Hail! I Say, Hail! to the Chief

President Biden’s Inaugural Address placed considerable emphasis on the need for national unity.  This of course means universal obedience and submission to the doctrines and dictates of the Biden administration.  Unity cannot be willed.  It either exists in fact or is simulated out of fear.  We may be able to create propitious conditions for unity by renouncing vilification of those with whom we disagree, but President Biden’s declaration of war on the bogey of “white supremacy” suggests that this is not on the menu.

The sociologist Durkheim said that unity comes in two modes.  He used the word “solidarity,” but this meant the same thing as unity.  You can have “mechanical solidarity,” which is a unity of sentiment, or “organic solidarity,” which is a unity of interests.  A high-school pep rally builds mechanical solidarity by persuading five hundred chanting teenagers that there is something really special about being a Fighting Bulldog from Thurgood Marshall High School.  A meeting of Mafiosi builds “organic solidarity” by persuading twenty-five greaseballs that strict omertá means none of them gets the chair.

Durkheim maintained that mechanical solidarity was primitive and organic solidarity was the coming thing.  Applied to national unity, this meant that nations would look less and less like churches, and more and more like corporations.  In fact, the nation state would eventually become what the political theorist Phillip Bobbitt calls a “market state” in which the social ties are purely transactional.  The nation works together as a team in global economic competition, but this team is like a professional football team of athletic mercenaries, and not like the spirited Fighting Bulldogs from Thurgood Marshall High School.

In other words, organic national unity pays but it has no heart.

Durkheim’s dualism of mechanical and organic solidarity is built on the older concepts of Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft, typically translated as community and society.  Gemeinschaft is a human community unified by matters of the heart.  Its members have a common culture, a common religion, common memories, and common ancestors.  And as a consequence they feel that they are one people.  Gesellschaft is a human community unified by rational efficiency and enlightened self-interest.  Every Gesellschaft is just like a professional football team.  You play for the best outfit that will have you, and you never forget that sentimentality is bad for your career.

The problem for President Biden’s program of national unity is that the U.S.A. has no Gemeinschaft—no community of the heart—and Gesellschaft only works for the “organs” that benefit from the organization.  Saying “we are all Americans” does not make it true, even if your voice cracks and you do that crinkly I’m-not-being-a-phony thing with your eyes when you say it.  Being multicultural means having no community of the heart.  In fact, as we all know, it means relentlessly reviling, destroying and mocking the symbols of the old community of the heart, along with all the vile “white supremacists” who still feel a lingering affection for them.

That is, after all, what “white supremacy” and “whiteness” now mean.  They mean lingering affection for the Old America.  Lingering, not kindling.

When I say that Gesellschaft only works for the “organs” that benefit from the organization, I mean organic solidarity stops when the paychecks stop.  There are no patriots in a market state because loyalty is reciprocal and the market state has no loyalty.  A market state naturally destroys loyalty because loyalty is inefficient.  Everyone in a market state is a mercenary, and mercenaries only fight when they are paid.

Gemeinschaft unity takes time, a lot of time.  It is like the stew you make in a crockpot, not like the popcorn you make in a microwave.  Our perfidious elite dumped out the crockpot and destroyed Gemeinschaft unity when they made the U.S.A. into a post-Christian, multicultural, majority minority country that is ridden with historical guilt.  Gesellschaft unity takes money, a lot of money.  And our perfidious elite has decided to keep most of the money for themselves.  Oh, they will give a little to President Biden to say “we are all Americans” with a crack in his voice and that crinkly I’m-not-being-a-phony thing in his eyes.

Unity cannot be willed.  It either exists in fact or is simulated out of fear.  Since it cannot exist for us in fact, and the President and his paymasters require that we show it, we will have to simulate unity out of fear.

Hail! I Say, Hail! to the Chief.

18 thoughts on “Hail! I Say, Hail! to the Chief

  1. I think you may have confused organic solidarity and mechanical solidarity in a few places as a pure typological matter. Unfortunately, it does make your point slightly harder to suss out.

    However, I think I broadly agree, but I want to add one point. The suppression of organic solidarity is, at best, an extremely unstable equilibrium. Its destruction in the large scale tends toward it fractional replacement among smaller or less predictable groups. This is called ‘radicalization’ in the modern technical lingo of the globalist coalition, in an ironic reversal of natural language.

    This can be avoided, like the collapse of all unstable equilibria, by a large continuous expenditure of effort, but I trust all readers here understand that this makes its replacement by mechanical solidarity a poor basis for the State in the long-term.

    You see the same thing happen in armies, by the by. The process of professionalization, much upheld as the pinnacle of military refinement, involves the strict deracination and implantation of synthetic identity in the troops. This is enormously expensive both to perform and maintain, which is one reason why professional armies have significantly larger percentages of officers. The negative image of this is also why we consistently under-rate the morale and performance of forces based upon more organic principles.

    • Thanks for the heads up. I’ve fixed it. Durkheim’s terminology seems counterintuitive because I first learned the word “organic” in the 1960s hippy-dippy sense. I now understand it to mean organized, but I can’t altogether eradicate the old hippy definition. Phillip Bobbitt agrees with your point about the cost of organic solidarity. He says we do not really want a society with “professional” (i.e. mercenary) soldiers, police, firemen, teachers, etc.

  2. @JMS – I agree with your main point, but I think that to focus on the state in ‘economic’ terms is obsolete – the key word now is surely bureaucracy rather than markets. The economy is only a kind of ‘deniable’ way of extracting and distributing resources.

    The biggest tech ‘industries’ nowadays, function as money laundering institutions – with massive ‘invisible’ injections of funding from selective tax breaks, subsidies, manufactured/ guaranteed ‘markets’ and so forth. Behind it all is a global bureaucracy.

    * General comment directed at Orthosphere authors.

    Where are you in such times as these? Christian blogging has been needed in recent months like never before – yet the Orthosphere failed to rise to the challenge, and has indeed been sparser then ever!

    Christian churches are (all but) closed, sacraments are degraded or absent. Satan is riding high and proud. These are the greatest and most catastrophic times for a serious Christian in hundreds of years – maybe ever…

    JSM cannot carry the whole blog – but where are the rest of you? If you are crushed by despair – then you genuinely have my sympathy – but despair is a sin and ought not to be un-repented; and – while it is still possible – posting *something* would be a lot better than silence.

    There is a real hunger for this at present – and there has never been less provision (many other Christian blogs have gone quiet of closed altogether – Vox Day being a shining exception and example).

    (Note: if you are not careful, I may start posting at the Orthosphere again! ‘Nuff said. And if That prospect doesn’t stimulate productivity, nothing will…)

    • I struggle over the name I should use to denote the Leviathan. There’s much to be said for Leviathan, but I fear apocalyptic symbols may repel readers who have yet to cross the river and see things our way. I’d welcome your return to the Orthosphere. My ability to post is cruelly cramped right now, since I must convert all my Spring semester lectures into videos that will grip the attention of disaffected and lockdown-weary students. It’s an engrossing challenge, but it devours my time like a hungry wolf.

      • “I think its every man for himself. Leadership is nowadays a slogan, not a personal quality.”

        Yes. I think institutional breakdown is complete. The bureaucracies that fought world wars and put men on the moon, the universities, the media, the arts, and now business, the military, and much to my shock, the Church. None of them are ours. Everyone of them have either been captured or subjugated by the globalist, atheist State.

      • Also a trade off between doing justice to our familiars and colleagues, students and clients in real life, and doing justice to our online interlocutors. In my business, December and January are always horribly busy with end of year/beginning of year stuff. Things lighten up again in the middle of February.

      • No complaints from this guy on the bottom of the Orthosphere food chain.

        I’m grateful for being able to read whatever writings you’ve freely given of your time to post, and can’t imagine what obligation would require you to do more than you’ve done. Especially if, as Kristor notes, immediate and real life obligations are keeping you from doing so.

      • I imagine it’s genuine to some. It’s tiresome having one more piece of cultural degradation amongst an already present carnival of degradation of which I must feign inspiration. Or get fired.

  3. You and others asked me to write back, in response to my previous comment in the January 16th post “Two Apposite Apothegms”, so here I am.

    As far as being a “subversive” or “redpilling people”, that’s not what I’m really interested in as far as joining a church. Take all the talking heads on TV who go on about “schools need to teach critical thinking skills!” and such. Critical thinking can’t be taught, and if you haven’t been “redpilled” by this point, you’re either (1) not paying attention, (2) incapable of critical thinking yourself, (3) a case-in-point of the Dunning-Kruger Effect, (4) hardcore brainwashed by some ideology or “-ism”, and/or (5) very susceptible to group-think / mob mentality / propaganda.

    Even amongst the “alt-right” or “dissident right”, most of them aren’t really “smart” in any practical sense. Spending all day reading about race & crime statistics, or female psychology in-terms of dating practices and such from the confines of your mom’s basement doesn’t really translate into the IRL lived-experience of knowing what makes people tick, or being successful in life. Even if they’re “more right” (or “less wrong”) than other political blocs, they’re not right enough to really “get it”, or express their ideas in a way that doesn’t make other people hate them. If nothing else, they lack empathy.

    If everyone in society were really was such “strong empowered individuals who don’t need no group-think” (a play on the feminist “don’t need no man…”) sorts you find in alt-right online circles, that society would instantly collapse due to a lack of group-cohesion and be conquered by a society of more conformist people.

    So don’t worry, I’m not interested in being a Nietzchian Zarathustra-type figure who preaches to the masses, or really anyone who isn’t a close friend or family member. Most people I encounter take me for a generic social conservative, and I’m fairly good at gauging how open & honest I should be with people. Even the girls I’ve gone out with, I don’t bother to explain to them anything that isn’t practical or relatable to whatever the subject-at-hand is. Really, I’d consider it a kind of de-facto misogyny to burden them with all the stuff I’m aware of. The sorts of conversations I have with close friends aren’t the same sort I have with normal people.

    My views towards doctrine and revelation are basically a synchronism between the Indo-Aryan (European “pagan”, Hindu, etc) notions of the Kali Yuga or Ragnarok, and the Revelation Of John. Take for instance these verses from the NT:

    > “And the fourth angel poured out his bowl upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire… And the fifth angel poured out his bowl upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain”

    Sounds a lot like a repeat of the Carrington Event (massive solar flare) in 1859 that destroyed all those telegraph lines— except in today’s world it would be catastrophic, as all of the electronics we depend on to support modern agriculture and transportation of food, which is the only reason the Earth can support 8 billion people, far past any semblance of its natural carrying capacity, would be instantly fried, and lead to the deaths of starvation by at least 99% of the populace in very short order.

    My actual views, much as it may shock or horrify you, are basically in-line with the spirituality of Thelema, as taught by Sir Aleister Crowley and illustrated in the text Liber AL. Just as Jesus (A.K.A., Rabbi Yeshua Bar Yosef) was the “anti-Moses”, Crowley was the “anti-Christ”. Not in the sense of abolishing the old law, or scorning Jesus, as the modern-day Rabbinical Jews (as opposed to the Karate Jews or Samaritans) do in their Talmud, which is filled with all sorts of hateful rhetoric (“boiling in excrament”) towards him, but recognizing Christianity’s contribute to Western Civilization and building upon it. Just as the Christianity, as practiced by the Catholic or Orthodox churches today, builds upon the various “pagan” philosophies (e.g., Stoicism) and holidays (e.g., Yule-tide / Christmas-tide) of antiquity.

    This is similar to the relation between the Vedas (the oldest Hindu texts) and the Tantras (the “new” ones). Tantra literally means “extension”, I.E., to extend the commandments of the Vedas in a way that makes more sense in a more modern society or context. His directive to “do what thou wilt” and follow our “True Will” is a commandment, for those strong enough or capable of it (which most people aren’t), to look at ourselves very carefully, figure out what God has put us here on Earth to do, and cut out anything in life that takes away from that “will to power”. The commandment to “do what thou wilt” must always be underscored by the equally-important line “the law of the strong, this is our law, and the joy of the world”.

    For instance, a true Thelemite would never turn to habitual drug use in lieu of genuine happiness, pornography in lieu of marriage or a fulfilling relationships, or social media “likes” in lieu of actual relationships. Those who can’t contain their base animalistic impulses are said to be “slaves” who “shall serve”— ultimately, although they may be slaves to the ruling elite, who wish to pacify us with various forms of electronic escapement, their real enslavement is to themselves by choosing to go along with it. The highest form of “love” as taught by Thelema is that of the Christian notion of “agape”, not “eros” or other more-fleeting things.

    Crowley’s writings, although optimistic in the long-term, are fairly pessimistic in regards to the short— they basically detail that the first 1/4th of the 2000-year aeon (the “Aeon Of Horus”) as being a living hell, and it seems that’s just what we’re in store for now that Biden is officially president.

    Actually, Crowley’s theology is fairly similar to that of the original Mormonism as taught by Jospeh Smith, IMO, perhaps the greatest American man of religion whose ever lived. But I’ve babbled enough for one text, I must get going. You said to write back, so here I am.

    My main inclination in finding a church is to be around those who are like minded in term of ortho-praxy, and of an Eastern European persuasion, to avoid all the normal stuffiness you get with the rank-in-file WASP / Germanic “heritage America” church scene, to say nothing of all the diversity we’re already forced to endure from the ruling elite. I”m essentially a Folk Christian, with a lot of sentimentalism towards the advanced theology and ortho-praxy of the Eastern Orthodox faith.

    But I’m not here to convince or persuade people, or preach my ideas. One of our commandments is that we shouldn’t force our ways onto others, and that each individual must be free to follow his True Will without being spiritually impeded by others. This is a theologically Christian blog, and I respect that you allow those who’re not 1:1 on the same page to comment and debate. Like I said, great blog you folks have, 93!

    • Thanks for writing back. I think on of the greatest Christian doctrines is that the spirit is known by its fruits, and thus the value of a belief system will be seen in the lives of its disciples. I say seen, not fulfilled. This can cause Christians to fall into the hypocrisy of forced cheerfulness, but that isn’t the worst hypocrisy to live with. My exposure to Crowley was limited and long ago, but I remember finding it murky and ultimately depressing. That might say more about me than Crowley. I may have had a bad sample, but the people who were in to that sort of thing also put me off. I don’t offer this as something that should influence your views, but only mention it to say that half of the proof of a belief system is in the lives of its true believers. The other half of the proof is in its creeds and catechisms, but the two must be taken together.


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