Diversity, Inclusion and Equity: a Quick Primer on the Latest False Religion and How to Correct it.

The latest mainstream false religion is based on a few fundamental principles. They support the entire thing.

In truth there is just one Fundamental Principle: Destruction. The current mainstream is devoted to Destruction. Consider, as just one of many examples, the wokeling’s slogan “Change the World.” Changing a thing, especially a society, destroys it. It is replaced with something different.

Bruce Charlton has said essentially the same thing, identifying the fundamental principle as Evil.

But Destruction and Evil have a bad public image. Subsidiary principles are needed for public consumption. The fundamental principles that get all the publicity right now are Equity, Inclusion and Diversity, in that logical order.

“Equity” really means “Equality,” which is the assumption (It can never be proved. Always an assumption.) that all humans are metaphysically equal. If so, all observable human Non-Equality is Injustice.

(Metaphysics is the collected doctrines of what reality really is. For the Woke, Reality is fundamentally Equal.)

“Non-Equality is Injustice” leads to the second fundamental principle: That we must counteract Injustice with Inclusion, which is the policy of trying to force all to be equal.

And Diversity is the Blessed State in which all are included and all are equal. It is the Blessed Hope of the wokelings. Full Diversity is never achieved in this life, but every increase in Diversity is for the wokeling an increase in holiness.

Strange to say, Diversity sounds like differentness but is desired because of sameness. Woke doctrine begins with Equality, which allegedly leads to the need for Diversity.  Sameness gives rise to the need for differentness. At least that’s what their words seem to mean.

In practice, these principles are neither identified clearly nor justified persuasively. In public, they are only presented as slogans and clichés. It falls to persons such as your humble scribe to speak clearly about them.

Also, in practice these principles are always implemented against specific groups. (It’s really about Destruction.) Non-Diversity means too many you-know-whos, and not enough of the other you-know-whos. But to be more specific is dangerous; it may draw the attention of the Great Eye. It is also unnecessary because everyone knows (at least intuitively) how these things work.


We may abbreviate these fundamental religious principles as EID. We know that EID is the spoken-out-loud ruling Religion because our leaders speak of it with reverence, respectable discourse is full of it (in more ways than one), respectable people must say Amen, and heretics are to be punished.


But as we are Christians, we know EID is false. Things are not equal. Inequality is usually not injustice. Justice does not consist in controlling the masses. Holiness is not Diversity.

Here are the corrected Fundamental Principles.

The fundamental metaphysical principle of the world is God, not equality. God causes the world to be what it is and He causes the things of the world to be what they are. Every individual thing in the world is what it is, and is not something else. Their type of equality is false doctrine.

Inclusion is the moral principle of the wokelings. But Inclusion destroys identity. If a thing is made to include everything else, it is no longer itself. It is nullified. Inclusion is destruction.

The true fundamental moral principle is Justice, which means giving to each thing what it is owed.

And Diversity is not Blessed. Holiness does not come from differentness, or whatever it is that their diversity means. Holiness results from you being in Christ (in God) through repentance and faith in Him. Nothing else brings holiness.

This holiness, this righteousness, is not just the latest fad. (Diversity is just the latest fad.) As Scripture testifies, the holiness that is entirely supplied by Jesus Christ saves you entirely from spiritual Destruction:

Every priest stands daily ministering and offering time after time the same sacrifices, which can never take away sins; but He [Jesus Christ], having offered one sacrifice for sins for all time, sat down at the right hand of God, waiting from that time onward until His enemies are made a footstool for His feet. For by one offering He has perfected for all time those who are sanctified.  [Hebrews 10:11 – – 14 NASB]

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ, just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we would be holy and blameless before Him… [Ephesians 1:3,4 NASB]

14 thoughts on “Diversity, Inclusion and Equity: a Quick Primer on the Latest False Religion and How to Correct it.

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  2. It has often been called “cultural” Marxism or Gramscism. The revolutionary spirit is far older than this, although Marx and Gramsci may very well have been possessed by it, and contributed somewhat to its contemporary character. But it is the old, unregenerate spirit of anti-Logos (or antichrist) working out its optimal strategems over this generation, which happens to be the children of a formerly Christian culture. As the devil always disguises himself as good, thus it is that René Girard called our left-totalitarianism a kind of “Ultrachristianity”, a traduction of Christian virtues and concern for victims, into a kind of enormous victimary machine – of “oppressors”.

    The Trojan Horse of this anti-Christian ideology in its current form, is “anti-discrimination”, or more specifically the Civil Rights legislation, passed in the US in 1964 and spread subsequently throughout only the West (i.e. the formerly Christian world, which also relevantly harbours over 90% of the world’s most noteworthy minority, the Jews).

    Initially regarded as a necessary amends to the discrete tragic history and circumstances of the blacks in the United States, other groups and factions immediately took anti-discrimination up as the central principle and built a “Second and Parallel Constitution” doctrine out of this (see Chris Caldwell’s fine book on the subject), by universalising the discrete claim to rights (or more aptly, to recompenses) of the descendants of former slaves, to include all “the (so-called) oppressed”, transforming the narrow equity claims for blacks into a cudgel against the institutions of the status quo, wielded by groups purporting to represent the interests of ignored, forgotten or shunned “groups” (as opposed to individuals, in whom only, should rights pertain in a liberal state) beginning with women, Jews, various types of sexual deviants, Native Americans, foreigners & Muslims, and finally, terrorists & criminals.

    In reality, this Diversity and Inclusion rigmarole is a half-consciously evolving means of engendering and imposing unanimity against a diabolised Other – the white patriarchal Christian father – as the slow preparation for a holocaust. It is a perfectly natural, pagan phenomenon.

    • Not arguing with you just adding to your excellent comment.

      “women, Jews, various types of sexual deviants, Native Americans, foreigners & Muslims, and finally, terrorists & criminals.”

      I.e. biological Marxism.

      Muslims are brown. Foreigners (the ones they care about – not Afrikaaners) are brown. Sexual deviants are a biological phenomena and the whole LGBTQABCDEFG…. thing is about biological sex. Etc.

      “against a diabolised Other – the white patriarchal Christian father”

      They hate non-Christian white men (and women who bear white male babies) too.

  3. Gotta say, being against change as such is pretty extreme! I always admire people willing to take their beliefs all the way, so I applaud your taking conservatism to its logical conclusion of absolute stasis.

      • No no, your first version was better: “Changing a thing, especially a society, destroys it.” Intent doesn’t matter. You are right, if something changes, its former version is no more, has been effectively destroyed. And so to take any action at all is effectively murder.

      • You have a point, a.morphous. But so does Professor Roebuck: there is creative destruction, and then there is merely destructive destruction. If you demolish a wall so as to make way for a better one, the old wall has indeed been destroyed, but only as a cost of the better wall – which (this is key) *renews* the old wall,* thereby preserving its intention. If you demolish a wall so as to demolish the wall and replace it with something altogether different, period full stop, why then the values present in the old wall are deleted from history thenceforth and altogether, rather than being replaced and renovated.

        The animus of the Left against all sorts of true excellence is of the latter sort; is a sort of merely, only destructive destruction. That’s just how levelling works, as a matter of logic: there is no way to level everyone up to the highest achieved denominator; but there is a way to level everyone down to the lowest achieved denominator. The latter is the way of the Left; it has been from the very beginning.

        How do I know this? My father in law saw the Communists take over Czechoslovakia, where he was born. He saw them pick out all the doctors, lawyers, professors, teachers, musicians and artists – and of course all the businessmen and merchants – saw them take all the best men of the town out to the edge of Prague and shoot them. He saw them take the dregs of Czech society – the criminals, the gangsters, the morons, the pimps, and so forth – and put them in positions of civil authority. This is all to say that he saw them intentionally ruin Czech society, and replace it with something evil, that – because, being evil, it was inherently weak, and could not stand for long on its own resources – they could control to their own likewise evil ends. The Soviets replaced the aristoi of Czech society with morons and sociopaths who were *even weaker than they were themselves.*

        This is all quite real and concrete. And it is now being replicated in America, as the morons are put in control of the governing institutions of society. The stuff that is now spewing from our propagandists is just … absurdly stupid. It is as if they have simply stopped caring whether their arguments might seem to fools to be cogent. Indeed, they seem to relish the absurdity of their notions, as warrants of their basic control over us, their subjects.

        I do not in this, NB, by any means intend to excuse the millions of deluded sleepy useful idiots who by nature and patrimony should be numbered among our aristoi, but who are now willing quisling apparatchiks of the Leftist Establishment. The best men are being systematically purged and replaced with the worst men – some of whom come from among the ranks of the best men of old. It’s just the way things work when you want to establish a thug society.

        The Left these days openly proclaim their intention to “fundamentally” reshape America. They want to destroy the old America, not so as to replace her with a new and better version of herself, but to eradicate her, completely, and replace her with something altogether different, that rejects the values and institutions of the old America and establishes something alien and antithetical thereto. It is fitting that the massive influx of aliens is one of their chief policy levers. Such irony is to be expected from tyrants who abjure meaning per se.

        This is really not that hard to grasp. Biden and Obama have both been quite straightforward about it, so there is not much point in your caviling about it in the rearguard. They have ripped off the mask that had served them so well since WWI. It is no longer needed. Such as we are to be deleted, sooner or later.

        We shall see you on the other side of the guillotine. It waits hungrily for your sort, too, my friend. Do not for an instant delude yourself. You are forever tainted, and damned, if only for your participation here. Sorry. That’s just how your side works.

      • Damn man but you are a drama queen. Look at you bravely facing a noble death at the guillotine from Joe Biden’s death squads. Last time around it was immigrants bent on anal rape.

        If these are real anxieties for you, and I don’t suppose you are making them up, then you should go see a good therapist and figure out where such crippling delusions are coming from.

        Of course I’m pretty politically anxious myself. I had 3/4 of my family murdered by Nazis, and to see fascism slowly gain strength in the US is quite disturbing. I have a pretty good idea of where the violence is going to come from next, and it’s not Joe Biden. But my reality (aka “reality”) is not the same as yours.

      • And (as I’ve already explained) my father in law saw his nation ruined first by Nazis, and then by Communists. He fought them both. My mother in law saw the Nazis ruin Austria. Other in-laws lost lots of family in the Holocaust. So I’ll see your familiar suffering at the hands of evil Socialist tyrants with that of my own. You are not special in that respect.

        My mother in law and father in law lost all their teeth to malnutrition when they were in their twenties.

        As always with the Left, you are projecting. The Right in America – both the Right Liberals of Conservatism, Inc., and a fortiori such reactionaries as we – have no interest in oppressing anyone. That’s a commie thing. It is the Left that these days publicly and proudly announces its intention to change America “fundamentally.” That agenda includes the deletion of 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, and for that matter of equal protection of the laws. Nobody to their Right wants to do any such thing. The most that the Right wants to do is to repair some of the fundamental damage to the West that has already taken place, and that has to a greater or lesser but always pervasive degree ruined this or that aspect of our culture.

        Your sort wants Revolution, even though your sort has control of all the commanding heights of the society. Ours wants rerevolution.

        I agree that your reality is “reality.” It is a fantasy. Political Correctness is not a right wing thing. It is a left wing thing. To think otherwise calls for a breathtaking degree either of insane delusion or of witlessness. Don’t you read the papers, for crying out loud? Don’t you read the propaganda of your own side?

  4. To me it seems to be bio-Marxism (or Leninism or Leftism or whatever you choose). Its focus is on biology. Race/ethnicity and sex (“gender”). The focus on sexual deviants is grouped with sex.

    It’s not classical Marxism and not cultural Marxism.

    It’s a revolution over unequal outcomes caused by biology.

  5. It is said that all movements end up as rackets, but DIE was a racket on the day it was born. Everybody in the racket has enormous and palpable conflicts of interest and its arguments are a tissue of special pleading, unprincipled exceptions and downright lies.

    One striking example is that DIE is for diversity but against inequality, when a world without inequality would be a world without diversity because everything (everyone) would be the exactly the same. This world would be maximally diverse if everything (everyone) was unequal in every possible respect.

    As I mentioned in another comment, every faculty applicant to this university must now submit a DIE statement and the first cut is made on the basis of these statements, before anyone looks at a vita. The Church of England didn’t have that kind of power over Oxford and Cambridge in the seventeenth century.

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