Vignette from the Great Gay Age

In Gotham town a D.A. brown
Vows he will take the Orange Man down,
Because his voters all insist
That gyves enclose those russet wrists;
Because once Trump he has indicted,
He’ll be to better fetes invited,
Perhaps more buxom bimbos bed,
Perhaps become a talking head;
But at the least—just think of it—
Suck his life long the public tit.

He says this time the dastard’s crime
Plumbs new depths of sleaze and slime,
For to the blush of shame evade
Trump once a blowzy strumpet paid
To shut her mouth, to hold her tongue,
To in her lips insert a bung,
And thus repress, conceal, disown
The truth for which strumpets are known.

’Tis true that money has the power
To chastity and shame devour,
So he who shekels deftly slips
May open legs and fasten lips;
But also he who pays a fee
To one whose trade is fantasy,
May purchase pure scurrility
To hoax and coax the bourgeoisie.

4 thoughts on “Vignette from the Great Gay Age

  1. I love it. I laughed out loud, repeatedly.

    It’s nice to see that finely crafted comic verse is not a dead art. The couplet “So he who shekels deftly slips / May open legs and fasten lips” is genuine poetry.


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