Schism and Slander

“Hear me plainly: The battle for the soul of America is not over.” 

President Joseph Biden, Speech at Morehouse College (January 11, 2022)

I daresay there may be no America when the battle for its soul is over.

“Civil wars strike deepest of all into the manners of a people.  They vitiate their politics; they corrupt their morals; they pervert even the natural taste and relish of equity and justice.  By teaching us to regard our fellow citizen in an hostile light, the whole body of our nation becomes less dear to us.”

Edmund Burke, A Letter on the Affairs of America (April 3, 1777)

As Edmund Burke says, civil war weakens and corrupts a nation.  It provides an excuse for slander, hatred and betrayal; it excites disgust in all it does not make furious; and it makes all furious before the end.

“Those who stormed this Capitol  . . . held a dagger at the throat of America and American democracy.”

President Joseph Biden, Speech in the Capitol (January 6, 2022)

If the January 6th protestors had an aim, which I doubt, they most decidedly failed to achieve that aim.  Those who have resolved to make that bungled day live in infamy do have an aim, sharp as a dagger, and in this they are unlikely to fail.

“Slander lives upon succession,
Forever housed where it gets possession.”

Shakespeare, Comedy of Errors (c. 1594)

When men succeed to power, and rule the nation as their possession, their slanders are taught as history, and those they slandered are mocked by the children in their schools.  Suppressed is the facts that the slanderers also held a dagger, and that the slandered also had a throat.  Suppression of this fact is easy because that throat the slandered have no more.

7 thoughts on “Schism and Slander

  1. Good “supremacy” line. Heh

    Biden is misattributing cause and effect. I was not a Jan 6 protestor and had no inclination to even consider it. But I think they could fairly say “We didn’t start the fire.” I was a college radical in the 70s – though not a very committed one, I admit. If you want to know who fed the separation from American ideals at every turn, from the church to the flag to marriage to teaching Western Civ – that would be us. I was there and I helped.

    • From a distance the protest looked farcical and quixotic, but I could sympathize with what I imagined was going through many of their heads. They were focused on the election, but I think that was really a symbol for a larger but vaguer sense of loss. It really isn’t their country anymore. You are quite right that the radical left had a dagger at the throat of America for a long time.


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