Conservative Cosplay

It’s not merely that they think our constitutional system is, or ought to be, sacrosanct . . . . It’s that they believe . . . that once implemented, it can never be lost.

Michael Anton, “What Does Fidelity to Our Founding Principles Require Today?” American Greatness (September 26, 2022)

“Nothing has been hitherto found a sufficient check and barrier to the exorbitant passions of men . . . . Laws and Constitutions framed by the best and wisest men, have first or last become the sport and conquest of the worst, sometimes of the most foolish . . . . Could wise establishments have ensured the stability of a state, that of Rome had been immortal . . . . But she, whose force and policy no power could withstand . . . fell by the corruption and perfidiousness and violence of her own citizens”

Thomas Gordon, Discourses Upon Tacitus (1737)

Laws and constitutions suffice to check and bar the exorbitant passions of men only so long as men of exorbitant passions are weak, scarce and despised.  When such men are numerous, strong and admired, they know what to do with these papers.  They burn them, ignore them, emend them, or declare that their meaning is quite otherwise than was formerly supposed.

There is no security in papers and therefore ultimately no “government of laws.”  There is only government of the men who emend, interpret and enforce (or neglect to enforce) the laws.  (There is likewise, we have learned to our sorrow, no security in creeds and confessions because creeds and confessions have no will of their own.)

The quote from Anton comes from a speech in which the brave and strangely still audible conservative said what we all know.  The leaders of the official Right are entirely fake and gay.  Some are simply grifters who washed out of the carnival circuit; some get a kick out of conservative cosplay; and a whole bunch are hideous hybrids of these two.  And conservative cosplay is, as we all know, conserving yesterday’s leftism in knee-breeches and a tricorn hat.  Thus Anton tells us,

“They defend every perversion, distortion, corruption, and topsy-turvy reinterpretation of that system as if it were the system itself.”

Thomas Gordon was an English Whig and so no very staunch conservative.  His words nevertheless speak very forcibly to our situation.  Excellent laws and an excellent constitution provide no defense against corrupt, perfidious and violent citizens, especially those corrupt, perfidious and violent citizens who have wormed and oiled their way into power.  In fact, when rogues and rascals worm and oil their way into power, the old laws and constitution are just excellent camouflage.

5 thoughts on “Conservative Cosplay

  1. The entirety of mainstream politics is of-the-left; and has been for many (more than 25) years – I really don’t know why so many people expend so much time and effort on the nano-differences between Tweedledum Democrats/ Labour Party etc. – and Tweedledee Republicans/ Conservatives etc. They are All very-leftist and getting lefter with accelerating rapidity.

    (Consider Trump. Whatever good he did was utterly overwhelmed by the events of 2020, under his administration – Much worse things than anything that had happened in the US for many decades. If that is the *best* that can be hoped from modern politics…)

    This is because there is no meaning to ‘right wing’ after the primacy of religion has been stripped-out from it. Secular (e.g. nationalist) Right is just an earlier, less-evolved form of the explicit left; because the secular Right bottom line morality is this-worldly and utilitarian (i.e. based on some abstract (imaginary) calculus of human happiness versus misery. The only difference between ‘right’ and left now is which group gets priority, and small variations in the means to that end.).

    The only possible alternative to the left in The West is a grouping/ party that has a next-worldly Christian morality based on salvation, as its central and organizing principle. This option is completely absent from the mainstream, and there is near-zero demand for it — thus we have leftism everywhere, and with no organized alternative.

    In addition (and more importantly) the whole business is (in The West) by-now *utterly* corrupt, run by evil-motivated wretches – the greedy, the sadistic and the depraved; and compulsive in its lying (a sure mark of service to Satan).

    Such are the facts – so why should Christians bother with mainstream politics? Beats me. There’s plenty else to think and talk about.

    • I can’t affect the weather but the weather can sure affect me. So I pay some attention to it. But I’m looking to see if I need a raincoat, not imagining that I’m going to stop the rain.

      • Miss Anscombe used to relate an anecdote of Wittgenstein.

        He was enjoying a pint with some friends in a Cambridge pub, when a man at the bar remarked, rather loudly, that he really wasn’t interested in politics.

        “Imagine the luxury of living in a country where this is possible,” exclaimed Wittgenstein.

    • “[S]o why should Christians bother with mainstream politics? Beats me. There’s plenty else to think and talk about.”

      Because they won’t allow you to think about anything else, least of all Christian thoughts.

      I wish I had Giorgia Meloni or even a Blake Masters to vote for. Instead, I’ll have to settle for Dr. Oz.

      • You could just cross your fingers and pull the lever for Frankenstein. I’m seeing the Pennsylvania race from a long way off, but Dr. Oz seems like the GOP’s way to remind its voters how much it hates them.


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