Nuts to the Natives

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

St. Ambrose, advising St. Augustine to conform to the Roman custom of Saturday fasts (Anno Domini 390)

“When in Rome, do as you like and call the Romans xenophobes.”

St. Bilious, advising St. Fractious to complain about Roman customs when in Rome (Anno Diabolus 2021)

This contrast occurred to me as I read this trenchant line from William Wildblood:

The absurd error, so absurd it’s hard to believe it wasn’t deliberate, of multi-culturism in which incoming groups are given the same right to their own identity as the native population.

It is ironic that liberals used to sound like St. Ambrose when he advised St. Augustine and his mother Monica to observe the Roman custom of Saturday fasts when they were in Rome.  Here, for instance, are two liberals condemning American diplomats for  refusing to respect the cultures of the nations in which they were posted.  In their bestselling political novel The Ugly American (1958), Eugene Burdick and William Lederer said this about American diplomats in southeast Asia.

“They associate as much as possible with each other and antagonize the native population by their arrogance, condescension and refusal to take any interest in the customs and culture of their hosts.”

Today’s liberals sound more like St. Bilious advising St. Fractious to complain that Rome is full of Romans.  If The Ugly American were written today, I expect it would condemn Americans for being “ugly” in America.  At the same time, it would give Wildblood’s “incoming groups” this multicultural advice:

“Associate as much as possible with each other and antagonize the native population by your arrogance, condescension and refusal to take any interest in the customs and culture of your hosts.”

9 thoughts on “Nuts to the Natives

  1. The combination of malice and stupidity under which we live has got to be unprecedented historically. Stalinism didn’t include a “trans” agenda.

    • Sometimes I feel the necessity of reverting back to The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity to get my bearings right on all that currently befalls us like the “perfect storm.” There are the “ultra-stupid” people in the study who are, as it turns out, way worse than the persons who are stupid with malice aforethought as their motive. Bottom line of the study – you can’t give stupid people political power; to do so is, well, criminally insane. Which of course begs the question – which of us, or who among us, is smart enough (or powerful enough) to determine who among us gets political rights? The age-old question is, “can societies of men form good government by reflection and choice, or, must we always be relegated to coming together under brute force?” I’m inclined to doff my hat to the latter – we’re too stupid and incorrigible to form good government according to anything that resembles good sense, or at least to maintain it when so-formed. I’d as soon take my chances with an autocrat – even an Hitlerian one. Remember that meme from a few years back that depicted Stalin (totally beside himself) as opposed to Hitler (laughing in his face)? America is a third-world Yankee-run sh*thole, and now’s the as good a time as any to come to grips with that reality.

      • A “republic” with 330 million “citizens” is a contradiction in terms. An agglomeration of 330 million can probably only be governed by a dictatorship. But the wrong dictatorship has taken power and speeds maniacally to its nihilistic goals.

      • Which is why it is imperitive (and probably inevitable in any case) that we bust up into smaller, self-governing units. The term “Balkanization” comes to mind, without, of course, all the negative predispositions attached to it. I for one don’t particularly care if the Yankees form their own “Republican union” amongst themselves; to include whatever (Northeastern) states you like in the mix. Why would I care how they organized themselves. They all seem to think more or less alike, which, it seems to me, is the essence of statehood and politics. The problem is, of course, that they see it that way for themselves, but an altogether different way for their sister-states to their south and southwest. I figure the country will implode, and in fairly short order, mainly because the Yankees don’t (and can’t, for that matter) understand the concept of “live and let live.” We understand it very well here in the Southland, always have. But we’re not in charge, so there ya go.

      • It seems that “Balkanization” and “multiculturalism” are the two sides of the same globalist coin?

      • I would say balkanization is what follows the inevitable failure of multiculturalism.

  2. I have been brooding lately on the equivocal meaning of the slogan “our democracy.” To use another slogan, the word our is very often used in a way that is the very opposite of “inclusive.” But, as you say, popular government in a society this large is necessarily a charade.

    • Dear JM: I agree with your judgment of the phrase “our democracy.” As I liked to point out to students and colleagues when I was teaching, the word “democracy” occurs nowhere in the Constitution. Indeed, the Constitution is an anti-democratic formula for governance. But even Tucker Carlson uses the word “democracy.”

  3. Most of the time the words democratic and democracy just mean “the way we do things in the USA,” but there are also insidious demands to make things “more democratic.” I noticed the same things about TC. He has to use words in ways that his audience understands, but we really do need at least one talking head who will consistently say that democracy is a bad form of government.


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