The Blue Guards

Much has been made of this video of woke high school students “decolonizing” their school library.

In other words, throwing non-woke books in the trash.

Mao had his Red Guards, the Empire of Wokeness has its Blue Guards.


(A websearch reveals a number of actual police and paramilitary units named “Blue Guards.” Temporarily ignore them.)

7 thoughts on “The Blue Guards

  1. The kid who made the video says it was supposed to be satire. He was asked to throw out “out of date” books by the librarian and decided to make a joke of it. He actually rescued a few of the books himself.

    So, it’s not kids organizing this but an adult.

  2. Sad, all the same. Why not just put carts out by the doors with a sign that reads “free books.” Maybe, today, there would be no takers, and the librarians realized that.

    I often found treasures in the halls of the faculty offices — they were often populated with books from recently passed colleagues. Especially old Jesuits (you know — the good ones before the dark times). I still have a full set of Copleston’s History of Philosophy that I nabbed for free, their previous owner having gone to meet the Boss.


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