The End of Normal

Confusingly, the Left seems to offer libertinism and the freedom to gratify desires of almost any description without compunction; drugs, random sex, prancing around naked, dressing up as cartoons in cosplay, you name it. However, if your desire is to be a normal family man or woman, then you are a target for the most puritanical and judgmental hatred. This has been going on for a long time. Feminists were encouraged by people like Simone de Beauvoir to regard wives who had children and cared for them themselves as despicable. People with the most far-out “identities” want to be regarded as normal and to be accepted. Some older old-fashioned homosexuals used to actually like the “transgressive” aspect of “forbidden love” and wanted nothing to do with normalization and gay marriage, by analogy with an accidental happenstance peek down a blouse versus the bare-it-all boredom of a bikini.

So, there is this strange desire for the mainstreaming of everything, and making everything normal, except the actually normal – the people who have been normal all along – who are now considered abnormal and unacceptable. The word “normal” is regarded as oppressive, while the aberrant aspire to be the new normal. There is still an ingroup and an outgroup; they have just switched places.

Supposedly, it is still acceptable to be a straight, white, male if this person relentlessly apologizes for his existence and bemoans his lack of diversity. It remains unnecessary for Jeff Bezos to step down and get himself replaced by a woman of color; so far at least. This is unfortunate if one happens to have sworn off identity-based self-hatred some decades ago. There is a rich irony in a white mother reposting an article criticizing the number of successful white prominent men, while one of her own white sons struggles in a pizza delivery job in his mid-twenties.

Others are expected to have “pride” in their sexual orientation, but not the heterosexual, despite the fact that, as Allan Bloom put it, the male and female “point” to the other. To a space alien, human anatomy and reproduction would not seem to make much sense until the opposite sex came into view.

4 thoughts on “The End of Normal

  1. Libertine puritanism can only be inconsistent although the word “inconsistent” isn’t adequately severe. Libertine puritanism, with its narcissistic pride, is the cultural equivalent of psychopathy. If it hasn’t already, libertine puritanism will murder without conscience.

  2. Well encapsulated. For me, it was a breakthrough of understanding to recognize that the ultimate evil was exactly this ‘value inversion’ – where good becomes evil and vice versa.

    It has now been achieved very fully in the area of sex and sexual identity – almost fully achieved in the case of officialdom, law, propaganda, advertising, education and the media – but inversion still has some way to go among the masses.

    By my understanding, value inversion is the worst form of sin, because it makes Hell a positive choice and leads to the rejection of Heaven – even if/ when it is known for sure that Heaven is real, it will be rejected – moralistically.

    Value inversion on such a scale and as an ideology is why these are By Far the worst of times in history in terms of sin. I think it probably also defines these as the End Times – since it is an ideology with no way back, a closed System which prevents learning from experience.

  3. Although we are told that we should “tolerate” this or that lifestyle, we have actually discarded tolerance in favor of equality. Tolerance properly means to permit something that you dislike and have the moral power to prevent. I think normal people should be reasonably tolerant of abnormal people, and not only because I’m a little abnormal myself. But everything changes when the abnormal are granted equality. I can see two aspects of this, although there may be more. First, equality exacerbates abnormality since there is no longer a fear of losing tolerance by “going too far.” Second, although the abnormal is officially equal to the normal, the abnormal minority is still a minority, and therefore held to a lower standard of decorum. The conflict between normal and abnormal comes to resemble the conflict between police and rioters. The abnormal/rioters can spit on the police, or bombard them with frozen water bottles, and the normal/police is expected to respect their rights.


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