Filotto Strikes Back

Readers who like to consider both sides of an argument may peruse Giuseppe Filotto’s blistering rejoinder to my apology for Bruce Charlton.  Filotto argues that I am stupid, a liar, and at times even a stupid liar who lies stupidly.   I also once misspelled Filotto’s name, for which I apologize.  Filotto is a vigorous vituperator, although his stock of insults is limited to deprecation of the intelligence and veracity of those who disagree with Filotto.  In my experience, disagreement has less obvious origins.  I will say that I agree with Filotto that despair is self-fulfilling prophesy, and that we should all do what we can to keep our peckers up.

15 thoughts on “Filotto Strikes Back

  1. He brings up church fathers and C.S. Lewis “Mere Christianity.” There is nothing wrong with ending church history at 381 AD and not accepting all the heresies the later councils came up with; and this is “Mere Christianity.” But since GF is a perveyor of the heresies of Nicea II he can’t accept that.

  2. JMSmith, now that you’ve been exposed as a lying cretin and a cretinous liar, are you going to apologise to all those readers of yours whom you misled to believe otherwise?

    • Are you the Deogolwulf of “The Joy of Curmudgeonry”? If so, I’ve just removed my hat to honor one of the best bloggers of all time. And now I am twisting it in shame over my monstrous imposture.

  3. JM, I appreciate your writing and the path you’re traveling, but whatever the faults that may be found with GF, you opened yourself up to it by putting words into his mouth. It may be a short path from gatekeeper to shill, glowie, or fed to some minds, but there can be a pretty big difference in intent, which makes all the difference. GF is harsh, and in my mind overly so, but he’s not necessarily completely wrong in his rebuttal to you.

    I admire Bruce for the stand he’s taken against corruption and what he’s given up. It takes a big man to do so – one filled with the spirit you may say. Still, it’s hard to say that that mindset can take us where we need to go without some Spartan attitude mixed with it. I can’t think of any period of real men where that was not the case. All of us trying need to find where we are failing, and it will not always be on the spiritual level. It seems that many here, myself included and probably more-so, need to realize (as in make happen) action in the physical world is equally important.

  4. I thank John Derbyshire for teaching me not to be embarrassed about sporting an upright pecker in public. Indeed, men of the right should cultivate such an erect posture as befits the blessed sons of Adam, Charlemagne, and Edward III. It’s a proper countermeasure to black-pilled despair.

    Upright peckers and fat fannies — we’re indeed peoples separated by a common language.


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