The King is a Traditionalist

And he has apparently been reading deeply in the traditionalist canon for many years. The address below was recorded in 2016.

His advocacy of traditional architecture is of course quite well known. And, of course, impudently scorned by the apostles of architectural modernism.

It will be interesting to see how hard the glitterati work to ridicule him. Now that he’s King, it is likely to start in earnest. They’ve been after him for decades already, of course, as a dolt, and a poltroon, a weakling and a fool. My earliest impression, from my boyhood, was their avowed conviction that Charles is a dunce. But that sort of ad hominem attack is of course in complete concord with their determination to destroy every institution of the West whatsoever. It is formally analogous to their toppling of the statues of our cultural heroes. In his very body, Charles is an exponent of the Traditional Order: that suffices to his immolation on the altar of the Modern.

It has nothing necessarily to do with Charles himself.

This is evident from his address which I here post. Charles is in it revealed as a thoughtful, careful man, who grapples with history from the deepest, widest, highest perspective.

It is the sort of perspective we should all want from a king. It is the sort of perspective to which kings are purposed, and called; it is the perspective proper to their offices.

5 thoughts on “The King is a Traditionalist

  1. It doesn’t take long to discover that Charles has an odd idea of traditionalism:

    Prince Charles wins hearts of Muslims in UK, around the world

    “I pray that all Muslims have a blessed Ramadan. Ramadan Mubarak. – HRH The Prince of Wales,” Prince Charles said.

    Clarence house shared the message of the future king and his wife for the Muslims across the United Kingdom and the wider Commonwealth.

    It is the sort of perspective we should all want from a king. It is the sort of perspective to which kings are purposed, and called; it is the perspective proper to their offices.

    I think he will be even worse for what remains of traditional Britain than his traitorous mother.

  2. Maybe decades of ridicule were necessary to form him to his task. Hopefully it made him hate the media and its allies and he will behead them.

  3. @Kristor – You are going to be terribly disappointed with King Charles… At least, I Hope you will be disappointed!

    Because otherwise you will have enlisted on the side of left-totalitarian-demonic purposive evil (WEF/ The Great Reset/ Agenda 2030 etc) – with which Charles is actively on board, and in a leadership position.

    I believe it would be wise to regard Charles’s traditionalism as an Antichrist-type phenomenon (i.e. superficially appealing, apparently Christian-compatible ideals – that mask a deeper and strategically anti-Christian agenda).

    This fits with his ‘perennialist’ (all religions are essentially one) spiritual philosophy; which (I think) makes him the first non-Christian to head the Church of England.

    I have the impression that Charles, at 73, is observably cognitively deteriorating (presumably dementia) – which seems to be an increasingly popular choice for the Establishment when choosing their puppet-pseudo-leaders.

    • Maybe so, alas. We’ll see. But, at least, Charles seems to love old Britain – the hedgerows, the villages, the churches, and so forth, England’s green and pleasant land. At some point it becomes impossible to maintain that love and also open the gates to the dark satanic mills. He’ll have to choose. The stark necessity of that choice often fails to make itself felt to a basically modern mind – such as those of everyone now alive in the West – for quite a long time. It is amazing how much cognitive dissonance we humans can bear without breaking.


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