Addition to Will AI Prevent Civilizational Collapse?

The day you can call up a credit card company, airline, any e-commerce company,  to resolve some problem you are having, and you are happy that they put you through to that super intelligent AI will be the day that we should get all emotional and excited about AI. Just yesterday the Fedex bot asked if I wanted a list of a store’s opening hours. I answered, “No.” It responded, “I’m sorry. I didn’t understand your answer. Would you like a list of the store’s opening hours?” “No.” “I’m sorry. I didn’t understand your answer. Would you like a list of the store’s opening hours?” “No.” “I’m sorry. I didn’t understand your answer. Would you like a list of the store’s opening hours?” At which point I hung up.

Somewhat narcissistically, I asked ChatGPT4 to describe my own philosophy, only because it is that of which I am most familiar – it has something like 140 real articles and over 200 postings to draw on – and it was pathetic and inaccurate, though directionally correct. I didn’t come out as a SJW, so that was something. If we ask ChatGPT4 some question where we do not know the answer, we will not know that it is a bloviating mess.

8 thoughts on “Addition to Will AI Prevent Civilizational Collapse?

  1. An AI enthusiast showed me how chatwhatever could write the lyrics to a Frank Sinatra-like song and it would be the future of music.

    As best I recall (true story), it went something like this:

    I want to get up in the morning /

    In a town where (insert the current vogue argot for the two sexes here) insomniacs /

    Where they gon’t go to bed, baby baby baby

    Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby

    Baby oh baby

    That’s life and fly me to a planet etc etc

  2. I won’t even try their AI since its locked behind a login. That means the whole point is to track what questions you ask so they can cancel you. Without adoption it dies.

  3. The last time I heard of an AI being given power and authority, the whole planet was destroyed with nothing but one survivor who left the planet as a baby.

    Captain Obvious said that AI does not exist. A computer/server that uses algorithms to give answers is not intelligent. It reminds me of The Wizard of Oz.

  4. It is already at the level of a bright b.s. highschooler. That’s pretty darn good for openers, and would have been considered amazing at the turn of the century. The arguments of people who intentionally tried to trick it impress me not at all. The missteps by Chat#&% that occur more organically are a more powerful persuader of its current inadequacy.

    Your humorous introductory statement is a good substitute for the Turing Test. (Metaphor alert!) But even that is rather small beer, as it is not a high bar to get over. Whenever you are a customer calling a company trying to get something fixed, you are always going to be entering a system designed to save THEM time and money, not you.


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