“The Matter With Things” and rewrite of Determinists Strike Back Part 3

I asked the editor of Voegelinview to attain a copy of The Matter With Things by Iain McGilchrist to review many months ago. The publishers provided the two very heavy, nicely bound, dust jacketed volumes with illustrations that cost over 40 pounds to ship from England. It is a 1700 page work and has taken me at least four months reading and taking notes for between two and three hours a day to complete. That is the main reason for my recent silence at the Orthosphere lately.

I have done a major rewrite of Determinists Strike Back Part 3.

Determinists Strike Back, Part 3

Robot Philosopher serves as a textbook example of the kind of thinking that McGilchrist is criticizing. It was quite strange at times to go from The Matter With Things to reading and responding to RP’s trolling over the summer.

Thanks to Max Leyf to alerting me to this major follow up to McGilchrist’s important The Mastery and His Emissary. It is important enough, in my mind, that both my Introduction to Ethics and Introduction to Philosophy students have to read my summary of it. https://orthosphere.wordpress.com/2022/02/25/mystery-and-order-the-left-and-right-hemispheres/

I expect to start producing articles/book reviews based on The Matter With Things at some point.

2 thoughts on ““The Matter With Things” and rewrite of Determinists Strike Back Part 3

  1. I look forward to reading some of the fruits of your engagement with McGilchrist’s book. I’m on my second trawl through. It still seems to me a stunning achievement in range of reference, clarity of argument and profundity of worldview.

    • Thanks, Phil R. I agree. I don’t know how he found time to read all the people he has. The fact that he does his own translations from the German is impressive too. I’ve had some long email exchanges with him in the past along with a philosopher friend of his.

      It’s funny that great minds think alike and I found him quoting Lee Smolin who I like after hearing him on a podcast.


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