Atheist Mass Murderer

The Texas killer, whose name I omit, was a proselytizing atheist, which puts him in the same circle as Lenin, Stalin, the Austrian demon Schickelgruber, Mao, Pol-Pot, and Che Guevara, to name but a few, and not merely for his atheism.  As Richard Cocks pointed out to me in an email exchange earlier today, main-stream media have let the homicide’s religious convictions go unmentioned, but even the alternate sources of information seem not to know how to deal with it.  I am struck by a couple of additional details.

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The Narcissism Test: Reality. Who Needs It?

Some people exhibit an amazing lack of interest in reality, content to imagine living in a wholly invented world. The notion that much of subjective experience is illusory is strongly connected with the beginnings of “modern” philosophy.



Galileo and Locke claimed that only things which are physical and measurable really exist. Galileo argued that primary qualities; solidity, motion, figure, extension and number were really real – being the objective properties of objects and that secondary qualities; color, sight, sound, small, taste and touch did not actually exist per se. They are merely artifacts; products of the sense organs that really have nothing to do with the objects being perceived. They are merely what our brains do when confronted with sensory input and primary qualities.

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The Antic Dance of Folly and Desire

University Police report the rape of yet another ingénue (or demirep), youthful folly having had its usual antic dance with youthful desire. Last Saturday, the UPD “was contacted regarding a sexual assault” that occurred four months earlier, on June 28. This wording and the long delay suggest intercession by a third party, very probably a university employee, as we are required by law to inform the police if we hear any such allegation. Continue reading

Faulted as a Fool

Another female student has been raped in her off-campus apartment (previous case here).  The University Police report that the outrage was perpetrated early Monday morning by a Hispanic male, 18 to 20 years of age, who is “possibly from El Salvador” and “only speaks Spanish.”  (Perhaps he is illiterate, or perhaps that should be “speaks only Spanish.”)  They also tell us that “the victim has been acquainted with the suspect for a short time,” leaving us to wonder how short “a short time” might be. Continue reading

The Bots Like It!

Bots are some of my most faithful readers.  They are really stand-up guys, these bots–always first in line to “like” what I have written.  Their “likes” arrives in my mailbox like a birthday card, very often decorated with a photo of a fetching lass, inviting me to pop round to her website and read what she has written.  To an unpopular writer, these bots are like sex dolls to an unpopular guy.  They are a simulacrum in which I would like to believe.  But this is hard to do because bots, like sex dolls, are dumb.  Here’s a “like” from an outfit called My Queer Sky.  I suppose this bot has decided that I am a repressed homosexual with an unhealthy mania for the really stern bits in Leviticus, or maybe it just knew I’d be a sucker for “adorable LGBTQ animation short films” (who knew). Continue reading

Materialist Reduction *Just Is* Elimination

To say that the organism is nothing but its atomic constituents – taking “atom” in its original Democritean sense, as the most basic and indisintegrable component of all corporeal objects – is to say that in itself it is nothing. It is to say that there is in fact no organism at all, but rather only atoms.

For anyone trying to understand anything more complex than atoms, this is obviously an unsatisfactory result. It eliminates all such complexities ontologically. If everything is nothing but atoms, then there are no such things as organisms, or societies, or ecologies, or watersheds, or even vortices, winds, currents, crystals – or, indeed, atoms in the modern, Rutherfordian sense, or for that matter protons on the one hand, or molecules on the other. What’s worse, there are then no such things as the minds and thoughts of organisms such as we. In that case, there is no such thing as the system of thoughts that constitutes materialist reduction. Having devoured all science, the doctrine devours itself.

Like all evil ideas, materialist reduction reduces in the end, and logically, to the ultimate absurdity: nothingness.

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Proposed Necessary Nomenclature: “Sexpervism”

There’s a widely-used, one-word name for female selfishness organized into doctrines and movements.  “Feminism.”

There’s a widely-used, one-word name for forcing the majority group to give up its place to minorities. “Multiculturalism.”

Reveling in uncertainty and ambiguity is called “Postmodernism.”  And so on.

Something else needs a catchy, one-word, widely-used name: The forced legitimization of sexual perversion and confusion. It’s not just the deviant sex acts and the sexual ambiguity and confusion. More importantly it’s trying to force us to say the deviance and confusion is not just acceptable, but good. Continue reading

Apologetical Weapons: The Included Middle

It is normal for our Social Justice Warrior progressive interlocutors of the latter-day Left to exclude any middle ground. Either you accept their proposals without a jot of cavil, or you are an utterly insane, wholly evil Nazi, who ought rightfully to be killed.

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