Perception: rewrite

“Perception: Intromission and Extramission” has turned into “Perception: I/Thou.” Thomas F. Bertonneau reminded me of a view that has had appeal to me in the past, that if we were to see properly we would see the world as beautiful. The unalienated stance is one of communion, rather than objectification. A tree, not a commodity. A friend, not a thing. Nature is relatively easy to see as beautiful, usually. Man-made items vary – and people should strive to make things as beautiful as possible so that it does not take a moral hero or mystic to appreciate them. Max Leyf has provided copious comments and quotations for my edification on this topic too. He agrees, I believe, with the idea promoted by Berdyaev that objectified reality is a falling away from originary, divine consciousness. Objective reality, in the sense of being objectified, is not God’s Creation. God’s Creation is a symbol of its divine origins and is thus permeated with the spirit of friendship, and thus love, not alienation.

My apologies to those who might prefer the previous version. I could provide it if requested. The critique of the intromission-only idea remains.

2 thoughts on “Perception: rewrite

  1. In re-reading your essay, I was reminded of Hegel’s remark on Kant’s epistemology in one of (many) fore-matters and prologues of The Phenomenology of the Spirit: If all we have are the phenomena, we might as well treat them as real.

    • All theory has its origins in mind. Consciousness is primary to epistemology. It preexists sense perception. Therefore, attempts to get “to the thing itself” and then attribute to it primary reality seem misguided.


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