Sacrilegious Magic and Ritual Obscenity

 “I do not know whether the monstrous tableau of the Black Mass . . . is still enacted in our days, but I do know that all but the most horrible practices of the sacrilegious magic of the Middle Ages are yet performed, from time to time, in a secrecy which is all but absolute. 

Arthur Symons, The Symbolist Movement in Literature (1919)*

I wonder if we should think more often and more clearly about sacrilegious magic, ritual obscenity and propitiatory perversion.  Although professedly religious, we seldom if ever understand sacrilege, obscenity and perversion in religious terms.  We seldom if ever understand obscene and perverse acts as magical incantations, hieratic rituals, and Satanic propitiations.

Sin is an offence to God and therefore an offering to Satan.  Thus sacrilege, obscenity and perversion are not always the works of benighted fools who do not fear God’s wrath.  They are, more often than we may care to think, the works of fiends who do these things to curry Satan’s favor.

Sacrilege, obscenity and blasphemy are Satanic rites whereby a Satanist is clothed in black raiment.  The essence of Satanism is, after all, the belief that a man clothed in black raiment enjoys the favor and protection of the stronger power and has joined the winning side.  Sacrilege, obscenity and blasphemy are satanic amulets and talismans; not simply badges of allegiance but also sources of power.

My epigraph is taken from a discussion of the novel La Bas (1891), by Joris-Karl Huysmans.  In this discussion Symons says that Huysman’s character Madame Chantelouve “is an attempt, probably the first in literature, to diagnose a case of Sadism in a woman.”  Madame Chantelouve appears again Huysman’s En Route (1895) where she is described as “a demonical adulteress who had drawn [the protagonist Durtal] into frightful excesses, who had linked him to nameless crimes, sins against holy things, to sacrileges.”

Sadism is best understood as a Satanic rite of defilement, gratuitous cruelty being the antitype of love.  In fact defilement is an anti-baptism in filth, since sins can be washed in as well as washed away.   A close student of the Marquis de Sade explains the religious significance of his Sadistic cruelty and perversion this way:

“The Sadean rebel wants to step outside human morals and civilization, and very like the emperors of Roman times, he yearns to outrage nature,” and his “horrible crimes are acts of worship offered to Satan.”**

These dark reflections were prompted by this passage recently posted by Vox day,  a passage that also prompted some dark reflections by Francis Berger.

“It’s not an accident that the same ghastly evils, homosexuality, transgenderism, pedophilia, and child sacrifice, keep reappearing in the late stages of societies given completely over to more common evils such as lust, sloth, and greed. In the absence of a comprehensive theology of evil, we must make do with recognizing its historical patterns, and one observable pattern is that submission to Mammon in the form of usury and greed tends to precede submission to Asmodeus in the form of conventional lust, eventually followed by submission to Baphomet and Moloch, among others.”

*) Arthur Symons, The Symbolist Movement in Literature (New York: E.P. Dutton, 1919), pp. 257-258.
**) Nancy L. Bolles, The Satanic Vision of the Marquis de Sade (Doctoral Dissertation, French, University of Wisconsin, 1995), p. 10

3 thoughts on “Sacrilegious Magic and Ritual Obscenity

  1. Do you see any significance in the fact that the three former crimes abolished in the new Penal Code of 1791 were blasphemy, sodomy and witchcraft [le blasphème, la sodomie et la sorcellerie] ?

  2. sabotaging your own energy supply is a black mass. women cutting off their own hair is the same thing, women trying to escalate the process of increasingly severe self-rape, self-dehumanization, with the self-mutilation and evil clothes. protesting against your own people’s government as the nation prepares to fight for its life, surrounded by hostile forces, is also. *this behavior is all motivated by the same sort of corruption as sodomy*. the world is made of sorathic rituals. this is all the sort of behavior that constitutes witchhood, the early modern witches, the Thessalian witches. they were real, and now the world is populated by people like them, to varying degrees.

    “Do you see any significance in the fact that the three former crimes abolished in the new Penal Code of 1791 were blasphemy, sodomy and witchcraft [le blasphème, la sodomie et la sorcellerie] ?”

    1750-1800 is when lucifer began to give way to sorath. when the world started to become a coven.

  3. When I read that passage from VD last week, I proceeded to look up Asmodeus, as I didn’t recognize the name. After reading some informative sites, I was appalled to discover that a currently broadcast cartoon (aimed at adults) featured the demon as a guest star. It moreover looks like all the infamous names of the infernal company will each get their very own episode to shine on a Disney channel named FXX.

    Walt’s baby is playing with the devil in the year 2022.

    A confession . . .

    — Eight or so years ago, I wondered what had happened to Laura Wood. She was so sensible, I thought, and, lo, she had become a tinfoil hat-wearing nutter.

    — And I was somewhat embarrassed that right-wing discourse online more and more frequently resembled old LaRouche newsletters that I’d find at the March for Life as a kid — with their Federal Reserve Bank obsessions, or their Jew thing, or their busy, knotty verbal evidence boards that alarmingly connected various international consortia with current and historical events.

    — And concerning Vox Day himself — I enjoyed his pugnacity, but D.C. elites and pedophile pizza parlors? Come now! Who could believe such nonsense? He was peddling bizarre theories like those of Peter Bis, the Diogenes of Capitol Hill. Peter would say that Clinton had chained sex slaves in the basement of the White House. Yes, Bubba was a perv., maybe even a rapist, but actual sex slaves? How crazy! One might have even expected the schizophrenic to start babbling a fever dream about POTUS’ trips to some mysterious island where powerful men would abuse nubile nymphs in an underground demonic temple — of course, paid for by Mossad! What madness was that?!?! Mr. Beale sounded just like the lunatic ravings of a D.C. hobo over-saturated with politics.

    I’ve come to believe that we should pay far more attention to what the tinfoil hat wearers have been saying. Like the lot of them, I used to mistrust government officials (though from liberal, Actonian grounds). I shared their conviction that society was going to hell in a hand-basket. Unlike them, though, I supposed that the decline would take generations before normal people would (could) even notice. Impatient with fantastic interpretations that reminded me of Jack van Impe’s straining to make every newspaper story fit his eschatological model, I judged that our betters behaved badly simply from the ancient, universal, common sins — and that they were likely decent fellows with limited vision and worse opinions. How ridiculous — how peasantlike — to imagine the rich and the powerful knowingly in congress with demons. Yes, yes, metaphorically, sure, like the inner jihad . . . we could say that international political movements advanced spiritual decay or wicked policies . . . but only an unserious rube could surmise (actual) black masses behind closed doors in European parliaments. Et cetera.

    Then, the last few years occurred, and the peasants’ ramblings have landed closer to the mark than my self-styled sophisticated interpretation. I now know how a Bollandiste must feel upon first meeting St. Christopher in the heavenly kingdom.


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