The Reality of the Great Replacement

“Evolution needs room but finds the earth’s surface limited.  Everywhere old and new forms of life live side by side in deadly competition; but the later improved variety multiplies and spreads at the cost of less favored types.  The struggle for existence means a struggle for space.  This is true of man and the lower animals.” 

Ellen Churchill Semple, Influences of Geographic Environment (1911)

Recent events have stirred the great and good to once again denounce and deny what they call the conspiracy theory of the Great Replacement.  The Great Replacement is, in fact, the reality that, as the egregious Wikipedia puts it, “a ‘global elite’ is colluding against the white population of Europe [and elsewhere] to replace them with non-European peoples.”

I do not see a factual error in this statement, although it might be more accurately written as, the global elite is colluding to subject white populations to more rigorous competition by importing non-European rivals into their historic homelands.

If white populations fail to win this more rigorous competition, they will most certainly be replaced.  This is simply how the organic world works.  As dear old Chuck Darwin put it,

“In all cases the new and improved forms of life tend to supplant the old and unimproved forms.”[1]

This is obviously the inspiration for the quote that appears at the head of this post, and that continues as follows:

“A superior people, invading the territory of its weaker savage neighbors, robs them of their land, forces them back into corners too small for their support, and continues to encroach even upon this meager possession, till the weaker finally loses the last remnant of its domain, and is literally crowded off the earth.”[2]

These lines were written by the great Darwinian geographer Ellen Churchill Semple in the first decade of the twentieth century, when white populations were crowding savages off the earth in North America, South Africa, and Australia.  Global elites certainly colluded in that Great Replacement, and no one, then or now, would dismiss the European invasions of these new worlds as a dangerous and paranoid conspiracy theory.

And no one today would fault the savages for trying to fight back.

* * * * *

In 1883 the Polish historian Ludwig Gumplowicz published a book titled Rassenkampf, in which he sought, like Semple, to apply Darwinian principles to human events.  Rassenkampf means “race struggle,” or what Semple would later describe as the “deadly competition” for space.  According to Gumplowicz, the long history of humanity was divided into three great stages.

  1. Origin of the human species in one place.
  2. Scattering of the human species to many places, with consequent differentiation of the species into races and varieties, owing to different selective pressures in different physical environments.
  3. Gathering of the human species into a single global place by modern technology, with consequent competition between the differentiated races and varieties that came into being during stage 2.

Here is how Gumplowicz described his theory of Rassenkampf

“Humanity undoubtedly derived from a single birthplace . . . .

Thereupon followed a long period . . . in which the race spread in countless branches, which grew, under the influence of different environments . . . into the many races and varieties.”

“In historical times . . . the reverse process occurs . . . . The heterogeneous elements come into contact.”

“There follows a struggle for existence . . . . We live in the later age.”[3]

* * * * *

We also live in the later age when the races and varieties of the human species come into contact and “struggle for existence.”    As I said at the beginning of this post, the correct description of the Great Replacement is that the global elite is colluding to subject white populations to more rigorous competition by importing non-European rivals into their historic homelands.  This importation is what Gumplowicz described as “heterogenious elements coming into contact.”  A “struggle for existence” naturally follows from this contact.  And what just as naturally follows from this “struggle for existence” may very well be,

A Great Replacement

* * * *

Darwin, Semple and Gumplowicz were impressed—indeed overly impressed—by the Great Replacement of savage races by civilized races that was taking place as they wrote.  As Darwin rather baldly put it (to the embarrassment of many of today’s Darwinists),

“At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world.”[4]

Civilized and savage are, however, crude categories, and Darwinian theory tells us that the extermination and replacement of savage races must be followed by an equally deadly Rassenkampf, or “race struggle,” between the “civilized races.”  If there are any advantages in the differences a civilized race acquired in Gumplowicz’s second stage of scattering and isolation, that race will exterminate and replace all less advantaged races with which it comes into contact, however civilized they may be, in the third, globalized, stage.

* * * * *

Arnold White was an English journalist who is remembered today, not altogether fairly, as an antisemite.  In 1899 White was certainly alarmed by “the invasion of Russian Jews” into England, and he certainly called for “the total cessation of the immigration” of these people  “who . . . manage to obtain footing in this country under a strained interpretation of the right of asylum.” But White was at the same time impressed by the Jews as race that was supremely adapted to succeed in it deadly competition with other races.[5]  White wrote,

“Having attempted to survey the Jewish question in all the principal countries of the world, I am unable to avoid the conclusion that where the nations are being destroyed by the Jews they deserve to be destroyed; that weakness, self-indulgence, stupidity, want of proper education and of common foresight, and indifference to the trust that each generation holds for its successor, are the real reasons why the Jews are victorious and the non-Jews are the vanquished.”

A nation (race) that is destroyed deserves destruction, because that is the way the organic world works.  A nation that is replaced deserves replacement, because the earth has no room for a nation that is weak, self-indulgent, stupid, frivolous, improvident, and indifferent to its posterity.  Because many Jews were none of these things, but were rather marked by “exceptional fitness in . . . the battle of life,” White saw that they must replace almost any rival with whom they came into contact and competition.

White earned the opprobrious title of antisemite because he argued that it was legitimate for a weaker race, such as the English, to preserve its existence, and retain its homeland, by avoiding unlimited contact and competition with Jews or any other superior race.  Thus White approved the antisemitic policies of Czarist Russia because they protected Russians from Jewish competitors they could not hope to defeat.

“The intellect of the Jew is masterful.  His assiduity, his deadly resolve to get on, his self-denial and ambition surmount all natural obstacles. If all careers in the Russian Empire were thrown open to the Russian Jew, not a decade would go by before the whole Russian administration from Port Arthur to Eydtkuhnen, and from Archangel to Yalta, must pass into Hebraic hands. This is a sober statement of fact. The Russian nature is self-indulgent, impulsive, kind-hearted, generous, and passionate. Russians would have no chance of survival against the cold determination of a people that exists only when living as a parasitic growth on another race. What Tsar in his senses, what sane Russian Minister would permit his country to commit suicide by ceding the civil administration to a Jewish minority.”[6]

In other words, the Russian Czar in 1899 was not colluding, as the great and good of our own day collude, with the global elite to subject Russians to more rigorous competition, and to thereby expose Russians (and their Czar) to the very real danger of

A Great Replacement!

[1]) Charles Darwin, Origin of Species (1859), chap. 10.

[2]) Ellen Churchill Semple, Influences of Geographic Environment (New York: Henry Holt and Co., 1911.

[3]) Ludwig Gumplowicz, “An Austrian Appreciation of Lester F. Ward,” American Journal of Sociology (1905)

[4]) Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man (1871), chap. 6.

[5]) Arnold White, The Modern Jew (New York: F.A. Stokes, 1899), pp. 189-190.

[6]) White, Modern Jew, p. 161, pp. 40-41.

7 thoughts on “The Reality of the Great Replacement

    • Ukraine is a strange place. The US Deep State is in it up to their eyeballs; it’s pathetically impoverished despite all sorts of natural resources; it’s got a number of bio-labs and nuclear reactors; and we will never get the full story of what’s going on there.

      • I think this is what some writers are getting at when they call Ukraine 404. I gather that 404 is an error code for a website that no longer exists, the suggestion being that Ukraine is in fact a zombie state. I don’t recall an event about which the news and analysis was so wildly contradictory. The “fog of war” is here the fog-night-blindfold of war. I pity the young Ukrainian men that are being fed into the wood-chipper by scoundrels who hate them, but I don’t think the Russians are the scoundrels.

  1. “At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world.”

    As I put it, the hunter-gatherers are always in trouble when the farmers show up. H-G genetics are simply no longer selected for, other than in human zoos like the remote Amazon and North Sentinel Islands. Of course, dysgenic civilizational collapse can turn that trend around too.

    • We must always remember that it is not just the new human variety that can kill you, but also, but more discretely, the environment made by that variety. The farmers of your example might kill some of the hunter-gathers by violence, others by starving them of game, and still others by creating an agricultural world in which the selective pressure is different. A cowboy cannot adapt to the office environment. The population adapts by selecting against the genes of a cowboy. As you say, the office clerk will feel the terrible weight of selective pressure in conditions of dysgenic collapse. Suddenly no one wants to give him food or take his seed.

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  3. Mentioning this is becoming a ‘soft-bannable’ offence on state supported public TV here. How different this ‘entertainment’ from my youth hits now, especially since its gone far beyond this clip in technical ways already;

    Then it moves towards this;
    I will never apologize for loving this series.
    We already saw the ‘if you see something, say something’ phrase pop up in some places during the sting operation, as well as a night time curfew in my country. Then there were completely arbitrary quotes taken from veterans that ‘were ok with that’ put into the media, while the ones that felt it was an atrocious act got ignored.

    But before i lose myself in more interesting yet sideline considerations, here is the most evil part of the story;

    None of this is substantially about race, culture, or ideology, it is primarily about bringing people used to low living standards over, so that they can continue to produce the race to the bottom; if Europe and America would like to stop getting exploited, let’s have others fill those shoes instead. The West has not been brought to the bottom yet, it is still far too autonomous, and that could do with some adjusting. But as soon as there are hordes of people willing to do the same shit job for even less, the machine clicks into gears again.

    Which is why i keep screaming way too softly, localize, localize, localize.


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