cannot explain nature:

A particle of matter is because of an act of existence for which it itself is not responsible. It is what it is because of its microstructure, the specific and stable organization of its constitutive elements – in a word, its form, which it itself does not produce. The same is true, mutatis mutandis, of forces and laws of nature, which neither bring themselves into being nor cause their specific and essential character.

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