New book!

I’ve been playing hooky from this site for a while, but I hope no one minds if I show up to announce I have a new book coming out, The Decomposition of Man: Identity, Technocracy, and the Church. It’s about the old identities that worked (man, woman, Catholic, American), the new ones that really don’t (Latinx, nonbinary), why the change, whence the lunacy, and what to do about it. The problems go pretty deep, and like everything else today they’re not going to get better unless we change a lot about how we live and think about things.


4 thoughts on “New book!

  1. “Jim!” Very thrilled to see you back. I enjoyed your pieces at NCR and am now enjoying reading you at ONEPETERFIVE. Been reading you since 2002.

  2. I have learned a new term recently: expressive individualism. As a sort of an explanation for the new identities. EI apparently holds that
    – everybody has some “internal truths”
    – living a good life is living according to these “internal truths”, living them out in social circumstances, and being affirmed by people you interact with.
    So basically if your gender is cold weather ( , Blizzgender) and everybody reassures you that the temperature dropped when you entered them room, that is the good life according to expressive individualism.


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