Kierkegaard and Chesterton – Use and Misuse of the Media

Article by Gary Furnell, secretary/treasurer of the Australian Chesterton Society. This is not by permission or arrangement, but simply a link to the original article. The argument connects to the topic of Edward Bernays’ “the engineering of consent,” and the way the BBC conspired to make mass immigration seem to be supported by English “public opinion” mentioned in The Populist Delusion. Part of Furnell’s argument is that the news, being about the unusual and the bad, can undermine one’s faith in the goodness of Creation.

Kierkegaard and Chesterton – Use and Misuse of the Media

2 thoughts on “Kierkegaard and Chesterton – Use and Misuse of the Media

  1. That was a good article. The part about G.K. Weekly was interesting:

    “Chesterton called his paper G.K.’s Weekly expressly to link himself, an identifiable proprietor/editor with well-known convictions, to the newspaper. He said newspapers are the hobbies of a few rich men, made richer by advertising. These rich men rarely write for their newspaper; mostly they hide their name and power, but the power is real nonetheless. In other words, we suffer under an oligarchical media; what we don’t have is a popular media.”


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