The Beast Speaks

“Some pastors have gone so far as to paint candidates they oppose as demonic.”

Jeremy Schwartz and Jessica Priest, “IRS Ignores Church Endorsements,” The Eagle [Bryan-College Station, Texas] (Oct. 31, 2022)

And some journalists have also gone so far as to paint candidates they oppose as racists!  The quote is from a hand-wringing article at the top of the front page of today’s newspaper.  The article originated with the Texas Tribune and ProPublica, a pair of shills for the oligarchic Leviathan that rules the world.  The Texas Tribune, for instance, is a free on-line publication that is exempt from “market forces” because tycoons and non-profits foot the bills.  ProPublica is another establishment front that attempts to influence public opinion by, among other things, its “Documenting Hate” project.  Begun in 2017, this “Documenting Hate” project uses machine learning to trawl the internet for “Hate.” In partnership with information Behemoth Google, “Documenting Hate” produces a “Documenting Hate Index” that, like Google stock, just goes up.

According to the article in this morning’s newspaper, this rag-tag rabble of tycoons, non-profits and mega-corporations is ready for a showdown with paranoid power-freaks like Brandon Burden, pastor of the KingdomLife Church in Frisco, a Dallas suburb.  We are told that, “grasping his Bible” (I thought the style manual states that Bibles are “clutched”), Pastor Burden told his congregation “that demonic spirits were operating through members of the City Council,” thereby allegedly violating the 1954 “Johnson Amendment” (Pastor Brandon was in violation, not the demonic spirits).   This Amendment, the shilling authors tell us, bars “churches and non-profits [ahem!] from directly or indirectly participating in political campaigns.”

Indeed this is what “tax law experts told ProPublica and The Texas Tribune,” a pair of non-profits that do nothing other than participate in political campaigns.  I daresay Pastor Burden officiates at an occasional wedding and funeral, and that his sermons fairly often touch on questions other than the demonic spirits that operate through the Frisco City Council (which I, by the way, implicitly believe on first principles).

I often write about “the Beast,” “Leviathan,” or “That Hideous Strength.”  Well here it is in its everyday operation.  Oligarchs and leftists operating through fronts like The Texas Tribune and ProPublica and accusing their enemies of doing what they are themselves doing, grasping their megaphones and telling their congregants that the SPIRIT OF HATE is operating through the dirty peasants who stand in their way.

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Zip Ties

Immediately below the hand-wringer about demon-haunted Pastor Burden is another hand-wringer with this remarkable connect-the-dots title.  Although the zip ties were carried by an attacker in far-away San Francisco and the Pelosi in question is not a politician, journalist Mascaro, sleuth-like, went to U.S. Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger for the scoop.  Manger tells her that the “attack” “is a somber reminder of the threats elected officials and families face in 2022.”  That calumny is a Mark of the Beast, my friends—A Mark of the Beast!

36 thoughts on “The Beast Speaks

  1. I would accept that criticism as fair more readily from those who actually believed in the demonic. To say “This is not…,” or “this does not rise to the level…” is an entirely reasonable debate among Christians. But to hear it from those who think the whole thing is an illusion anyway is mere pearl-clutching.

    • An honest secularist would say that “demon” is a symbol that Christians use to signify something secularists signify with some other symbol (such as “hate”). But it is used here just to make the poor man sound insane. But the word “demon” must signify something in the motivations of the Frisco city council, even if it isn’t an actual demon.

  2. As I heard it from a friend who has written a law review article about the Johnson Amendment, Lyndon’s motivation was to suppress the efforts of certain Baptist (I think) preachers and associates to prevent his re-election to the Senate, or to prevent them from working against him next time. I should read the article, which I understand also discusses the, how shall we say, uneven application of the amendment. As one thinks about it, however, doesn’t the amendment reveal an underlying laicist view of religion, that it is good just so long as it is confined to the church building, but not taken outside to influence government. True, the amendment “only” purports to condition the church tax exemption on its silence about politics, but since the power to tax is the power to destroy, what it really says to the churches is, you do politics, we will tax and destroy you. I have also heard that, while issue-related speech is supposedly not caught by the amendment, there is in fact a chilling effect on various clerics’ (I think especially of the USCCB) statements on matters of controversy.

    • That is interesting. It is also consistent with my understanding of LBJ as a Texas politician. I have a feeling that a general elimination of the tax exemption is coming and that it will do to American churches what Henry VIII did to the English monasteries. The American government is headed for a revenue crisis and lefty Christianity is shrinking much faster than rightist Christianity. Something tells me that when this happens there will once again be what you call “uneven application.”

      • “Something tells me that when this happens there will once again be what you call ‘uneven application.’”

        This brought to mind an historical example, here in Scotland.

        In 1756, during the heyday of the Enlightenment, Bishop Hugh MacDonald, Vicar Apostolic of the Highland District became the last person in Britain to be prosecuted simply for being a Catholic priest, under the Act, 3 Sess. 8. and 9. Parl. 1, King William III 1700, as a “Jesuit, or priest, or trafficking papist.” Sentenced “to be banished furth of the realm, with certification that if he ever returned, being still papist, he should be punished with death.”

        Since 1689, the laws against Catholic priests had been a dead letter. However, Bishop Hugh’s real crime, in the eyes of the English government, was his blessing of Prince Charles Edward’s standard, when he had raised it at the memorable gathering at Glenfinnan on 19 August 1745.

        Bishop Hugh simply ignored the sentence and the authorities in Scotland winked at it.

        It is pleasing to recall that, some years before his death in 1773, Bishop Hugh, who was on friendly terms with many leaders of the Scottish Enlightenment, wrote a letter, as wise as it was eloquent, to one of my favourite philosophers, Thomas Reid, a staunch Presbyterian:.

        “The spirit of persecution and intolerance is happily now almost extinguished. It survives only in those illiberal minds, who join a morose and harsh disposition to a weak understanding. An acquaintance with the history of mankind will easily show that calamity, bloodshed, rebellion and depopulation have taken their rise from religious persecution, but no example ever occurred of a political evil which arose from toleration.”

  3. So you are saying the far right is victimized by a leftist press because it made a connection between the zip ties brought by a far right mob to attack the capitol and a far right assailant who brought zip ties intending to attack one of the politicians who works in the capitol?

      • If someone in the 1/6 protest had zip ties, they were almost certainly intended to hang banners. What would protesters do with a hog-tied politician? Seriously. The Pelosi assailant was a drug-addled nut who was a leftist in his lucid moments. That’s the charitable take.

      • It is my opinion that no one proposed to hog tie legislators with zip ties on January 6. There is no logical path from hog-tied legislators to a second term for Donald Trump. There is no logical path from a mob disrupting Congress to a second term for Donald Trump. There is no logical path from Mike Pence with a hemp necktie to a second term for Donald Trump. I, who think January 6 was a joke, would have protested a second term for DT by these means.

        The Pelosi break-in was most likely similar to David Hinkley shooting Ronald Reagan. That was a long time ago, but I don’t remember anyone claiming Hinkley did it because he was a Democrat.

        You need to ditch this “source” fetish. I have my own opinions and don’t need some freak in the media to back me up. The January 6 plot is preposterous and the Pelosi break-in was a drug-addled nut.

      • The videos of the attack on the the capitol contradicts your opinion that it was a joke. I don’t presume that logic was behind it or the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s home.

      • It was not serious and could not have had serious consequences. Why should legislators be protected against a mostly peaceful protest? Do they think they are the only ones who can do “theater” on Capitol Hill?

      • The mob assaulted police officers, broke into the capitol, vandalized the capitol and shouted intentions to kill law makers who were in the process of certifying a presidential election. This mob was encouraged to do so by a sitting president who wanted to hold on to power. All this is on video. It’s not made up, a hoax or a joke despite how much you wish it to be so.

      • It was a mob. It did what mobs do, which is to say that it did stupid things. Politically, what it did was extremely stupid because there was zero chance the mob would get what it wanted and one hundred percent chance it would give its enemies what they wanted. Legislators were not terrified by the mob. When they heard the tumult approaching, even the atheists looked heavenward and said “Thank you, Lord.”

      • Lawmakers should always be scared for their lives, and souls. Have you ever wondered what is on the redacted video? Propagandist don’t invent, they edit.

      • Redacted can mean omitted, excluded, suppressed, whatever. I expect the video is mostly very boring and that is why it is redacted. What we are shown is a trailer for January 6: The Movie.

      • I admit that some glass was broken, some rough language was used, some articles were purloined. Just like Saturday night in any town in America. Sensationalizing the news does not require fabrication. Just tendentious editing.

      • I don’t know. We were told that a few were killed and now know that was a lie. My opinion is that the protest was stupid because (a) it had no plan and (b) it could be made into what it was made into. My opinion of the people who made it into what it was made into is that they are rotten, ruthless, and a far greater threat to American civic life than the J6 protesters.

    • And what is your opinion of the former President who encouraged them to do what they did under the false argument that the election was stolen?

      Yeah, I watched “Shadowland” too. It isn’t very convincing; it’s just several The Atlantic “reporters” (mostly female) going out and finding the craziest “right-wing” conspiratorialists in the country and acting as though they are representative of the “pro-Trump” movement. Are you saying, or trying to say, there are no left-wing conspiratorialists equally as insane? If you are, I got a lot of “ocean-front property” in South-central Oklahoma I’d love to sell you at “bottom-dollar” prices! Be careful about the pools of “quicksand” on the river, they’ll get you every time.

      By the way, what do you think of all the left-wing antics at Charlottesville et al? On second thought, please don’t answer that: I ain’t got the patience to set you straight.

      • I don’t need to have seen Terry’s “Shadowland” to have seen Trump’s speech on Jan 6 and the subsequent attack on the Capitol by his followers and to put 2 and 2 together.

      • I don’t need to have seen Terry’s “Shadowland” to have seen Trump’s speech on Jan 6 and the subsequent attack on the Capitol by his followers and to put 2 and 2 together.

        Whoa! It isn’t “Terry’s Shadowland”; I didn’t write, or produce, or direct it, etc.; those distinctions all fall on the guilty parties. Namely, The Atlantic magazine and its pool of mostly female writers/reporters, in collaboration with Peacock, as in “Proud as a Peacock,” as in NBC, as in Main. Stream. Media. As in, you’re a fool if you believe this stupid-ass shit, whether you’ve seen “Shadowland” or not.

        You might just as well join with the kooks nominally “on our side” who are always yapping about “chem-trails” and whatnot. I mean, act like you have some goddamn sense.

  4. You need to ditch this “source” fetish. I have my own opinions and don’t need some freak in the media to back me up. The January 6 plot is preposterous and the Pelosi break-in was a drug-addled nut.

    The drug-addled nutjob angle is the “elephant in the room” that virtually no one wants to acknowledge or talk about. That, and a piss-poor upbringing in a severely dysfunctional home environment. Put the two together and you get mass shootings, among other things. Of course the families of these persons are going to claim they raised the children-turned-mass-murderers in an environment of pure love towards the other and in a “hate-hate” environment. I’m in no position to argue otherwise and therefore assume these family effusions are true, but I do know this – that that sort of raising, inasmuch as my assumptions are correct and it is true, is the very recipe for the kind of craziness we see in these “child prodigies” turned mass-murderers. Couple their “love everybody all the time” raisings in their formative years with the prescription psychotropic drugs they’re so often relegated to taking (outside their own wills many times, btw), and, well, I mean, what do you expect? …

    I don’t think Dr. Dabney could possibly foresee where this was all going as far as addiction to prescription psychotropic drugs is concerned, but he certainly foresaw where giving blacks and women and babies the “right to vote” would end up when all was said and done – ‘that a generation more resembling devils than men’ would be produced. And here we are. Good luck with all your yacking back and forth, trying to put a bandaid on a terminal cancer.

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