Reading Enemy Propaganda

“Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you.”

1 John 3:13

“Christian nationalism” is the latest slur with which the scribbling goons of International Satanism are mocking and defaming the dispossessed untermenschen of the new America.  When these myrmidons of Moloch and Mammon are not breathlessly celebrating some freakish new identity, they hammer on the dwindling monadnock of Americans whose identity is, in large part, an attachment to both the faith and the land of their fathers.  With all the veracity of wartime propagandists, they represent the late stages of the life-or-death struggle of traditional Americans as either risible, pathological, or an existential threat to “our [by which they mean their] democracy.”

You can sample this genre of deliberate denigration by dipping into a new essay on Unherd by one such ink-stained wretch, by the name of Elle Hardy.  Ms. Hardy tells us that she is “an Australian-born journalist usually based between the UK and US,” and she has titled her piece,

“The Rise of Christian Nationalism: Their God Looks Like the Guy who Stormed the Capital.” 

She is in this piece rude, rootless, and ready to punch down at low proles.  A progressive, in short.

* * * * *

Ms. Hardy begins her essay by telling us that the ugly face of Christian Nationalism was fully displayed at the January 6th protest.  The mask was off, the lips were twisted into their natural snarl, and this gargoyle face is, in fact, the face of the Christian Nationalist “god.”

In Ms. Hardy’s relation, the January 6th protest was a grand guignol of rapine that rivaled the sack of Rome, the siege of Jerusalem, or even the Tulsa riot of 1921.  She quotes, for instance, Capitol Hill Police Officer Caroline Edwards to the effect that she, Officer Edwards, was “slipping,” if not perhaps wading, or indeed breast-stroking, “in people’s blood.”

Well, that is Christian Nationalism for you: bloodthirsty sore losers who worship an angry god and don’t give a damn about the sure footing of Capitol Hill police officers.

* * * * *

Having instilled her readers with the proper repugnance for her subject, Hardy introduces this definition:

“Christian Nationalism is the idea that America is defined by Christianity.”

She then immediately makes clear that Christian Nationalism is, in fact, the idea that America was once, and by rights still ought still to be, defined by Christianity.  If America were at this very moment defined by Christianity, bloodthirsty, sorehead Christian Nationalists would have no reason to “storm” the capitol.

They would own the Capitol!

It is certainly possible to exaggerate the influence of Christianity in American history, as it is to question the orthodoxy of much that passed under the name of Christianity in America; but the idea that America was until quite recently defined by Christianity is not kooky, psychotic, or bizarre.

Ms. Hardy goes on:

“This idea has been around as long as America itself, but until the mid-20th century, many evangelicals saw themselves as being above, or at least separate to, mainstream society. The desire to penetrate politics has steadily picked up pace since the Fifties, with the dial being firmly turned in the Reagan-era and again since the 2008 financial crisis and election of Barack Obama.”

I don’t expect deep knowledge of American history in an Australian hack who is “usually based between the UK and US,” and so will suggest that Ms. Hardy run her eyes over the lyrics of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” look into the history of the Eighteenth Amendment, or ask herself why progressives were, until just the other day, denouncing American for its stifling “puritanism.”

What happened in the mid-20th century was that American Evangelicals sensed they were being marginalized from mainstream society by a new and hostile elite, composed of hard secularists and Jews, and they therefore tried, with very little success, to fight back.  They lost on Prohibition in 1933, were bamboozled into sacrificing their sons in someone else’s war, and then went down like ninepins before the Pornographers’ blitzkrieg of the 1960s and 70s.

Evangelicals attempted to “penetrate politics” in the fifties because they and their interests had been evicted from politics in the thirties and forties.  The dial was turned up in 2008 because Barak Obama was the first American President who did not even pretend to like Evangelicals (or at least white ones).

* * * * *

“Needless to say, the God of Christian Nationalists is not Gentle Jesus, meek and mild, but a gun-toting, gas-guzzling, straight, white, native-born kinda guy.”

Needless to say, Jesus was not notably gentle, meek, or mild.   One might say that he “stormed” the Temple Mount, which was the Capitol Hill of his day, and there said many sharp and nasty things that scared and offended the phony Jews who were parading around in stolen robes.  The children’s hymn from which the “gentle Jesus” line is taken is, in fact, a child’s appeal for protection, so that it could very well have included a verse that went:

“Mighty Jesus, bold and strong, 
Lash all bad men with thy thong; 
Crush and chain my enemy; 
To chastise I count on thee.”

This is not to say that Jesus is a “gun-toting, gas-guzzling, straight, white, native-born kinda guy,” since the Lord of Creation has no need for guns and gas.  But could you, I ask, imagine a grosser, more stereotypical, more mean-spirited, more nauseatingly pseudo-folksy caricature of Americans who have grandparents buried in local cemeteries and persons of the opposite sex in their nuptial beds?

* * * * *

Hardy tells is that Christian Nationalists do not call themselves by that name, but instead hide under the cover of names like “patriot” and “MAGA,” and in this cowardly disguise,

 “target causes perceived to be liberal or progressive—and are employing increasingly violent ends [I think she meant to write means] in opposition to them.”

Some Christian Nationalists have gone so far as to conduct “mass burnings of ‘demonic’ Harry Potter books,” or as “mobilizing to take over school boards,” or as attempting (in the face of armed opposition by the State) to protest gay pride events.  (Hardy says “storm gay events,” since Christian Nationalist never protest, only “storm.”)

In other words, Christian Nationalists actually have the audacity to act like free citizens who have rights.

* * * * *

“Fueled by conspiracy and feeling besieged by what they perceive as a liberal world closing in on them, America’s political Right and religious Right are morphing into one . . . . That’s because they know that they have lost the democratic battle and the demographic battle.”

I don’t disagree with this line, but copy it here to show how the Great Replacement is a reason for progressives to crow whenever they are not denouncing it as a fever-dream conspiracy theory of patriots, MAGAs, and Christian Nationalists.  Hardy says that Republicans have lost the “democratic battle” and only hold on to political power through,

“archaic, unrepresentative institutions such as the Electoral College and Senate, political appointments to the courts, and the gerrymandering of electorates.”

She obviously has not thought very deeply about the meaning of “representation,” the downside of elected judges, and the fact that all modern gerrymandering is the result of the legislated mandate to get more black legislators into the House of Representatives.

* * * * *

“Not only is Christian Nationalism changing politics, it’s changing theology too.”

Ms. Hardy is not interested in theology, or competent to discuss it, so she has little to say about what Christian theology was before it converged with nationalism, how it has changed, or how it should be set right.  I do, however, get the sense that she thinks Christians should brush up on the lyrics of “Gentle Jesus, meek and mild.”

That’s fine with me, so long as they update the archaic lyrics with this new verse of mine

“Jesus, Lord, we’re under fire,
Your strong arm we now require; 
Also, Lord, a place to dwell; 
And godless Democrats in Hell.”

11 thoughts on “Reading Enemy Propaganda

  1. One of the key issues is Family integrity. There is a lot of work to be done in this area legally:

    The Traditional Christian family began to be destroyed in the 1800’s legally. This is also the start of Family Courts that break up families and removed the Father from the family.

  2. It is everywhere. Yesterday I went to the last Minions movie and they were mocking a nun and the symbol of the cross. In a children’s movie.

    The persecution of Chrisianity is well under way.

  3. It still surprises me how bad the Left is at understanding the beliefs of non-leftists. Nothing that she writes rings true for anyone who’s spent any time interacting with non-leftists, either online or in person. For instance, “patriot” hasn’t really been in general use since the beginning of the 2010’s.

    But I think it all comes down to the fact that the Left really can’t imagine anything outside their worldview, so they think that non-leftism (of which, of course there are many varieties) is just the negative of leftism.

    They are obsessed with using the approved terminology so they think everyone else is as well. Similarly, they always try to adopt whatever the “current thing’ is, so they think everyone else must be like that as well.

    The comments on the original article are good, though.

    • It is notable that Hardy does not seem to have talked to any Christian Nationalists, or even to have read anything they have written. The left really believes its own propaganda. Communication may be impossible, though, given the depth of her delusion.

      • Absolutely impossible. They inhabit a self-enclosed bubble of unreality. They don’t “see” individuals. Each and every human being as we would know them more fully is to them a cardboard construct reflecting some aspect of their own perverse mentation.

    • Correct. They are in a fight against reality. This is the core of the Left. Therefore, they cannot read anything that do not reinforce their views, lest they rekindle their cognitive dissonance, which is extremely painful for them.

      As a result, they cannot read right-wing people but only left-right people talking in a way that is not dangerous for the left-wing worldview. This produces caricatures of right-wing thought, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. They prefer to live inside the Matrix. It is easier that way

  4. As a non-white ex-liberal turned conservative, who’s also a practicing Catholic, I’ve observed the secular left for, er, ten or so years. I slowly became more conservative two or three years after finishing university.

    Hardy is the epitome of leftist arrogance, whether they’re American or non-American. They’re deeply disturbed – if not afraid, of actual real-life gun-totting, unabashed proud-to-be-an-American types who fashion huge American flags to the rear of their gas guzzling pickup trucks. These Americans may wear a cross; who knows if their personal lives follow such high standards of being a disciple of Christ. These types of Americans are just bizarre creatures to the “learned” types of Hardy and her posse.

    Hardy’s types hug certain American cities – LA, NYC, SF, DC and maybe Boston. Abroad, they tend to stick to Western European countries, so London and, well, London. Paris they sorta kinda flock too but many don’t even speak the French language so they don’t bother; they just visit on occasion to look cool. They use Asia as some tamed safari until they’re pulled back to Western Europe or maybe Australia, in her case.

    They are never as as intelligent, smart or sophisticated as they believe themselves to be given their secular arrogance really runs on moral relativism until it doesn’t – LGBT+ rights, racism, sexism etc. All of a sudden there’s a line drawn in the sand and if you cross that line you’re one mean SOB.

    She’s a dime a dozen. She doesn’t understand the people or the land that which she loathes, ironically. She doesn’t understand the American South or the Midwest. She doesn’t understand many things in the US that allowed to make a living as a journalist as she passes her uneducated opinion as educated, truthful and fair. It’s as if some dumb post-university British student under the age of 30 who can’t seem to grasp why a fellow Brit would support Brexit had access to major literary or social media brands to broadcast their cringeworthy evidence of an education.

    @NLR: In my circles the word “patriot” is a commonly used. Unlike non-Americans and self-loathing Americans, even the word nationalist isn’t seen as dirty or something to be avoided. If the word were to be used it would probably be used in a MAGA type way – and fair enough.

    Tl;dr: Hardy is just a rank-and-file secular leftist that finger waves at the dumb, gun totting, patriotic Americans who think a man is man with a penis, a woman has boons and a vagina, that taxes suck and not everyone wants to live in a major city. Middle America scares Hardy. She’s the bigot that she accuses others who aren’t like her to be.


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