Recipe for Destroying the Planet

Create an elite class of cosmopolitan technocrats with no allegiance to any country or city; equally happy to live in Paris, London, New York, Tokyo. Do this through enormous international corporations, with the same qualities, and selecting candidates needed to perform corporate functions. This will work better if all sentimental attachments to family, home, city, and country are jettisoned and demonized as parochial nationalism promoted by benighted Neanderthals living in flyover country. This creates Globalism – a mixture of economic interdependence, watered down deracinated Western culture, promoting cosmopolitanism, “tolerance,” and the attempt to make any odd subculture feel “accepted” and normalized, while at the same time trying to dismantle any idea of normalcy.

Then, once this universalist Western point of view is entrenched, helped by the EU downplaying national differences in a collectivist direction, flip the time bomb that declares that Western Civilization is the evil product of white men and must be dismantled. The countries parasitized by Globalism then self-destruct under seething waves of self-hatred. Make sure that any forces promoting order are vilified and delegitimatized in case resistance is encountered. The police, the courts, schools, colleges, news media, intelligence agencies, and even the army, must be employed to keep up the self-hating agenda. Prepare the way by decades of propaganda and “education.” Any college department not already exclusively devoted to cultural hatred in the form of (grievance) “studies” departments are, must be converted and compelled to participate.

The American experiment has failed and is taking the rest of the civilized world with it. But, on the bright side…

15 thoughts on “Recipe for Destroying the Planet

  1. Higher education has gone to Hell, small businesses have been wrecked, but we have soccer! (go, team!)

    • One of the obvious reasons for the priest shortage in the RCC is the requirements related to higher education. Its also the reason why all churches in general bowed to the birdemic. You have all these phds ru(i)nning them all.

  2. The globalists will recreate the societies that exist pre-capitalism. As the economies collapse along with science, culture, and cohesion of institutions barbarism will emerge. All those academics will wind up being use in barn fires like penguins. All the corporatists will be used for target practice. Nothing ever changes.

  3. This is a nice summary. I remember when I first heard the phrase “blood and soil.” It was of course spoken with maximal loathing, and in German to make it scarier. It was one of the early tip-offs that I was a misfit in the postmodern world, since blood and soil did not sound demonic to me. It was obvious to me that once can overvalue blood and soil, but that to place their value at less than zero is perverse. It is an open question whether the title of “rootless cosmopolitan” could be applied to any particular person or people, but it was obvious to me that rootless cosmopolitans are bad news. I like certain parts of Stoicism, but cosmopolitanism repels me. When a man tells me he is a philosophic cosmopolitan, I take it to mean he is a crook.

    I was talking to a local rancher last Saturday and the conversation somehow came round to a point where I mentioned that a woman I know on the staff of the university was being persecuted for refusing to declare her pronouns. It took some explaining before the rancher could understand what my words meant, and it would have taken a lot more explaining before he understood how it came to this. These faddish academic doctrines make people angry at first, but when they find they cannot fight back, the doctrines just make them baffled, sad and more or less afraid. .

    • Tom and I used to describe goings on at the college to a drinking friend but had to spend twice the time persuading him that we were not exaggerating.

    • Pretty sure Prof. Cocks and I once had a short conversation between us, concerning why he thought the phrase “blood and soil patriotism” uncomfortable, or weird, or whatever. In point of fact, I’m not just “pretty sure” we had this conversation, but actually *very sure* of it; I recall that I wrote about it shortly thereafter at my kids’ private blog, citing none other than you, Prof. Smith, as an academic, nonetheless able to see my side of the matter.

      Incidentally, and almost totally off topic, my wife and I, our 24 year-old daughter and her husband, ventured fairly close to your neck of the woods a couple of weekends back, Prof. Smith, doing one of the things you seem to love to do as welll – visiting old cemeteries and old graves and grave markers. In our particular case, the gravesites and grave markers of our Morris ancestors. Our daughter and SiL caught the spirit of what we were up to early on in the venture, and would have ventured farther south (closer to your area) had I not put the kibosh on their (youthful) enthusiasm. I’m too old and tired to come ‘dragging in’ at 2:00 am, as opposed to the more comfortable alternative. But of course also understand their youth and inspiration for having a ‘flair’ for the former. I had already planned the trip out, and knew aforehand that, barring some unexpected delay, we’d arrive back home between 8:00 and 9:00 pm. Which we did. Around 8:30, matter of fact.

      Our next trip “down south” (within the next couple weeks) will be more direct. We’re going to visit Tye, Taylor County, and a couple of cemeteries there where some of my forbears are interred. We might “hit” one or two on the way back home, but not more than a couple, if that.

      I did want to make the point in all of this that the phrase “cancel culture” affects us all, one way or the other. In my family lineage, there are not just the Alabamians, but the Mississipians, the Georgians, the Virginians et al as well. To understand what “cancel culture” does to your ancestry, consider the case of Mississipian, my 3rd great grandfather on my father’s side, Mr. Joseph Jackson Pruitt. Try to find him (or his wife) on Find a Grave, and what you’ll get for your efforts is a message stating that “this memorial has been deleted.” The problem with all of this, whether you’re ‘sympathetic’ or not, is that of course there is nowhere to stop with it; no ‘end in sight.’ First it is the ‘blood and soil’ slave-holding Confederates that have to be eliminated, then it is anyone and everyone who fought on the side of the Confederacy (slave-holder or not); then it is their children and grandchildren; then it is you and me, their distant relatives – Cancelled!…

      • T. Morris,

        I grew up around Fredericksburg, Virginia and once lived a short walk away from the Confederate Cemetery there. Someone once described the cemetery as the Confederate equivalent to Arlington National Cemetery–if you look up the Federicksburg cemetery you’d be humbled by the comparison–it certainly can’t be argued that we give these Confederate dead any favoritism. Because it was Confederate it was entirely funded through donations, and occasionally there would be dust-ups about it’s presence or whether or not the City should offer any veneration for the dead interred there. It always filled me with a kind of desperation when the Confederate cemetery was attacked: The dead cannot speak for themselves, for one; for two, the dead actually fought there and many of them with actual heroism. Can we not offer respect to Napoleon, Rommel, Stonewall Jackson, as excellent examples of generals, while offering no comment on their ideologies?

        Someone once described Tradition as the voice of the dead in contemporaneous arguments. They have their say, when we wonder what options we have. Ignoring tradition is to ignore the wisdom of those who went before us. Cancel culture seeks to eliminate all wisdom that doesn’t exist today.

        Confederate Cemeteries have become a hot topic in the Virginia gubernatorial race, so I can only imagine the atrocities our leaders are preparing to commit against our honored dead. I have come to acknowledge my utter powerlessness to do anything about the atrocities, but you are right that such atrocities affects all of us. The only recourse is to remember, to my mind. If you remember the lessons of History, and they forget, then they have given those who remember and honor tradition the advantage. To say nothing of the fact that God as the author of all things has a firm grasp on the situation and will leverage us to effectuate His will when He needs us. One man and God is a majority 🙂

      • One might think that victors would be satisfied with victory, but these victors are barbarians who demand vengeance as well. They used to sing that they would “hang Jeff Davis from a sour apple tree,” but Americans of 1865 understood that you do not hang your enemies after they surrender. It would be barbaric to do so. Eighty years later Americans were barbaric and have since become more so.

    • Whenever I am asked to declare my preferred pronouns, I’m tempted to respond facetiously “his excellency.” I’m beginning to see this nonsense about preferred pronouns on many (most?) e-mail signatures. Am I supposed to keep a mental catalogue of such “preferences”? Perhaps a rolodex file? We are to assume, of course, that these “preferences” only extend to third-person pronouns, and that most people will continue to “prefer” I/me/my for first-person singular and you/your for second-person, but who knows? Perhaps those, too, will be found problematic and alternatives will be “preferred.” (Apologies for the multiple scare quotes.)

      • That’s one thing I won’t be doing. People will just have to guess. And I’m guessing they will get it right 100% of the time.

  4. I am very hopeful and encouraged by the situation. The Leftists are on the back foot as never before, identified and grouped together by institution. A vast sum of populations exceeding hundreds of millions reject their ideas (such as they are) and actively work against them, succeeding very, very often. The future is MAGA and it is Christian. Only the Christians have martyrs and only Christians have heaven. Remember: the Left has nothing but today and material existence and that is a paltry little.

    • The Left many be on its back foot, but that foot is wearing a boot and stomping on my face. Maybe not forever, but it seems that way.

      • Yes, I understand the feeling and more pronounced for you if you’re within one of those dying institutions. It is my opinion, has been for a decade or more now, that the buildings of those institutions will be as vacant and decrepit in less than a generation as the Rust Belt factories in the 1980s. But new and better ones will grow, are in small numbers already seeded. If these can last, and grit and fight and perseverance will be required to keep them flying, we may have something yet that will enable is to pass down what we know is with conserving for future generations.


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