An Atypical Comment Upon Current World Affairs

We here for the most part and by preference abjure commentary on the affairs of the day, which are in the nature of things mostly foolish nonsense, bound to vanish sooner rather than later beneath the vast slow tides of history, and of her storms.

Which of course we do here like to notice. History is fun, informative, and so formative. Current events, not so much; they are like yesterday’s rain on the tide.

Nevertheless, something Important – perhaps, indeed, epochally important – seems to have just happened.

So, I shall break our accustomed silence on such topics, and share with you my brothers and sisters a perspective woefully underinformed about the realities on the field of battle (of whatsoever the characters thereof might be – digital, IRL, deadly, or not, as may be), but rather better informed respecting the broad historic sweep affected by recent events.

Given how devastating its effects will be upon the NATO war against Russia, one almost wonders if the sabotage yesterday of the Nord Stream pipelines was a move by patriot elements in the US Navy, sold by them to the fools of the US salient of the globalist Deep State as deleterious to Russia, when in fact it was intended to, and does, sap the motions of the very globalist cult of Moloch that is trying its utmost to destroy the West (to whose preservation, in its manifestation in the United States of America, those officers and sailors have pledged their lives). It is that same satanic cult that is trying to destroy Russia, and for that matter the cult of every other traditional nation whatever (Christian, pagan, Mormon, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Zoroastrian, Shinto, you name it – indeed, even the traditional cult of the Western atheists, that trades upon and presupposes an objective moral order that it cannot upon its own avowed principles defend, or therefore depend (no objective reality → no basis for atheism, or any other notion whatever); by the triumph of Babel, even atheism will be emptied of meaning, reason, and purpose).

The sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines serves the interests of Russia, and so is radically adverse to the interests of the EU, and of the globalist Deep State. It bids fair to wreck all the Establishment organs of Europe.

But Russia had no reason to inflict it, since she could have effected the same devastation on Europe this winter with the press of a few buttons on a monitor or two.

Russia had no need of sending a submarine to sabotage the Nord Stream pipelines. So, Russia did not send a submarine to sabotage the Nord Stream pipelines.

Only the most stupid of the globalist tools and dupes could have wanted to sabotage the pipelines. But, our adversaries are stupid. That’s what sin does to a man; makes him stupid.

I conclude that several canny US Navy officers and sailors did their best in this whole thing to serve their oaths of loyalty to the Constitution.

12 thoughts on “An Atypical Comment Upon Current World Affairs

  1. How does this benefit Russia? It seems to me that it preserves the NATO alliance by removing the possibility of a separate peace for Germany. It does give Russia a pretext to widen the conflict, and that may be to Russia’s advantage, and I supposed it has also opened more German eyes to their real status with respect to the U.S. Our government has not commanded their sons to be slaughtered, but it just commanded them all to be poorer and colder.

    Perhaps this benefits Russia on a cosmic level because it was an act of such imperial hubris. Far from the first on the part of those soi-dissant demigods on the Potomac. And we all know what pride goeth before. The great sadness is that the proud bring so many humble people down with them.

    • The most immediate way that this could benefit Russia is simply by reducing the quantity of gas supplied to Western Europe this winter, thus provoking unrest in the EU, and weakening EU resolve to keep supporting the NATO effort in Ukraine.

  2. The Chinese historians will shake their heads in bemusement and call the failure to normalize relations with Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union the greatest foreign policy disaster of the former United States of America.

  3. With respect, while I appreciate the effort and willingness to address this particular current affair, I can only guess at some of the points being made. I’m sure it’s my only own aborted higher education and native dullness to blame.
    I’m going to assume and take away that the author, who I hold in high regard, suspects our globalist deep state benefactors and guardians of being responsible for the sabotage, they presumably thinking it will serve their hideous and cloaked agenda, and that the instrumental means to execute it was US military/intel. Further, the author posits that the net effect of the sabotage, contrary to their intent, will be to bring down the globalist deep state, and that several US personnel participating in the operation saw to it that the sabotage went forward as planned, with the understanding that doing so would in fact result in the preservation of traditional western civilization and the US constitution.
    Is that it, or do I have it backwards?

    • Something like that. I can’t help seeing the patterns I see. It’s all complete conjecture, of course, and in retrospect I regret hitting the Post button on the piece: most of the patterns I discern turn out to be specious.

      Nevertheless it does appear from this morning’s reading that the US Navy was indeed responsible for the sabotage.

      • Nevertheless it does appear from this morning’s reading that the US Navy was indeed responsible for the sabotage.

        Biden took responsibility for this sabotage back in February of this year. Given his statement, it’s hard to see it any other way. See here:

        I’ve mentioned before that one of my nephews is currently serving in the region. He is a U.S. Marine. When he was sent there some months back, my sister (his mother) sent out a group message asking the family to pray for him and his safety, and also “that Russia doesn’t do something stupid.” I responded that I would certainly pray for my nephew’s safety, but that instead of praying that Russia doesn’t do something stupid, I would rather pray that *the U.S. doesn’t do something stupid*, or, more stupid, as it were. And of course, this is the sort of thing I was alluding to; the sort of stupidity on the U.S.’s part that she and the rest of the family are too ignorant to understand.

  4. Given Biden’s recent attempt at an impromptu seance, I don’t think I’d put too much stock in any of his pronouncements as being actual US policy. His blather is walked back daily by the folks who are really in charge of the US government in the present moment, whatever their identities may be.

    I think even the most strident of the warmongers in the US recognizes the enormous blowback that would occur if we had in fact sabotaged the pipelines and the Germans found out, which I’m pretty sure they have the technical capability to do somewhat independently of the US. Though unreported by the regime-friendly media in the US, there were significant protests in Germany demanding negotiation with the Russians to turn the gas back on, and those would turn on the US in an instant.

    Putin may be crazy but he’s not dumb, or at least the people around him are less likely to be unintelligent. Officially stopping shipments as a quid pro quo would be a major escalation against NATO, and Biden’s improvident ejaculations about regime change and shutting down Nord Stream (after greenlighting Nord Stream 2, reversing Trump’s objections) simply provided a bit of plausible deniability for the Russians.

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