Why so worried?

Few Orthosphere readers have accused me of being overly optimistic, but I think I can relieve the anxiety of some on the Right who fear that, with the Democrats in full control of the federal government, the Left will be emboldened and significantly accelerate their crackdowns. My fellow reactionaries only have to remember what they already believe and have often said. All real power is held by some combination of the mass media, large corporations, the “permanent government” (civil service), and elite universities. Leadership in these institutions definitely has not changed hands. They can be emboldened only to the extent that they were previously restrained.

I hear that they are stepping up the expulsion of conservatives from social media. I’ve been hearing that for a long time, and I suppose it’s always true, but these media are only appropriate for short messages, which can only repeat common opinion. We reject the entire established worldview, and this cannot be fit into a tweet. A Conservative are now being expelled might actually be better off, since without Twitter and Facebook records it will be much more work for strangers to put together the case to have him or her punished in more serious ways.

It will certainly be a shame if we lose longer-form internet publications like this one. I also hear that the Left now has a more powerful justification for censorship in the need to crush “insurrection”, but this excuse seems to be of narrower potential application than the others the Left already has in its arsenal. For example, it would be much easier to make the case that the Orthosphere should be shut down and its writers lose our jobs because we are committing hate speech, creating a hostile environment, perpetuating “whiteness”, than trying to make an argument that we are plotting to overthrow the government.

I do have a strong bias toward assuming things will remain the same. It often serves me well but sometimes fails spectacularly. Still this is my guess. Things will keep getting worse for dissidents at about the same rate they have been for the past year, which unfortunately is pretty fast.

17 thoughts on “Why so worried?

  1. When I sometimes get down, I like to repeat Jesus’ promise to us: “the Gates of Hell shall not prevail.” Matt. 16:18. As the late, great Dr. Chuck Missler reminded us: “Are gates defensive or offensive?” Because Jesus already won the Battle for us and we are to inherit eternal life with Him, what’s to fear?

    The Good, Beautiful and True remain so despite any lies to the contrary. The current fear psyop (& those to come) will only further underscore the increasingly stark choice of siding with Good or Evil. Our work is really to assist in the coming harvest of souls.

    You are right that the Great (Social Media) Purge is a likely a blessing in disguise. From this point (working individual to individual), we are better able to reflect the love of God. This is actually what turned pagan Rome into a Christian civilization.

    So, I say, “Bring It On!” Or, Saint Lawrence told his torturers as he was burned alive in 258 AD: “Turn me over. I am done on this side.”

  2. Sounds like something a slow jew would have said when Hitler assumed power in 1933 reassuring himself that nothing would change. His last thoughts before entering the shower undoubtedly were “and how did we get to this.”

      • I get the impression modern Christians think their highest and best duty is to see their wives and daughters raped and their sons enslaved before their own throats are slit, preferably by a Muslim.

        A weak, cuckolded faith.

      • I drove by a church yesterday. On the sign before it was the simpering motto, “Open minds, open arms.” This struck me as utterly pathetic. We believe nothing, we demand nothing. We are the cheapest of cheap dates. Please, please, please love us. Crickets.

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  4. “All real power is held by some combination of the mass media, large corporations, the “permanent government” (civil service), and elite universities. Leadership in these institutions definitely has not changed hands. They can be emboldened only to the extent that they were previously restrained.”

    Even assuming that the branches of government have no _real power_, they certainly have power to lift those restraints, or as is being foreshadowed, to obliterate those restraints. That’s real power. So is Roe v. Wade and Obergefell.

  5. Rather a strange post, coming after 2020 – which has surely seen By Far the greatest global change in human history.

    “Things will keep getting worse for dissidents at about the same rate they have been for the past year, which unfortunately is pretty fast.”


    But I agree there is no point in ‘worrying’ about it. Nonetheless, it seems simply rational to be pessimistic about the socio-political prospects – unless events of the next week or two in the US reveal a significant counter-movement.

    Nonetheless, whatever happens, the past weeks in the US have been a real, and permanent, eye-opener for tens of millions of Americans – and who knows what that will eventually lead to in the spiritual realm.

    • I think this is what C.S. Lewis and you have described as “coming to a point.” As time passes, more and more neutrals are personally “punched in the face,” either by a real fist or by a flagrant outrage they cannot ignore. Lewis puts his explanation of “coming to a point” in the mouth of Dimble in THS, and says that, in every organization, there was always an earlier time when there was more “elbow room.” To this I would add that there always comes a time when someone “elbows you in the windpipe” and you cease to be neutral. The latent potential for hostility has been actualized and that brings things to a point.

      Sooner or later a vaguely dishonest media will “elbow you in the windpipe” with a truly stupendous lie, and that brings things to a point. Sooner or later a vaguely unreliable person will “elbow you in the windpipe” with a truly staggering betrayal, and that brings things to a point. Such things can be forgiven, but they cannot be forgotten.

      • “I think this is what C.S. Lewis and you have described as “coming to a point.””

        Yes, indeed I believe things have stopped ‘coming’ and ‘have-come’ to a point; I would assume that this crux moment has been reached by a lot of people in the US over the past weeks.

        In terms of That Hideous Strength, there will have been many Mark and Jane Studdocks, who have had the fence pulled-out from under where they were sitting; and have been compelled to choose to fall either onto Ransom’s, or Wither’s, side.

        But there is an asymmetry, those who refuse to awaken, cannot choose – and fall passively into being ‘NICE’ and joining the “bent eldils”.

        Whereas it requires individual conscious choice to follow ‘Maleldil’.

      • A favorite quote among my friends recently has been this one by Lenin: “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen”.
        I am not even pessimistic. I see all the same news, but I’ve been leaning on the Scripture, “Who among you, by worrying, can add a jot to his stature?” (I might be mixing translations). I, Scoot, by my powers alone, can do nothing to change events that have happened. So I’m kind of at serenity, the serenity one might find on passengers of a plane before it crashes. Things are happening that I can’t control, into thy hands Lord I commend my spirit.
        On the more practical matter of Trump (and, soon, those who follow him) being tossed down the memory hole, I can’t help but think they’re overplaying their hand. Their goal is to destroy opposition, yes, but by making a scapegoat out of Trump they might be amplifying his ideology. It will probably be more dangerous in the next six months than in the last four years to wear a MAGA hat, but maybe it becomes an act or symbol of rebellion? That’s a fantastical thought on my part, because I haven’t managed to fully lobotomize the part of my brain that believes politics, over a long enough timeline, tends to “do the right thing”.

      • I’ve been thinking a lot about impotence lately. Not sexual impotence, but the experience of being an absolutely inconsequential person. I have never wielded much power, and have never really wished to wield much power, but I once felt consequential in a limited way. It’s hard to explain just what this means, but I can make an analogy with the bodies in a solar system. Consequence is like the gravitational pull of those bodies. Some bodies are very large, and hence very consequential, but even the smallest bodies have are consequential in their limited way. If I understand astronomy correctly, the gravitational pull of a humble asteroid is not zero. Impotence is the feeling that your gravitational pull has fallen to zero and it is as if you did not exist. No one cares what you think. No one cares how you are feeling. You are just a nullity, a cypher and a zilch. A man can come to peace with impotence, and be inconsequential and serene at the same time, but inconsequentiality does not cause serenity.

      • My peeve préféré of the moment is thoughtless conservatives’ saying that the left will inevitably overplay its hand, overstep, go too far, etc. It reminds me of the old Episcopalian joke that lists a series of incredible outrages perpetrated during a worship service followed by a faithful parishioner’s vowing, “One more thing and I’m out of here.” We may disagree about the moment when the (proto-)left first went too far (1649, 1688, 1773, 1776, 1789, 1793, 1804, 1832, 1848, 1865, 1870, 1884, 1917, 1918, 1920, 1932, 1933, 1945, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1968, 1971, 1973, 1981, 1999, 2010, 2015, 2020, 2021, and many other contenders), but they’ve surely gone far past the pale for any honest, attentive person with any respect for nature, Western civilization, and divine law.

      • Yes, conservatives have been starting to lose their patience since the decapitation of Charles I. Progressives stoke this fantasy with their own fantasies of a “backlash.” It really resembles the hollow threats of an indulgent parent and the boundary testing of a spoiled child. And the reality is that the child sets the boundaries, so that last week’s outrage is this week’s normal. There is a lot of truth to the charge that conservatism is just laziness and a lack of imagination. It’s like a tired old dog that growls and then falls asleep.

      • Such [outrages and betrayals] can be forgiven, but they cannot be forgotten.

        Aye. To forgive is not to undo. There is no undoing. Whatever has been done, must be paid for. Mercy is possible in the first place only under conditions of implacable Justice. This is why purgation is needful, even for the redeemed.

      • My understanding is that forgiveness breaks the cycle of revenge, but there is a bastard version that breaks the cycle of prudence and self-preservation. If a fellow stiffs you, you should renounce stiffing him back, but you should also take measures to prevent him stiffing you a second time. In the spiritual conflict we are talking about here, you can (try to) love your enemies without forgetting that they are your enemies. I think it is too seldom remarked that commandment to love your enemies implicitly affirms that we do have enemies, and that they remain enemies even if we love them. I see no promise that love will break down misunderstanding and convert enemies into friends. Too many Christians believe that if we just love them more, they will start hating us less.

  6. I for one am glad to see the Orthosphere not sinking into the black depressive “fear and loathing” the right is prone to.
    No one can tell the future, but the happy warrior can look forward to it, no matter what comes. Because to live is Christ, and to die is gain.


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