15 thoughts on “I Kid Thee Not

  1. To play the devils advocate, my understanding of those is that you can fit an N95 filter inside them? But yes–if you cannot insert an actual filter then it is a totally superfluous garment, and like all superfluous garments, is designed to broadcast status, or allegiance.

  2. “Not for medical use” HA ha.
    Should also say ” for ideological compliance purposes only” or “ moral superiority signaling only.”

    • I had not noticed that legend on the package. It says forthrightly, “this product is medically useless.” It has no epidemiological effect. It does no actual good. It has only social utility.

      So pathetic.

  3. I occasionally wear a mask for reasons that have nothing to do with broadcasting status or allegiance. Don’t judge me by your “political” standards when I do wear a mask or when I don’t.

    • Donna, believe me when I say I did not have you in mind when I posted this item. If you feel judged, you should therefore realize that the feeling is yours; is from you, and about you, and by you. It is your feeling of how you stand vis-a-vis reality.

      I myself wore a mask into the veterinarian’s office yesterday morning, because them’s the rules these days for medical facilities around where I live. As with you, my reasons had nothing to do with social signaling, nor had they anything to do with medicine, forsooth. Rather, they amounted only to going along to get along, and on up and over a hill not worth dying for. Just like the green grocer’s placard. He just wants to keep his shop open for the day, for the love of Pete.

      But we should none of us fool ourselves that the masks are only that.

      • It was Scoot’s comment that included ‘broadcasting status or allegiance’ and that’s the part that bugs me — assuming that every instance of wearing a mask, including you wearing one to go along to get along, is sending a “political” message. Of course, you didn’t have me in mind — we’ve never met. And yet, you still “judge” me by telling me that if I “feel judged” it’s just me not recognizing that the feeling is all mine — from me, and about me.

        Obviously, I should have included in my comment that my reasons also have nothing to do with anything medical, as you obviously concluded. Fortunately, I have never felt “judged” in person when I decide to wear a mask, so I don’t have a problem IRL, only on forums where the “broadcasting status or allegiance” is seemingly tied to making judgments about people wearing masks.

      • The problem, Donna, is that when I wear a mask to the vet’s office just to make life a bit easier for everyone involved (which act boils down at bottom to common courtesy), that *just is* a political statement. It is rendered such whether I intend it as such or not, in virtue of the mere fact that it is an accommodation to a nonsensical tyrannical rule, that is not, obviously, intended for the benefit of the public – our tyrants are not *that* stupid – but rather to humble and humiliate us. I.e., to subjugate us to their whims. Havel, Scruton, Orwell and Solzhenitsyn all pointed out in various ways that this is their true motivation. They don’t really care whether anyone wears the mask; this is why they don’t wear the masks themselves when they join together in what they take to be private gatherings. This year it is masks; next year it will be something else, equally pointless or incoherent.

        They are doing their best to humiliate us likewise these days with pronouns, with the supposed “fluidity” of sex, with the morality of pedophilia, with the mostly peaceful riots and the justified looting and arson, on and on. They want us to comply with these petty silly whims *precisely to signal our allegiance to them and their projects.* So when we do thus comply, it is an act of political import, willy nilly. Likewise also when we don’t.

        The Left has for decades had as their mantra that the personal is political; that, i.e., *everything* is political; especially religion. They’ve been working this angle since 1789.

        Again, I am no more judging you for active willing cooperation with this stuff when you wear a mask to the vet’s office than I judge myself when so doing. Nevertheless, if the shoe fits, it behooves us in all honesty to wear it. The fact that you felt personally judged by a blog comment – enough, indeed, to urge your comment of protest thereat – indicates to me that you *are* wearing the shoe that fits *and irks* you, so that you feel bad wearing it – and that fits and irks me, when I am tired of resisting the onslaught and just want to get back home with the dog in relative peace.

      • I’ve never donned the mask at the vet, and certainly do not intend to do so. By the same token, I also understand that things are different where I live vs. where Kristor, Donna, Scoot et al live. So, there ya go.

        It doesn’t bother me to tell y’all that the three (3) times I have in fact donned the mask in a public place were all in connection with the only cavity I’ve ever had in my 56 years of existence on this mortal coil of ours; and in each of those three cases, I kept it pulled away from my face so’s I wouldn’t be forced to breathe my own exhale. Which “act of defiance” on my part was visibly looked upon unfavorably by two or three other visitors to the dentist’s office on those days, but seeing as how no one with authority to throw me out of the joint seemed overly-bothered by it – at least not enough to do anything about it – I kept it that way the entire time I was in the waiting room waiting to be seen by the doc.

        One of my H.S. classmates and her husband own the local Drug Store. They shut their store down to common traffic when the first mandates came out, and initiated a “curb side” service for pick up. My former classmate in question dons the mask everywhere she goes. I saw her in the local hardware store a couple of months ago and she started a conversation with my wife & me from behind the mask. Not long after she began talking, I said to her, “excuse me, but do we know each other?; your voice sounds familiar but it’s hard to tell who you are behind that mask.” To which she pulled it down below her chin and retorted, “it’s me, Terry. Jerk!” Hahahaha! She knows it’s all bullshit! I’m glad, too, because I was beginning to wonder.

    • Judging people by “political” standards when they do or do not wear a mask has been our national modus operandi for two years and counting. No one is exempt.

  4. And since the beginning, masks sold on Amazon and elsewhere have had the same disclaimer.

    Look up the size of a coronavirus compared to the size of the weave and adhesion of the skin contact parts of all but proper hazmat masks. It truly is like using a chain-link fence to keep out mosquitoes.

    As others have said, masks were part of an elaborate (and successful) humiliation ritual.

  5. Donna,

    In fairness to superfluous garments, wearing or not wearing a necktie can also be a political statement. Neither you nor Kristor nor I have a political intention when we wear a mask, I am sure. I can speak for myself when I say that it is more to remain hidden than it is for safety. And that desire to remain hidden is the humiliation Kristor is referring to. The desire to remain hidden is a political desire, because it seeks to avoid political or ideological conflict which, like it or not, can be caused by our mask-wearing behavior.

    Not everyone who wears the mask is a political ideologue, and that is not the point of my comment. My point is that political ideologues use the mask to identify their enemies (They use other things too–see JMSmith’s recent article on how to pronounce the capital of Ukraine). Your intention does not politicize the masks, it is the political ideologues who politicize them and impose that politicization upon you. Nevertheless the Mask is easy and the burden is light, compliance is not a sin and does not amount to pinching incense to a false God. All who wish to can wear it in good conscience.

    All that wearing a mask tells a judgmental blog commenter like me is that for some reason or other you have decided that wearing the mask is the best thing to do, and it does not tell me whether you wear masks happily or not. Even if you are smiling in compliance and I am frowning in humiliation, no one can tell. We all look like the same, thanks to the mask.

  6. I’m so glad I’m a Millenniel and not a Zoomer or Gen Alpha. I’d have turned out totally socially backwards if I was denied seeing other peoples’ faces as a child. I don’t even know what to say about this up and coming generation except I’m glad 99.9% of them aren’t going to read this comment


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