A Belated Happy Birthday to the Orthosphere

Some time ago I made a note to mark the Orthosphere’s birthday.  And then, alas, as so often happens, I straight away lost my note.  But it is in the way of lost notes to turn up shortly after they were needed, and so I have just this moment discovered my fugitive Orthosphere birthday note.

This blog first appeared a little more than thirteen years ago, on February 17, 2012.  The posts on that day were:

Svein Sellanraa, “Basic Readings on the Web,”

Proph, “Prosperity and the Modern Condition” and “It’s Hard to Drop the Victim Act.”

Bonald “A Better Discontent.” 

These were followed, two days later, by

Kristor, “Coffee Hour Without Church.”

A belated happy birthday, Orthosphere—and many happy returns of the day!

7 thoughts on “A Belated Happy Birthday to the Orthosphere

  1. It’s been a great run, JM. Thanks to you, and to all the orthosphereans, both contributors and commenters, who have through all these years made it such an interesting and edifying project for all of us.

    Let us not then fail to offer thanks and prayers for the orthosphereans who contributed so much to that project (whether or not they were contributors on the masthead), and who have gone before us to their heavenly reward. Requiescat in pace Lawrence Auster, Zippy Catholic, and Tom Bertonneau. Lord, help us all to attain to worthiness of them our brothers and shieldmates.

    • And remember that next week, we’ll commemorate the anniversary of Auster’s death — ten years ago. Ten! I surely would like to read his appraisal of the present moment, especially concerning the current pontificate and the also the changes in his hometown.

      • Which reminds me, thanks, that while I have here posted eulogies to Zippy and Tom, I have not yet been able to bring myself to post one such to my first master, Lawrence. I shall think about that, as Good Friday looms. No promises. I’ve got lots of other things to feel sad about, these days!

    • Alas, I lost touch with Svein many years ago. He has not responded to repeated efforts to renew our communications. Svein, dude, if you are out there, get in touch! You still have publishing privileges here, and we would welcome any crumb you can throw our way.

      Proph I can still find – or could, the last I tried – and the last time we corresponded – a couple years ago – he was doing OK, but felt his predicaments too delicate altogether to entertain a continued connection with our deplorable discourses here. This is a real thing, as several of our commenters and contributors can well attest. Proph is in an academic milieu, and one can’t be too careful, especially when one is in the family way.

      After all, Proph is heterosexual, and so therefore a racist.

      • Thanks for the update, Kristor.

        Glad to hear Proph is doing well. He was an early influence on me shortly after I first encountered traditionalism.

        I wasn’t as familiar with Svein’s writings, but I do remember his “Reactionary Music” posts from the early days of The Orthosphere. It’s too bad he’s been out of touch. One of the unfortunate side effects of blogging – especially the sort of blogging that needs to remain largely pseudonymous – is that someone vanishes from the internet, and you’re left with a sense of wistfulness and wondering what happened to him.


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