The Uses of Garlic

“It is easy to keep your scene uncontaminated—just keep enough garlic hanging on the wall that vampires don’t want to come in.  No need to overdo it.  The best garlic is casually and effortlessly noxious to vampires, without making a big deal about itself.” 

Curtis Yarvin, “Acorns for the Culture War,” (Feb 26, 2023)

“I am talking about very specific and unmistakable things like pushing The Protocols of the Elders of Zion or writing apologetics for Nazi Germany. Too much of that vibe around here for me, which is one reason I have mostly pulled back from this fine blog.”

a.morphous, “Comment,” (Feb. 27, 2023)

10 thoughts on “The Uses of Garlic

  1. Magical stuff: you can pick their pockets while they’re clutching their (((Pearls))).

    Prophylactic against bloodsucking demons and good for the circulation.

    What’s not to like?

  2. No fair. You can’t post this without giving us an excursus on the cultural position of garlic in various historical European nations and how this relates to its coming to be considered a sovereign repellent for vampires. You excel at such things.

    If you’d like I’ll see if I can dig something up, but it’ll largely not be my original work.

  3. BTW the idea of supporting based art is interesting. How do I know what art is based? For example, I used to think Turisas is based, because they look like the summary of everything feminists call toxic masculinity. But the kind of people with whom the author of XKCD hangs out like it, which makes it a little suspicious.

    Have to admit: I cannot make myself like anything classical, from classical music or opera to old novels like Pride and Prejudice. They are very… gentle. They were meant for a gentle age. I am too much used to art – from metal music to military science fiction novels – basically punching me in the face with a loud stimulus. I like Kipling poems tho.

    • One place to start is that all political art is bad, regardless of whether it is left or right. To be based is to believe there is truth, beauty and goodness, and that all of these things are precious because rare. Good art is not a puzzle or propaganda. It is cathartic, like a dose of salts.

  4. Are you under the impression that this is some kind of cool scene I’m trying to crash?

    Don’t worry about adding garlic, the natural stench is plenty enough to keep me away.

    • A.morphous, you are hardly a crasher – for Heaven’s sake, you’ve been welcome and indeed fairly respected here for something like 10 years – and we labor under no illusion that this is a cool scene. As if!

      Why are you so antagonistic? After all these years of urgent but at bottom friendly – and, I would add, valuable – disputation, in which we did truly grapple with your arguments (granting that we often mocked them incredulously – as you did ours) why still so antagonistic?

      Dude, you are an Orthospherean. You are our MacPhee. Get over it, and get on with it, as a friend.

      • I can’t really blame him for having his dander up in this instance. To be accused of being a vampire and then accused of being an Ulsterman in short order is rather stinging.


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