The Sacraments are Prior to Everything Else in Mundane Life

Liturgical innovation – e.g., priestesses – is metaphysically obtuse. It presupposes that the sacraments are merely human artifacts, when in fact – the Lamb having been slain from the foundation of the world – they are logically prior to the creation. We are not the masters of the sacraments, any more than we are the masters of the oceans or the skies. Our office is not to deform them, but to reckon and grapple with them, as objective aspects of Reality.

If Reality is Real, then the sacraments in respect thereto, as given ideally, are nowise subject to correction. They are, rather, handed down from on high. There is then nothing we might do about them, or want to do about them, other than to admit them wholly to our lives. Do they want correction? That then is to be had only in their admission to our lives.

Not us, first, but the rite, and of course the obedience in it signified.

What the hell is a ritual for, after all, if in the last analysis it is just meaningless? If a ritual is meaningful, then it must just force us to its formal purposes. In what other way might we be interested to participate in it?

3 thoughts on “The Sacraments are Prior to Everything Else in Mundane Life

  1. To this we must add an important proof that marriage is a sacrament, namely that Paul says when he speaks of husband and wife he speaks a mystery concerning Christ and the church; and that marriage has been deformed by reversing the sacrament, for Christ’s parable shows the groom represents Himself and the bride the church, as also Paul says, and in Christ’s parable everyone is waiting for the groom to arrive and play music at his arrival; yet it has been reversed with everyone waiting for the bride to arrive and play music at her arrival, as if the Second Coming is the church to Christ rather than Christ to the church. And it is from this reversal of the sacrament that marriage has been destroyed and is naught but a divorce mill now.

    • Absolutely correct. By this same reversal has the church ruined herself for her bridegroom. By that same motion has she profaned herself; has she unchurched herself; By that same motion has she profaned herself; has she destroyed her own being insofar as that had been given to her from before all worlds.

      So then is the church these days weak, stupid, inapposite. She is not herself. She is another.

      But the church that is dying now is not the Church. The Church, properly so called, is immortal; for, she is the Body of the Lógos. That is why the Gates of Hell cannot prevail against her. So, no fear. Stay loyal and constant to the Lógos, and you are in the Church, that cannot fail.

  2. Sorry to mount this hobby horse again, but this is why I find myself at a loss at age 58. The sacraments and the liturgy are, I am told, real. They are in fact the world as it was always meant to be. So when my hierarchs told me no communion until the State says it’s OK, no kissing icons, each other, or the Cross until the State says it’s OK, and only so many people allowed in the nave by order of the State, I figured out that Christ’s vicars don’t run the church; the State does.

    I don’t worship the State, so I haven’t been back at church.


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