God is punishing us for what we did to Germany

In poetic justice, when we find a punishment fitting the crime with uncanny perfection, we are apt to sense the hand of Divine Providence. So it is with the ongoing destruction of America and her World War II allies. To be clear, while the evil of the Allies included physical atrocities–deliberate targeting of civilian populations, political terrorization, rape, and forced dislocation of defeated peoples–those things are, alas, unexceptional in human history. One could fairly point out that the Axis powers did things of this sort too. (I make no claim that because the Allies were flawed, the Axis were “the good guys”. “Good guys” and “bad guys” exist in comic books, not real history. But it is the moral corruption of the Allies, not that of the Axis, that has done the spiritual damage to the Allied countries.) I don’t judge the essence of a people’s character by what they will countenance when they think they’re in a life-and-death struggle. No, the distinctive evil of America and her allies is of a spiritual nature, and twofold.

First, what we did to Germany–ruthless ideological cleansing, teaching a whole people to hate themselves and renounce their culture and their ancestors. And, make no mistake, decades of Leftist indoctrination have achieved their success. While a country still exists called “Germany”, the German spirit, a spirit of romantic discomfort with modernity, is completely dead. The German spirit was an indispensable part of the European soul, a part that the West urgently needs now for its own survival but that it can no longer draw upon.

Second, what we did to ourselves. There is a real beauty in the ability to respect one’s enemy, but at least in the modern age of mass military mobilization, nasty propaganda demonizing the enemy has unfortunately been the norm. However, over half a century since World War II ended, we are still living inside our own war propaganda machine. We are still screaming about and making movies about fighting “Nazis”. We’re relishing our own hatred and refuse to let it go, and it is killing us. Now that there are no more real Nazis to fight, anti-“fascism” has turned, like an autoimmune disease, on its host. Young people form mobs and persecute dissenters from Leftism hoping to taste for a moment the sense of imperturbable righteousness their great-grandfathers must have felt as they incinerated the women and children of Dresden and Nagasaki.

We cannot let go of our cartoon picture of “good guys” fighting “bad guys”, and thus the habit of dehumanizing both foreign rivals and domestic opponents. You know the quip that whatever foreign leader the American government doesn’t like today is always “the next Hitler.” Both in domestic politics and foreign relations, we have lost the language of balancing contrasting legitimate interests. (“You wouldn’t appease Nazis, would you?”) And yet, bits of the truth, that some of the features of fascism and national socialism were unexceptional for their time, leak through. By the standards of Leftist cosmopolitanism, all Western countries and cultures are exclusionary (hence “fascist”) merely by their continued existence. Churchill and de Gaulle were, by 21st century standards, as much “Nazis” as Hitler. We are all fascists, and so we must spiritually murder ourselves the way we spiritually murdered Germany. We must renounce all bonds of piety, curse our ancestors and inherited culture, and ultimately welcome a replacement population so that we vanish entirely.

The ordinary patriotic American is caught in a trap. He can’t let go of his World War II propaganda, because defeating the Nazis is the only thing he’s still allowed to take pride in, but it is this very propaganda that forces him to give up pride in everything else about his country. Not that what the ordinary patriotic American thinks matters anyway; the WWII propaganda script has now cast him as the Nazi, so he must be ruthlessly suppressed, because everyone knows you should never appease Nazis.

There is an odd perfection to our doom, like the grim sense of necessity the audience feels in the best tragedies. Our decision to permanently solve the alleged problem of German militarism by destroying German patriotism and German insights into the deficiencies of the Enlightenment was evil, and by giving ourselves over to this evil we have locked ourselves into a process that will force us to impose upon ourselves the same fate we visited upon our defeated German foe.

36 thoughts on “God is punishing us for what we did to Germany

  1. Re: “First, what we did to Germany–ruthless ideological cleansing, teaching a whole people to hate themselves and renounce their culture and their ancestors. And, make no mistake, decades of Leftist indoctrination have achieved their success.”

    To paraphrase Tonto in “The Lone Ranger,” what’s with this “we” stuff? I certainly didn’t teach the Germans (or any of the other Europeans who hate themselves and their own civilization), nor did anyone I know. Most Americans are a forgiving lot. Many don’t even know much about the war, since even folks who were kids then are now in their eighties.

    The actual culprits deserving of blame are the Cultural Marxists, who have been – like termites – hollowing out the foundations of western civilization and Christianity for over a century now.
    The Cultural Marxists have been bad-enough, but the fact that the globalists adhere to their philosophy has made matters much worse.

    The Germans have actually done a god job in apologizing for the crimes of that era and atoning for them, much better than – to put a point on it – the Japanese, for example. But as far as that war receding into memory, and no longer being a part of present-day consciousness, we’ll have to wait until the last survivors of that war have faded away and passed from the scene.

    Modern Germans, it seems to me, want badly to go back to being Germans as they have been for the vast bulk of their history – but the globalists and Marxists won’t let them. Which begs the question: why not?

    • Japan is a great nation and a great people, and I am glad that they have maintained a small measure of dignity and self-respect. I would not wish Germany’s eternal groveling self-abasement before the Jews on my worst enemy.

    • I’m not at all qualified to presume any understanding of the Germans, past or present. But I recalled this passage in Eliot’s, Mill on the Floss (Book 3, ch. 7):

      “So deeply inherent is it in this life of ours that men have to suffer for each other’s sins, so inevitably diffusive is human suffering, that even justice makes its victims, and we can conceive no retribution that does not spread beyond its mark in pulsations of unmerited pain.”

  2. None of this overlaps with reality. Do you really think that Germans are ashamed of Beethoven, Franz Marc, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Lutheranism and the Reformation? Of Werner von Braun?
    You may have forgotten that the Nazis killed more Germans than anyone else did, but they have not.
    And the claim that each jumped up despot is “the next Hitler” – is all too often accurate. Hitler could have been squashed like a bug in the early 30s; Churchill’s history of WWII is particularly good at showing the many opportunities to painlessly deal with him that were squandered. Most of our current problems could have been removed painlessly if they hadn’t been allowed to fester!
    The refusal to see the world as good guys vs bad guys is particularly popular….with bad guys. The Left will not admit that they are based on envy and theft, so they must blur the lines. Meanwhile a patriot is a hero even if he is a patriot for a nation you are at war with. Veterans of the Africa Korps and the 8th Army regularly met for decades after the war ended, as long as they lived.
    German Romanticism OTOH may have been in response to the failures of the French Enlightenment, but did not provide answers to those flaws. For that, you want the Scottish Enlightenment.
    Or better yet, Christianity.

    • And the claim that each jumped up despot is “the next Hitler” – is all too often accurate.

      In my lifetime, every Republican president including Nixon is claimed to be “literally Hitler.” Also, Saddam Hussein was preparing to unleash Weapons of Mass Destruction against the hapless United States. Serbia was building the next Auschwitz. Manuel Noriega was flooding the streets with cocaine [holds up 10 lb. bag of flour–yes, that literally happened]. And on and on.

      I’m frankly tired of this manipulative s***. Now, the press and government just lie all the time. I spotted this in an article about Rachelle Mussolini winning a Rome council seat:

      “During World War II, Mussolini joined the Axis Powers alongside Adolf Hitler before he was deposed and executed by the Italian people in 1945. He is now considered one of the most tyrannical leaders in modern times.

      I don’t think your statement is accurate at all.

      • Stop listening to 14 year olds (which is the majority of US politics) and the local whining will die.
        Meanwhile: Have a look at what Mussolini did, and you’ll see why that statement in correct. He depopulated large slabs of Libya, gassed Ethiopia etc. Hussein deliberately thwarted efforts to ensure that he didn’t have WMD, the fool – he brought that on himself.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds this piece completely ahistorical.

      There was no serious effort at denazification of Germany apart from execution of a few of the very top Nazi officials and some obvious war criminals, and well-publicized trials that occurred decades after the war. German technicians and scientists were just too valuable to lock up at the time. With the war still raging in the Pacific there was no manpower and no stomach among the western Allies for the kind of occupation that would have been required to do it. (The Russian destruction in their zone is another matter.) German military police were used by the Allied command to provide order in their zone. The Germany navy was commandeered to clear the mines it had laid in the North Sea during the war. (The Russians complained about this being a subterfuge by the western Allies to keep the German navy in being). A German army in all but name to supplement American and British occupation forces was raised rapidly as tensions between the western Allies and the Russians increased, and as soon as the Cold War broke out complete German military forces were officially reconstituted because no defense of western Europe was possible without the full participation of what was then West Germany. In all of these cases the inclusion of Nazi party members and those who had been sympathetic to the Nazis was simply ignored or papered over.

      The long-standing popular distinctions among the ‘Totenkopf’ (Death’s Head) SS concentration camp guards/killing squads, ‘Allgemein’ (General) SS combat troops, and ‘Heer’ (Army) combat troops were a fiction. Troops regularly transferred between the two sections of the SS. When discussing his book ‘The Second World Wars’ Victor Davis Hanson has observed that the scope of the overall casualty figures from WWII are largely the result of German combat troops killing Eastern European and Russian civilians (along with Japanese troops killing Chinese civilians). The genocide in Eastern Europe and Russia was planned and carried out in conjunction with the invasion of the USSR by the whole Germany military in the same way Belgium was subdued in 1914 but on a massive scale. The regular German military was fully briefed on the actions planned by the SS and provided the logistical support (i.e. bullets, among other necessities) for them to carry out wholesale murder.

      The psychic toll this knowledge placed on the Germans, and their response to it, is of their own making. I see little evidence that it was imposed by the Allies. I think most of us are of an age to have been taught that the Nazis carried out the Holocaust with the participation of only a small fraction of the German people who were supposedly largely oblivious to what was happening, and my observations are that a similar narrative was used in Germany. It’s only been since the end of the Cold War that fiction has been overturned. There’s no way a society that truly understood the depth of German complicity in Nazi crimes and wanted to make them pay for it could have made a movie like “Schindler’s List” a hit, for example, as well as allowing Germany to be rebuilt into an economic powerhouse and de facto leader of Europe.

      As mentioned by a couple of other commenters, the persistence and even revival of Nazis, i.e. fascists, as villains in pop culture has a completely different antecedent from any attempt to punish or demonize Germany and German culture since WWII. It represents the adoption by the Left, from the early days of WWII, of the Stalinist labeling of all opponents of International Communism as fascists, eventually morphing the word and its synonym into all-purpose epitaphs for anyone opposing the broader Leftist/Progressive project. This has been a feature of Left-dominated and -allied institutions such as the media, academia, and even the Democrat party for decades. Evidence has been found of Democrat allusions to every Republican candidate for President being a fascist or Nazi-sympathizer going to back to Thomas E. Dewey while WWII still raged in Europe (yes, including Eisenhower), and continuing to the direct accusations of ‘Hitler reincarnated’ against George W. Bush and Donald Trump. This is a feature of their at least nominal opposition to the Leftist/Progressive project, not evidence of wide-spread American animus against Germany. When confronted with conflict between naming our actual enemies, making apologies for non-Western cultures, and opposing leadership exercised by non-Left-allied politicians, these institutions on the Left are simply defaulting to their all-purpose insult and opponent.

      If we are being punished by God for anything it’s the failure to vigorously oppose the advance of the anti-Christian and anti-Western Leftist/Progressive project, and this includes the destruction this project has visited on the German people during (it was the National Socialist Workers Party, after all) and after WWII.

      • Thanks Christopher for writing that – I’ve been watching in dismay as knowledge of WWII and its aftermath fades, and it was good to see the truth repeated for a change!

      • Your comment lends weight to the premise of this post, which is that the Second World War takes up far too much space in our moral imagination. It appears that you have never before commented at this website, your comment is actually longer than the post, and the argument sounds like one that you have made before. All of this seventy-five years after the Nuremburg trials, which occurred months, not “decades,” after the war.

        I don’t propose to bandy facts about what did and did not occur on the forested slopes of the Carpathians in 1943. I expect you could bury me in an avalanche of facts if I did. But facts about events that occurred seventy-five years ago are less relevant to this post than the fact that people like you think getting these facts right is so terribly important.

        In my youth I made a close study of the television program Hogan’s Heroes, and I therefore agree that Americans did not always depict Germans of the early 1940s as Satan’s spawn. Sometimes they depicted them as buffoons. The truly Manichean understanding of the War became popular only after 1980 or so, and that this Manichean understanding still goes strong we can see from 800 closely argued words from a rookie commenter.

        I believe the aim of this post was not to kick the hornets’ nest of Second World War history, but rather to observe, perspicuously in my opinion, that Second World War history is the prototype an ideological weapon that is now being used against the United States. I will call this ideological weapon Shame Gas and say that it acts, like natural shame, to destroy self-confidence. If there is justified natural shame, Shame Gas magnifies the effect and destroys self-confidence more completely.

        Speaking of Shame Gas, I got a whiff of it when I read your comment. Shut up and read Victor Davis Hanson, you naughty, wicked boys!

  3. This essay is excellent. Unlike you, many people nowadays believe that this is a model for military memory. The losers must be remembered as Satan’s spawn and their wickedness must never be forgotten. Consider what has happened to the memory of the Confederacy. This isn’t an American thing, though. The cry “Remember the Alamo” does not rouse us to demand reparations for the brutality of Santa Anna. It is an alien and unChristian spirit that has taught us to “never forget,” and that is very close to making deathless and self-righteous hatred part of the American creed.

    • “Never forgive, never forget”. I’ve heard that somewhere. (Comment posted from Rapid City’s Holocaust museum. j/k)

    • Thanks.

      The concern at Appomattox that the defeated be treated with respect is a real testament to the moral quality of the North at the time, just as the zeal for smashing Confederate memorials reveals the moral quality of our own time.

      • I believe the first part of your statement to be patently and demonstrably false, with all due respect, sir. I’m not saying there wasn’t a spirit of recociliation, of good will and of “malice toward none” in the north as manifest by general Grant at Appomattox, but it seems clear to me, considering the horror of reconstruction and its aftermath, the scapegoating of Mary Surratt and Captain Wirz, and the attempted scapegoating of many others including Jeff Davis and Matthew Fontaine Maury (one of America’s greatest benefactors of all time), etc., that the prevailing spirit in the north at the time was that of deep-seated hatred and of exacting vengeance towards their southern countrymen, man, woman, and child alike; a spirit which I believe you and others, including prof. Smith, have noted before re-ignites and raises its ugly head from time to time, as is the case at this very moment in time.

  4. Those who say God is punishing America for what America did to Nazi Germany will themselves be punished by God. Maybe America was wrong for the Treaty of Versailles, but that does not make Hitler a Saint. Germany should have known better for Germany was very intelligent and had no moral excuse for believing in Hitler who any intelligent intellectual person could know was a false prophet.

    • And what are those evil forces allowed to go so far unless God permits them?

      Even Stalin served as God’s instrument of vengeance upon the murderers and betrayer of the tsar and idolators:


      In history and in the Bible God unmistakably treats Nations collectively and rewards and punishes them accordingly. God spares those who believe in him.

      But the fine grained individual judgments are only at the great white throne.

    • Mr. Harrington:

      Where have you read that anyone here (especially Bonald, to whom your comments seem to be addressed) has said, or implied, that Hitler was a saint based on his reaction to the treaty of Versailles or any other Allied wrong done the German people during and in the aftermath of both World Wars for that matter? I took the time to search for Kristor’s series of posts concerning the topic of Improper Reduction for your benefit, sir; a series you should take time to read and study. Here is the link to one article in the series:


      I don’t personally presume to know whether or not God is punishing us for what we did to the German people; I have pointed out before that the prelude to our treatment of the Germans was the north’s treatment of the South during and after the WBTS. As general Sherman boasted on more than one occasion, he and his “Bummers” had left behind them and in their wake following his “March to the Sea” campaign, that most reliable of all generals to complete his work of desolation – namely, “general starvation.” What I am getting about is that our punishment very likely dates back farther than our self-righteous demonization and systematic erasure of the German people as a people. …

      • The Germans suffered a little from the Treaty of Versailles. It does not justify the millions of Jews, Russians, Poles, Romani (Gypsies), Serbians, and other peoples, who suffered from Hitler’s demons, and Hitler surely was demonic. There is no way God would ever punish America for standing up to the demonic Germany of Hitler, akin to the ancient demonic France-Germany of the the Franks, precursors of Napoleon and Hitler the Franks, the Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne (800-814), which was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire, but a demonic Satanic-Atheist Pagan kingdom of Filioque, Charlemagne’s heresy. That lives on in the demonic Filioque theology of Catholicism and of the Protestant Reformation.

      • And that went from perfectly reasonable to wingnut very quickly…
        for the audience, the flioque is a section in the western version of the Apostles Creed, saying that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Son as well as the Father.
        its relevance to this conversation is nil.
        “Meh” is a fair response.
        It does not from either the holy roman empire (which was not founded by Charlemagne) nor the Carolingian empire(which he did); in fact the oldest Protestant sects, such as the Moravians, don’t use it.
        The Orthodox church doesn’t use it because it has not been proven to their satisfaction (very reasonable on their part) but that doesn’t make it heresy. In fact, several Orthodox theologians have said that if the phrase was rephrased as “Proceeding from The Father and sent by the Son” they’d be fine with it.
        The only reason it is an issue at all is because it has to be translated into every language Christians use, so it needs to be very clear and simple to avoid an accidental misunderstanding turning up from a bad translation.

      • Your ignorance of the truth is almost total: You know not what you say, think, believe or do and are lost in the all-relevant Atheist Filioque of the Second Europe: See: Joseph P. Farrell, Ph.D., God, History, & Dialectic. Four Volumes. 2016. ;lulu.com See: Fr. Justin Popovich. (1994). Orthodox Faith and Life in Christ. Belmont, MA: Institute For Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies. Romanides, Fr. John Samuel. (1982). Franks, Romans, Feudalism, and Doctrine: An Interplay of Theology and Society. Brookline, MA: Holy Cross Orthodox Press. “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it”. George Santayana. Failing to blame Germany for World War I and World War II is ignorance, no matter how bad the Treaty of Versailles was, the Germans were still wrong.

    • The Judeo-Satanist “Orthodox” are filthy idol-worshipers. The demonic “Orthodox” Church collaborated with the Soviet Russians to murder many times more Germans, Poles, Hungarians, Kazakhs, Uzbeks and Ukrainians. And the demonic atheist-pagan United States allied with the Anti-Christ Stalin and firebombed and nuked women and children by the hundreds of thousands. But what would one expect from a barbaric Asiatic satanist-pagan race like the Russians with their heretical doctrine of the Divine Energies?

      This kind of good guy, bad guy historiography is pointless and boring. I don’t wish to offend the comment policy, but perhaps to show the commenter the absurdity of his comments.

  5. @Bonald – I don’t feel that our current and future travails will specifically be linked to it – but I agree that the cultural annihilation of the German spirit (and its inversion, as you say) was a terrible thing; since it was one of a handful of the greatest contributions to the world, ever.

    From a British perspective, the current focus against Germany in WWII is a feature of the past 45 years or so. When I was taught 20th century history in the middle 1970s (and watched documentaries on TV) there was a strong anti-USSR element, to the point that the regimes of Stalin and Hitler were regarded as indistinguishably evil. And the most viscerally hated Axis power was undoubtedly Japan, in a grassroots fashion, due to their dishonest battlefield tactics, systematic cruelty, and the terrible experiences of Japanese prisoners of war.

    By contrast there was considerable respect for the German military (who were, of course, the most effective of any nation), and the British prisoners of war were well-treated in general.

    I have learned several shocking things about WWII in the last few years (especially that the German invasion of the USSR was in fact pre-emptively defensive in motivation) – none more so than the Morgenthau plan to destroy German industry. This was actually implemented for several years – and would likely have led to death by starvation of about half the German civilian population. And the plan pushed by Stalin and endorsed by Roosevelt (vetoed by Churchill) to execute tens of thousands (fifty thousand was mentioned) of German Officers.

    It is all too late now for any rectification of the layers of lies and distortion about the 20th century; and both the Western intellectuals and the masses have lost conviction of the vital importance of truth; indeed have embraced systematic lies as a way of life. This – in itself – is sufficient to destroy global civilization – as the demonic powers know very well.

    But as of 2021 there here are So Many reasons why our civilization will collapse (and not just deserves but Needs to collapse – since we are the most strategically-evil society in world history, and are getting ever worse), and these go back at least several generations before WWI, that I cannot point at any one specific sin which would be the prime cause of this.

    • ‘learned’? The ‘pre-emptive’ claim about the Nazi attack of Russia has been repeatedly made and debunked over the years. You’d do better to be shocked by the resources that the Soviets were sending to the Nazis, resources that helped Hitler overrun the West. The Marxists were still sending stuff the day the Germans invaded.

  6. All the furor over der Führer just further cements his legacy.
    Cheating the hangman will cause this phenomenon.
    Hitler and Göring are laughing in Valhalla.

  7. “The Cultural Marxists have been bad-enough, but the fact that the globalists adhere to their philosophy has made matters much worse.”

    The mistake is thinking that they were any different in the 1st place. What we call cultural marxism is a tool used by the globalists to weaken us so that they can more easily conquer us. The saddest part is realizing that AH was fighting the same globalist forces that now are overwhelming us and that we were just tools to be used, fighting against our own interest in the long run. Bitter, bitter….but it’s not over ’til it’s over. The similarities between us now in the West and Weimar are unmistakeable.

  8. Regardless of the questions of the justice of the Axis or the Allies, I do not think anyone can reasonably deny that Bonald’s central point is correct. In waging the Second World War, the United States and United Kingdom set in motion a machine they did not know how to turn off and still do not with the result that it has now been turned against them. Contemporary leftists quite overtly view their struggle against any and all remnants of traditional conservatism and national identity as a continuation of the struggle against the Axis.

    Far from fading, it seems to me that the role of the Second World War in the public consciousness has only increased as it now becomes virtually the only triumph Westerners are allowed to be proud of anymore. And the wartime vitriol has not diminished either. Indeed, the consensus now appears to be that not only were all actions taken against Germany and Japan fully justified, including the terror bombing of civilians, but that neither were punished nearly harshly enough. And since the left sees their struggle against conservatives as a continuation of this war, in this attitude we can see the outline of what they wish for for us.

    • oh rubbish. Complaints against the west have always been more common than complaints about the Axis powers. Google ‘Burma Railroad’ vs ‘Bomb Hiroshima’ and see the difference in number of pages – my results gave 7 times as many pages on the bomb.

      • Criticizing the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is something that mostly older people do. I believe it is an artifact of Cold War anti-nuclear hysteria. It seems far more common to me to see younger people say things like “two bombs wasn’t enough!” And I can’t imagine how you seriously think Allied atrocities get more attention than Axis atrocities. Even to make an equivalence between them is taboo. Allied atrocities were isolated incidents you see, while Axis atrocities were systemic and so, much like “systemic racism”, even those who did personally participate in them are still somehow guilty.

  9. @zombie ant

    Re: “The mistake is thinking that they were any different in the 1st place. What we call cultural marxism is a tool used by the globalists to weaken us so that they can more easily conquer us. The saddest part is realizing that AH was fighting the same globalist forces”

    Oh please… don’t insult my intelligence. Hitler had nothing to do with globalism, and you know it. It is a common tactic of the deep-state to plant anti-Semite content – they love trying to tar websites like this one with comments which appear to speak favorably about Nazism and Hitler – so that the Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law Center and that lot can then all point fingers at traditional people and call them neo-Nazis & bigots. It is all so transparently manipulative that even a child can see it.

    The alternative is that you so misunderstand the Second World War that you actually believe that pathetic dime-store analysis you penned.

    Either way, you don’t come off too smart or too ethical for that matter. Maybe you’d better leave the debate to actual adults.

  10. The studies of Anthony C. Sutton and Deirdre Manifold certainly raise a lot of questions. The Day of Judgement is going to be one interesting day.

  11. I don’t see a necessary connection between what was done to the Germans and what they have become as a nation just as I don’t see an unrecoverable cause-and-effect mechanism connecting a poor upbringing and criminal behavior. That the Germans have drawn the wrong conclusions from their experience is on them, not us.

  12. WWI/II the (((weJ central banker crime families))) needed to protect their system which was at risk of being exposed by National Socialism; How do we do that thinks the weJ….

    Option 1, Tell the people we need to go to war to save (((central banking)))” …

    Will it work? Behhhh…..

    Option 2, Tell them we need to fight against a bully, a racist, anti Semite and a genocidal megalomaniac” ..


    Option 2 was chosen, and won because it attached race to money and nobody noticed!

    The rest is just weJ victory.

    The race issue is pivotal …. We have a weJ problem and yes anti weJ all the way.

    Watching sheep marching to “Town Halls” or “Parliament” without a remedy to (((their system))) is an amusement to the kabala. These rats only recognise the “Dockers Hook”!!!

    We cant rest until the money changers/well poisoners have been exposed and replaced with the Gottfried Feder economic system.

    # Peterquiggins (((Central Banking)))” or “Interest Free”


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