The Incipience of Irresistible Truth

Things are come over the last few days, and indeed hours, to a peculiarly acute pitch in America, and so in the wider West of which she is by historical accident – which is to say, by divine Providence – at present the head. America is now, for better or worse, the lead ram of the herd. Whither America goes, the rest shall follow. So we find that the entire West is at this hour poised on a world historical knife’s edge. If things go one way in America, the entirety of Christendom outside Russia will fall into rank apostasy, and so, into social chaos, poverty, and war. If they go the other, then might the West join with our Russian brothers in a renascence of Christian orthodoxy, and so of social health; of sanity, and so of peace, and of justice.

The gut feeling I have about all this is that the old wineskin of the liberal Establishment Narrative is bursting at the seams. The new wine is pouring forth, unstoppably. The only question is whether it shall pour forth tidily or not. My bet is, not. The old wineskin was after all built well, to begin with, and therefore robustly, sturdily. It will not evaporate. It will resist its own dissolution in the flood of New Wine.

New Wine there is, aplenty. New things are afoot. A wholly new game is under way. The signs are everywhere. To it, the rules of the old game are simply inapposite.

Here’s to preference cascades; here’s to metanoia; here’s to Nakedness, of the Emperor and of all others – aye, and most especially, of our own. Let all be made clear, so that none may deny it.

Let God arise, and let his enemies be scattered; let them also that hate him fly before him. As smoke is driven away, so drive them away: as wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God. But let the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; let them also be merry, and joyful.

Psalm 68:1-3

Be of good cheer, my friends and shieldmates. All is in hand, whatever the outcome of this particular day. On then.


PS:  Perhaps it goes without saying, but then again perhaps I should say it: even if, God forbid, our Enemy should prevail in this day for a time, and yea even for a time and one half a time, and to our own personal temporary detriment, yet still would that bode well in the end for our side. For why? Why, because confusion is itself the enemy of confusion. The more confusion wins, the more it loses; for, confusion confuses its own, and hurts all their projects, wounding them radically even unto destruction.

There’s just no way to be good, in any way at all – no way to be durable, or strong, or robust – by being wicked.

The cure of evil is evil itself. Such is the inescapable predicament of our Enemy. His loss is doomed by mere logic.

10 thoughts on “The Incipience of Irresistible Truth

  1. Mere logic. One little word. I heard somewhere this week that logic cannot be hacked. I think and hope it’s true. And your encouraging tone is uplifting. Pathemata mathemata. We will do more than survive. But woe unto him by whom offenses come.

    • Logic cannot be hacked. On the contrary: hacking proceeds by logic. Indeed, it could be said that becoming – i.e., procession per se – is logic hacking; is, in short, Lógos hacking.

      Taking hacking as a sort of exploration of the extant solution space.

      Logomata pathemata; ergo, pathemata mathemata.

  2. No good nor ill is permanent. Imagine America 100 years from now: its unimaginable, whatever prognostications we wish to make.

    My friend put it to me this way: Imagine being a german born in 1905 who lived to be 100. Or being Japanese in the same condition. Pick any nation and pick any 100 year window of history. Beginning and end will be unrecognizeable. The german wouldve seen his nation ravaged by two world wars, split apart by communism, rejoined, amd finally leading a multinational empire.

    May God be praised that in his wisdom he permitted us to experiment with democracy, such that any ill rulers have no more than 8 years to do damage. The other 92 on either side we have to variously prepare for and learn from.

  3. Back in 1968, Jean-Paul Sarte was giving a speech to student radicals. Sartre was universally respected in France, despite being a card-carrying Communist, France is just like that, intellectuals are respected no matter what. So he was giving a speech to these kids who ideologically very close to him and it should have gone well. And it didn’t. They got bored, they started booing, throwing insults, and he was completely perplexed, why don’t these kids of all people respect him, they should be respecting him the more than others because they are on the same political page?

    So it was a new radical wine bursting out of old ideological wineskins. And you are right, evil consumes evil, that was the lesson Sartre could have learned that day. Keep telling kids to disrespect all authority and the reward you reap is that they disrespect your authority, too. But it was still poisonous wine bursting forth. And the damage is still there to this day.

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  5. The essence of superstition is to dote on the wineskin and forget about the wine. It’s a reverse of means and ends, as when men are made for the sabbath rather than the sabbath made for men. The mark of a superstitious society (such as ours) is that it is knee-deep in dead forms that no one likes, but everyone fears to clear away. To give another biblical metaphor, we see that the fig tree bears no figs, but are afraid of a future without all those leaves. Jesus saw that second temple Judaism could not be reformed, only destroyed and swept into the dustbin of history.

    Bad conservatism is a Society for the Preservation of Wineskins. Good conservatism is a Society for the Preservation of Drinkability in Wine.

  6. “then might the West join with our Russian brothers in a renascence of Christian orthodoxy, and so of social health; of sanity, and so of peace, and of justice.”
    That is the sort of Russian collusion we can get behind. Bring on the Co-Dominion!


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