Discourse Control and a Disenchanted Conservative

I recently linked to Glen Beck’s interview with Darren Beattie, editor of Revolver News, and will again say it is not a waste of time.  It is posted on Youtube and therefore “contextualized” with an “Information Panel” that professes to correct disinformation.  As Youtube puts it:

“Information panels show basic background info, sourced from independent, third-party partners, to give more context on a topic.”

“More context on a topic” means the official or regime goodthink about that topic. Since Beck and Beattie discuss the evidence that the January 6 riot was an outrage staged by agents provocateurs, the context is in fact this “correction.”

“The January 6 United States Capitol attack, more commonly known as January 6th, was a domestic terrorist attack that occurred at the United States Capitol Building on January 6, 2021.”

Americans remain free to speak their minds, but dissidents and deviationists must now in every case stand “corrected.” You will always have the right to teach your children your religion, but only with an atheist corrector in the room.

* * * * *

I never paid much attention to Glenn Beck and had honestly forgotten he existed, but Beck’s though has evolved in an interesting way that reflects a more general pattern.  I call this pattern Conservative Disenchantment or Patriot Alienation.   Here is Beck speaking near the end of the interview

“I think everything is in flux.  I mean, I’m a conservative since Regan.  But the Glenn Beck of 2000 to the Glen Beck of 2023—completely different . . . . I believed we were doing things that we all told each other we were doing.  I don’t think we’ve done that in a very long time . . . .”

That’s Conservative Disenchantment.

“You know, I think I said in 2008, if we don’t clean this up, admit the errors of our ways, and clean it up, there’s going to come a time when we are the darkest force ever to be in power on earth.  With our technology . . . we’re going to make the Nazis look like rookies if we don’t rein this in.  It’s terrifying . . . .”

That’s Patriot Alienation.

“I think the G.I.’s in World War II—atrocities in every war . . . but I think for the most part, the world saw us—Europe saw us—as liberators and we wanted to liberate them . . . . That’s the standard that’s in my head—and I know bad things happened, but generally speaking we tried to do the right thing.”

That’s Conservative Disenchantment and Patriot Alienation struggling to hold on to its last illusion.  The qualifications suggest that Beck is losing his grip.

* * * * *

As a side note in censorship news, WordPress has for some months now been shielding me from my own opinions.  This may be a technical glitch or it may be intentional “muting,” but I no longer receive email notices of new Orthosphere posts and comments.  Expect Orthosphere posts to come with “Information Panels” soon.

13 thoughts on “Discourse Control and a Disenchanted Conservative

  1. I’ve referred to this as “battered conservative syndrome”, which is the political version of “Battered fan syndrome”. All my life, growing up, my Dad was a Washington Redskins Fan, and the only thing he enjoyed more than the Redskins winning was predicting that they would lose and being right, as he often was.

    Battered conservative syndrome, by my estimation, happens when Conservatives buy in big on some big thing and then nothing happens. A brief history of my own descent into anti-democratic thought: Circa 2015-2019 I was deep into Trumpism and deep in the comment section of the blog “Conservative Treehouse” and I had bought in big that the OIG report was going to blow the cover on the conspiracy to defame and eliminate then-president Trump, and when the OIG report was delivered and it was a wimpy fizzle, I became disappointed. Then 2020 happened with COVID, and that summer where every city burned for no reason, and my disillusionment and disappointment transformed into disgust and now I shout my disillusionment into the internet.

    Credit to Glenn Beck for being honest with his philosophical evolution. He’s observing the big intellectual buy-in and the failure to deliver and wondering how that could happen. I am curious where he ends up. For a while there I thought he had become a leftist. Sounds like he is still in play.

    As for WordPress, I think they are constantly jiggering with things behind the scenes. For a while there I was getting emails for posts and comments that I had not solicited, and there’s a button that can be flipped to correct it. Maybe I accidentally flipped those switches myself, it’s hard to say there’s foul play. But they can be flipped back manually.

    • Conservatives wait for the “sleeping giant” to wake just as Linus waits for the Great Pumpkin. I far from convinced that WordPress is juggling our results. We’re probably just increasingly unpopular.

      • Except only that Linus is right — there _is_ a Great Pumpkin. The Snoozin’ Amalekite on the other hand is a fatuous humbug whom nobody will ever see, no matter how many magic beans they consume…

    • It is easy. Democracy is a farce, a circus. It fools people telling them they have the power while power lies elsewhere. TPTB are leftist and this is why conservatives end up disappointed once and again.

  2. The light bulb is going off for a lot of people these days. Glenn Beck is late to the game.

    Glen Greenwald, Matt Taibi, James Howard Kunstler, Megyn Kelly, Lara Logan, Tulsi Gabbard have all substantially revised their priors over the past 6 years.

    Trump was the catalyst for the paradigm shift of millions of people. The COVID farce–because the economy was doing too well and Trump was headed for re-election–had to be ginned up and normalize mail-in voting and ballot harvesting. Trump exposed the Permanent State as wholly rotten and corrupt. Now people see democratic politics for what it really is: territorial and umbilical. And the other side is wielding power and rewarding its people while Republicans talk about cutting entitlements.

    This revelation has broken the minds of lots of people, including many so-called centrists and conservatives. Their paradigm is based on politics as ideological and genteel, like them. Now that politics are back to reality– territory and gut feeling–the ideologues are in the Anger stage of grieving. They lash out at Trump and his 41 million voters: domestic terrorists, white supremacists, conspiracy theorists. Nazis! The ideologues thought it was all about principle, but now that it’s clear that principles don’t hold territory and don’t vote, Bill Kristol and David French have essentially given up on conservative principle. They’re … whipped.

  3. I wish that the Orthosphere would do a Substack, so that if WordPress gives you all the Roissy treatment we could still find your writings.

    Facebook bans links here, not that you may want them anyway, but that fact was interesting to discover.

      • I’m still inclining to the belief that these things are coincidental technical glitches, although the phrase “technical glitch” now arouses my suspicions. It is really too horrible to consider. If a tiny, obscure, mildly edgy blog like this one falls under the ban, thing are really very, very dark.

      • technical glitch is the silicon valley equivalent of a “training exercise accident”. I doubt there was a boardroom discussion where someone said “We have to decide what to do about the Orthosphere”–I think it’s algorithmic tyranny. They probably don’t even know that Orthosphere is banned.

      • If we are being suppressed, I’m sure it is the result of some algorithm, AI, or bot. Automated content analysis is very simple and AI could have easily flagged this site as “problematic” at, say, Level 1. We all now have a social credit score just as we have a financial credit score, and the data is all “mined” by AI. The penalties are also enforced by AI. It would require serious delusions of grandeur for me to think some bureaucrats in the Department of Evil have their eye on the Orthosphere. They just pay for the electricity that runs the machines that do the work.


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