Tobogganing Down the Slippery Slope of Sexual Entertainment

“A great deal of nonsense has been written of late about what is rather absurdly termed ‘sex mania.’  Some benevolent persons who take an interest in literature appear to think a solemn duty has been imposed on them to protect the young, the innocent, and even the respectable middle-aged from the moral ravages of ‘the new fiction’ . . .” 

D. F. Hannigan, “Sex in Fiction,” The Westminster Review (1895)

“Drag storytellers, and the libraries and schools that support them, are advancing a love of diversity, personal expression, and literacy that is core to what our city embraces.”

Eric Adams, Mayor of New York City, Tweet (June 16, 2022)

“You know what’s not a problem for kids who are seeking a good education?  Drag queens . . . . I say this.  A drag queen for every school!” 

Dana Nessel, Attorney General of Michigan, The Detroit News (June 15, 2022)

There is no slope more slippery than the slippery slope of sexual entertainment.   There is no history more replete with scoffing at slippery slopes than the history of sexual entertainment.   The author of my first epigraph, D. F. Hannigan, was the translator of Flaubert’s Temptations of St. Anthony (1874), a prose poem that tells of a desert night during which St. Anthony teetered on the brink of several very slippery slopes.  What follows is a suggestive passage from Hannigan’s translation of St. Anthony’s temptation by the Queen of Sheba, which took place atop the slippery slope of sexual entertainment.

Our society has not followed the example of St. Anthony.  Where his teeth chattered, we licked our lips.  Where he made the sign of the cross, we worshiped the Queen of Sheba on our knees.  Where he disdained her, we embraced her—and embrace her no less now that the Queen of Sheba is a primped man providing sexual entertain to our children.

‘Look at these eyes of mine, then!’

Antony gazes at them, in spite of himself.

‘All the women you have ever met, from the daughter of the cross-roads singing underneath her lantern to the fair patrician scattering leaves from the top of her litter, all the forms you have caught a glimpse of, all the imaginings of your desire, ask for them!  I am not a woman—I am a world. My garments have but to fall, and you shall discover upon my person a succession of mysteries.’

 Antony’s teeth chatter.

‘If you placed your finger on my shoulder, it would be like a stream of fire in your veins. The possession of the least part of my body will fill you with a joy more vehement than the conquest of an Empire. Bring your lips near! My kisses have the taste of fruit which would melt in your heart. Ah how you will lose yourself in my tresses, suck in my breasts, marvel at my limbs, and be scorched by my eyes, between my arms, in a whirlwind—’

Antony makes the sign of the Cross.

‘So, then, you disdain me! Farewell!’

 She turns away weeping; then she comes back again.

“Are you quite sure? So lovely a woman?’’

She laughs, and the ape who holds the end of her robe lifts it up.

‘You will repent, my fine hermit! you will groan; you will be sick of life but I will mock at you! la! la! la! oh! oh! oh!”

She goes off with her hands on her waist, skipping on one foot. The slaves file off before Saint Antony’s face, together with the horses, the dromedaries, the elephant, the attendants, the mules, once more covered with their loads, the negro boys, the ape, and the green-clad couriers holding their broken lilies in their hands — and the Queen of Sheba departs, with a spasmodic utterance which might be either a sob or a chuckle.”

23 thoughts on “Tobogganing Down the Slippery Slope of Sexual Entertainment

  1. Young people are having less actual sex, both within and without marriage. They seem not so much afraid of intimacy as indifferent to it. Occasional voices in the past predicted that such jaded responses to greater and greater outrages would be the eventual result of nonstop sexual discussion. It is not possible to sum up an entire culture’s sexual attitudes and changes in a few sentences, but it appears that such predictions were at the very least not wrong, and quite likely part of the truth we see unfolding before us.

    • D.H. Lawrence called it “sex in the head.” I think he bears some of the responsibility for this, but he was right in this case. One grim irony is that sex mania more or less sterilizes any group in which it takes root. They stop doing anything Mother Nature recognizes as sex and turn sex into what they call an “identity.”

    • I’ve heard tell of several surveys of single 20 somethings reported on in the psychology literature that indicate widespread abstinence and a far lesser percentage that is very active.

      • Sex becomes something to talk about rather than something to do. Get self-righteous about may be closer to the truth.

    • I don’t think its that kids are indifferent to sex, but that due to the internet / computers / smartphones, young people are socially retarded and/or shy and awkward when it comes to making advances on someone they’re interested in. I’ve seen a rise in younger people who de-facto seem literally retarded IRL, and basically its mostly the result of Internet-brain. I’m one of a decreasing number of people who actually has a firm handshake and looks people in the eyes when speaking to them– many people, especially older, have complimented me on my grip.
      You also have to think: people who were in the middle of high school when the lockdowns started were denied the social opportunities to interact with opposite (or even same) sex people and that blunted their social skills during the latter years of high school, when more people typically date. Many have even dropped out of HS in general, as they never signed onto the online schooling thing in their local area. That basically means online dating becomes a much more attractive avenue, and the gender dynamics on those sites are very skewed in favor of women and a small number of men. E.G. if you’re a reasonably fit 6/10 guy, black swan scenerios aside, you can realistically expect to get an overweight 3/10 woman if you’re using online dating apps. Many men, especially younger ones, have basically dropped out of the dating game altogether due to their realization that the deck is massively stacked against them. This is why the younger generations of men are increasingly “less motivated”, as Boomers will comment. It also explains the rise of transgenderism (and gay stuff in general), as a “way out” of celibacy, at least amongst men. The dudes I went to college for IT with, they didn’t do nearly as well as I did in terms of either quality or quantity of women they got from online dating, and if these same men were our age today, or found themselves single, they would probably be celibate. It also certainly didn’t help that they never stood up for themselves to their women due to desperation. Seeing their experiences in relationships vs mine (and also, TBH, most American marriages in general) really shaped my view of women towards certain Redpill ideas. Among women who decide they’re “men trapped in a womans’ body” and chop off their boobs, I have no idea why they would want to do that at all. Christian morality aside, there’s really little benefit to being male in our society. I chalk it up to women being hyper-conformist / prone to fads and… how to say this nicely… dumb.
      I’ve used online dating off and on since the early 2010s and I’ve definitely seen the shift from lengthier exchanges (when sitting infront of a computer with a keyboard) to to smartphone-sized text message snippets. Tinder and Grinder and that sort of smartphone app medium has made the situation much worse. Longer screen aspect ratio = more scrolling to read a same-length message = prioritization of shorter messages.
      Also, exchanging phone numbers these days is considered, by many, to be “too risky” and typically when you talk to a girl, whether IRL or online, she’ll ask for your Instagram / FB Messenger / WhatsApp / Kik name to talk instead of your phone number. In the “good old days” of the early 2010s, basically only online prostitutes did that. People are afraid of stalkers and such and don’t want to give out their #. That feminism has taught them all men are rapists is apart of this, but also the increase in male psychopathic behavior due to the 4Chanification of society– think: how people communicate on online comments sections, this site aside. Not to mention, texting is the primary medium of communication today, and calling someone you’ve met online before the date, even briefly, to confirm they’re actually female and not a male catfish, is considered a turn-off amongst women and signal that you’re needy or insecure. I very quickly found that out many years back when I lost out on a hot Greek girl and never did it again.
      There’s your report from the front lines.

    • It’s not how I’d spend a night on the town, but the story-hours are packaged as educational entertainment for children.

    • It has been entertaining as comedy for centuries. Disguising oneself as the other sex is frequent in Shakespeare, Moliere, etc. Heck, it’s even funny in scout camp skits. It seems less entertaining when taken seriously, yes.

      • In Shakespeare’s day, women generally weren’t even allowed to be in plays. It was considered indecent. All the female roles were played by twinkish men in makeup #RejectModernityReturnToTradition lol

  2. I’m not even that old, but I’m old enough to remember when you had to go to a seedy gay bar to catch a drag show. Never occurred to me that they would be promoting it to preschool and elementary school aged children.

    What’s more, that the main ones taking their children there would be the mothers.

    Can’t help but psychoanalize here a bit: are these mothers taking their kids to these kinds of adult shows due to some kind of deep seated feminist-derived hatred of men? IE, they subconsciously wish to emasculate their sons and use this as a socially acceptable (amongst certain segments of the population) means in which to do so? Perhaps they resent their sons and wanted daughters instead?

    I’ve talked to so many men, even conservative ones from conservative families (think: Alex Jones listeners) who confessed to me that their mothers tried to make them effeminate— mostly amongst the Millenniel and especially Zoomer generations . It’s not always the usual suspects as you might expect

    • In his book “No more Mr. Nice Guy”, psychologist Robert Glover blames the emasculation of men in the USA after the 1940s to a combination of factors:
      1. The shift from an agricultural-based economy and lifestyle that made men work at their own property and train their children to work while spending time with them to an industry-based economy where fathers left early to work in a corporate environment where they would spend long hours.
      2. A vast majority of school teachers being women, thus leaving young men without male role models to emulate.
      3. The dawn of feminism with slogans such as “all men are rapists” that placed masculinity in bad light.

      Fr. Chad Ripperger, in his conference titled “State of the Spiritual Battlefield” mentions that there is a direct correlation between the increase in contraception and the increase in homosexuality. He argues that once you divorce sex from reproduction, then sex becomes exclusively a pursuit of pleasure and therefore it is very difficult to make a case against sodomy.

      In order to be able to condemn sexually deviant behavior it is necessary to uphold the Natural Law.

      Last week I was meditating about the destruction of Sodom, and I found out that the term “sodomy” not only designates anal intercourse among men, but any sexual act among human beings where the male does not discharge inside the reproductive organ of a woman. Therefore, according to that definition, sodomy is widespread in all the West. Which makes me greatly fear that the prophecies of Akita that mention a global Sodom-like punishment may be fulfilled soon.

      • Any sexual act that is inherently infertile is sodomitic, which means sodomy is very nearly ubiquitous. I think we should resist the urge to begin a purity spiral and say that PIV intercourse is sodomy when either partner is infertile, whether temporarily or permanently. Setting limits in the other direction is hard, but my hunch is that we should excuse what might be called accidental or incidental sodomy. Sexual encounters are naturally somewhat messy and puritanic hair-splitting will always end in absurdity. To my mind, a relationship or culture becomes sodomitic when the reproductive function is no longer recognized as the essence of sexual activity. I think it is similar to the way that a person or culture becomes gluttonous when the nutritive function is no longer recognized as the essence of eating.

        There may be truth in Glover’s thesis but it doesn’t explain the more striking uptick in emasculation since 2000 or so. One thing I would add to his list is that a whole lot of the manliest men were killed before fathering children between 1940 and 1945. War selects against masculine courage and aggression. The more recent emasculation may be partly due to changes in our diet, but naked female chauvinism is the main cause.

      • I was reading some angry TERF going off on transwomen on Twitter the other day. She was like “if TS women are women, you must just think of women as being nothing more than a wet hole and pretty face”

        And I couldn’t help but LOL while reading that. Thought: “wait, are the feminists suddenly becoming self-aware!?”

        Like, I’ve went out with Italian, Polish, Jewish, and Hispanic women who were legitimately feminine… but for the most part, here in the Anglosphere, that is, whether we like to admit it or not, the main purpose a woman serves and how they’re judged by men and judge themselves as well, if we look at their actions and lifestyle choices in a de-facto way, is looks + sex.

        Sex has been TOTALLY divorced from reproduction and even the most homophobic men must be forced to admit, if they’re being honest, that if sodomy = sex with no intent of reproduction, basically everyone in our society is spiritually gay. Goes back to the “log in your eye / spec in mine” parable from the NT

        Good comment about the purity spiraling. That happens far too much in our scene and is typically indicative of extremely-online people who’re divorced from reality. The sorts who call themselves “Traditionalists with a capital-T”, “RadTrads”, “TradCats”, or “Orthbros”

      • @JMSmith

        I think we should resist the urge to begin a purity spiral and say that PIV intercourse is sodomy when either partner is infertile, whether temporarily or permanently.

        I don’t see any temptation to purity spiral here, and don’t even sense a difficult case here. An infertile couple is still doing that which would result in procreation were it not for the God-ordained accidental qualities present. You could not say the same if the same couple were, for instance, performing fellatio.

      • I’m sorry to be crude, but this purity spiral ends with a man and wife anxiously checking the sheets to be sure that not one drop of semen has been carelessly spilt. I know this post has the phrase “slippery slope” in its title, and that the slippery slopes of sexual license are very slippery indeed, but I also believe that the rigorist definition of sodomy can poison marriages and prevent the conception of children by turning the marriage bed into a frightening moral minefield.

      • Ok, gotcha. I think I must be sheltered. I can imagine this being a problem for freakishly fastidious people, but not a general problem amongst devout Catholics.

      • “I’m sorry to be crude, but this purity spiral ends with a man and wife anxiously checking the sheets to be sure that not one drop of semen has been carelessly spilt.”

        It works in both directions. Laxitude leads to “man and wife anxiously checking the feminine organ to be sure that not one drop of semen has been spilt inside”.

        My original point was that anal penetration, seminal fluid in the bucal cavity, use of sex paraphernalia (“toys”), are widely accepted in the West. While God forgives an accidental pollution, he does not accepts what I mentioned above. And that is the root of my fears. And I am not even touching infidelity, swinger couples, among other things. My observation is that sexual practices that used to be exclusive of homosexuals have started gaining acceptance among heterosexuals.

        All human beings will be at risk of swinging between puritanism and absolute carnal license. Only God can keep us in the middle.

      • “but I also believe that the rigorist definition of sodomy can poison marriages and prevent the conception of children by turning the marriage bed into a frightening moral minefield.”

        As far as I know, the term “sodomy” covers the following acts:
        – anal penetration
        – deliberate seminal discharge in the mouth of the woman
        – deliberate seminal discharge in the body of the woman outside the reproductive tract
        – deliberate seminal discharge in the body of another man

        I am unsure if there are any other acts that are covered by the term “sodomy”. Please inform me if it is the case. Otherwise, a rigorist interpretation of the word “sodomy” is easy and necessary.

      • I’d be curious to know how one accidentally discharges semen in the mouth of a woman. I’ve read casuistic discussions of the question whether it is licit to penetrate the “posterior vessel” of a woman prior to discharging in her “anterior vessel,” and reading these discussions did not feel I was looking into the mind of God. I do think you are right to emphasize the word deliberate, though, because it points towards the intentions of sexual activity. These intentions are in most cases revealed in results, namely children and the stable family they need to prosper. The details of the mechanics leading to those results are not my concern.

      • “I’d be curious to know how one accidentally discharges semen in the mouth of a woman”.

        During oral stimulation in foreplay, there may be accidental release of small amounts of pre-seminal fluid, an acidic solution that may contain semen.

        “The details of the mechanics leading to those results are not my concern”.

        Well, you seem concerned about the purity spiral that ends with a man and wife anxiously checking the sheets to be sure that not one drop of semen has been carelessly spilt. It seems to me that this is a concern on such mechanics.

      • What honestly concerns me is the anxiety that creepy sexual busybodies can introduce into the bedrooms of Christian newlyweds who are trying to do things right. I have reason to believe I am seeing the public side of one such disaster right now. It sounds as if you and I are in general agreement, though. The rigorists with whom I have debated this question before proscribed foreplay as the top of the slippery slope that has Sodom and Gomorrah at its bottom.


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