Pray for Lydia McGrew

Philosopher and Biblical scholar Lydia McGrew, our longstanding friend and dauntless shieldmate in the culture wars since the VFR days, has just revealed over at What’s Wrong With the World that since a week after her Pfizer covid vaccination in April, she has been afflicted with a devastating but mysterious – and, not yet diagnosed – malady that causes her daily intense and more or less constant pain. It has interfered with sleep, eating, work, sitting, walking: everything. It acts like inflammation of nerves, but that has not yet been ascertained. Since she began documenting her symptoms, Lydia has learned of many hundreds of other such cases. Perhaps thousands.

Before she got the shot, she was, so far as she knew, perfectly healthy.

Lydia is hanging in there, and she is one tough gal, but I have to say that this sounds pretty bad. Lydia wrote me last evening to ask for my prayers. I agreed, of course, and asked if I could post this appeal. She said yes.

Please join me, therefore, in an earnest prayer for the health of Lydia McGrew. Or several hundred of them.

If you do not know of Lydia’s terrific work for our side in the present war, it would do you good to check it out. You won’t be able to read it all. She’s far more prolific than all of us here put together, and she’s been at it for longer. But it’s all worth reading. With Lawrence Auster, Jim Kalb, Bruce Charlton, and Zippy Catholic, Lydia has from early days in my own career as an online apologist and culture warrior been an important and beneficent influence upon me, and if you read her stuff I think it will be the same for you. I’m going to tag this post as an Apologetical Weapon, because that’s what Lydia is.

May God bless and keep his faithful servant, Lydia McGrew. May he bring her into all knowledge, restore her to health, and give her peace and rest in him, if not yet, then soon, and at last, and forever. Amen, amen.

15 thoughts on “Pray for Lydia McGrew

  1. I saw someone recently claim that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a traditional dead/deactivated virus vaccine. Not an mRNA vaccine. I have not confirmed this.

    If you are forced to take a vaccine you might consider choosing this one. But do your own research.

    • No, it uses an adenovirus to deliver the instructions to the cells to produce the spike protein. But it’s not a traditional vaccine. It’s not just delivering a bit of dead virus and having your body produce antibodies to that dead virus. Pfizer & Moderna use mRNA technology to deliver this message. But both are delivering a message to the cells elsewhere in the body to make spike protein, which makes all of them quite new. There are really weird side effects to J & J cropping up as well.

      • Lydia, I don’t know if you are familiar with the FLCCC doctors and their website –

        They have protocols for all stages (and prevention) of Covid-19 and have found that their protocols for “Long Haul Covid-19 Syndrome” is also helpful for many people who are suffering as a result of taking a Covid ‘vaccine’..

        The link above will take you directly to the page for “Long Haul” protocols. It is quite a lot of information, and there are differing ‘steps’ of the protocols that need to be based on your own specific symptoms, so you may want to see if you can contact one of the medical professionals at the website just to be certain of the best way to proceed.

        I do hope this will help you – you’re in my prayers!

      • Thanks, Carol. I’m in a couple of support groups, and some are trying that protocol but so far no really clear successes, and some of the drugs don’t agree with people. I myself think it would be worth a trial of hydroxychloroquine, *not* for any reason directly related to Covid, but because plaquenil (hydroxy) is already routinely used for rheumatoid arthritis and some other autoimmune conditions, and it appears to have relatively few side effects. But getting someone to prescribe it without a definite diagnosis is a whole ‘nother story.

    • It might be of concern to some here that the J&J vaccine is manufactured using cell lines from aborted bodies, whereas the Pfizer and Moderna are not, but such cell lines have been used in testing for them.

      Best wishes for Mrs. McGrew’s recovery and thanks to her for writing here.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about this. I’ve been following Dr. McGrew at “What’s Wrong with the World” since before I was “Bonald”. I’ve always found her writing to be interesting and well thought-out. What I most appreciate is that she doesn’t sacrifice reason in order to appear “reasonable” to more mainstream friends. (This is probably behind much of the Gospel skepticism from Christian scholars that she criticizes–granting, for no better reason than in order to hew as closely as possible to scholarly consensus, that most of the New Testament is pure fabrication, but then implausibly insisting that a few theologically central claims should be regarded as reliable. I’m thankful that Lydia takes the time to critique this sort of thing.)

  3. I, too, am very sorry and upset to hear about this, Lydia. Your writing on certain subjects has helped me to ‘see the light’ that was otherwise darkness to me. You are definitely in my prayers, ma’am!

  4. I haven’t seen any posts on Lydia McGrew’s blogs for some time. Is her physical situation still very difficult? I very much miss her contributions. Gordon West


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