J. P. Sears is an American Hero

For those unfamiliar with comedian-genius J. P. Sears — you should familiarize yourself with his work before YouTube liquidates his public presence. Download his videos (this is what I am doing). Spread the word about him. Appreciate him.

5 thoughts on “J. P. Sears is an American Hero

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  2. Yes. He is great, and brave. I joined his email list because he is anticipating being removed from all platforms and his means of communicating are getting more limited. He has already been demonitized from Facebook. His sponsors have abandoned him because they get attacked.

  3. Technical question Thomas: How are you downloading his videos? I can’t normally do this with YouTube, but I am getting the distinct impression that this kind of archiving action will become an imperative in short order. Thanks for any help you can give.

    • Downloading websites come and go on the Internet. The safest ones to use are the ones that have the most use. The protocols are the same for all: Copy the URL, paste it into the converter, convert it (in case of videos this would be “convert to MP4”), and when the video has finished the conversion process, download it. But when you hit the “download” icon, you should be prepared to x-out pop-up pages.

      I have used the downloading sites for years to convert classical-music videos to MP3 files, which I organize and store on flash drives to play through my car stereo system.


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