The Concerted Salients of Our Demoralization

The morale of the West – and, thus, its capacity to morality under pressure, so then its economic vigor and geopolitical power – has throughout 2020 been assaulted on many fronts at once, more and more acutely. It is odd that things seem to have gone so badly in so many ways, all at the same time, and as it were in concert. The question naturally arises, whether that concert is orchestrated.

Consider, all at once, and in no particular order:

  • Church has been stopped.
  • Holidays have been crushed.
  • Everyone must wear masks, perhaps at all times; no one can venture within a fathom of any unfamiliar countryman. No one can touch what others have touched.
  • Small businesses of all sorts – the font of entrepreneurship, innovation, and employment, and (with Christians) the most reliably conservative and traditional element of society – are being deleted by the hundreds of thousands.
  • Social gathering has been proscribed, except to riot, loot, or burn. There are fewer and fewer opportunities for the processes of informal society, that engender fellowship and community.
  • Rioting, looting and burning have been encouraged and excused.
  • The police are vitiated. *Law* is vitiated.
  • Few criminals – other than crimethinkers – are punished.
  • Misdemeanors are no longer policed or prosecuted, especially if the miscreants are members of a favored class beset by some weakness, whether culpably or not.
  • Rationality, logic, math, consistency, scientific rigor, morality, prudence, enterprise, practical virtue, familiar duty and loyalty, grammar, studiousness, conscientiousness – in short, all the behavior that leads to success in life and to social cohesion – all are attacked as oppressive instruments of the evil culture of the West.
  • Empiricism is replaced by consensus. Science and medicine are tainted. The Narrative is more and more obviously at odds with the real world.
  • Statues and monuments, flags and symbols commemorating our past and our traditions are desecrated and destroyed.
  • Cultural heroes and icons of all sorts – scientists, statesmen, warriors, merchants, inventors, artists, even saints – are abhorred because they did not know about or therefore adhere to the latest requirements of politically correct speech or behavior.
  • Sex, courtship and marriage, reproduction, and the family have been ruined and perverted; or, to put the same notion in other terms, sexual morality has been overturned. Apologetics for paederasty have commenced.
  • The electoral system has been shown to be massively corrupt. Democracy appears to have been fake. Perhaps it was fake all along.
  • The courts are riddled with tendentious, politically interested corruption and depravation of due process. They are, in a word, unjust. So there is no reliable institution of justice.
  • Federal institutions once thought to be fairly disinterested and therefore fairly excellent – e.g., the DOJ, the FBI – are corrupt and tendentious.
  • Actual work is more and more hamstrung by compliance with ridiculous regulation (despite the valiant and effective project of deregulation undertaken by the Trump administration).
  • Toilet paper, paper towels, and disinfectant cleaning supplies are scarce.
  • There are rolling power blackouts in California. They are intended to prevent sparking of wild fires by the stress of high winds on power lines. The high winds often fail to eventuate. The blackouts nevertheless proceed. It is impossible to tell whether the blackouts have done any good. Even if they have, massive fires have nevertheless plagued the entire montane West. Meanwhile the blackouts have imposed enormous economic costs of their own.
  • The media are all revealed as liars. There is no source of news; it is all fake. Confusion reigns, on all topics.
  • There is a pandemic – or is there? – which seems to have been intentional – or was it? A vaccine is imminent; but is it safe? There are treatments that some say work well, but the Establishment abhors them. Why? Why not try everything? No reasons are given. The risk of death from the disease is minuscule for almost everyone, yet everything else must be ruined in order to control for it. Is that wise? Maybe. Who knows?
  • Dissenting voices – on almost every topic – are deplatformed and silenced, more and more consistently.
  • Every sort of organization whatever – even down to knitting clubs, scout troops, bowling teams, and indeed households – has begun frantically signaling fanatical devotion to the Party Line. Every organization must at least begin to consider giving at least lip service to the Party Line as an essential and principal organizational objective. Kowtowing to the Narrative is become a sine qua non.
  • The Party Line is more and more crazy and nonsensical, more and more contradictory, and so impossible to implement in life as one must live it. It becomes more and more difficult to achieve the safe harbor of political correctness, and so avoid culpable crimethink. In order to get through the day and the year, people more and more resort to unprincipled exceptions – which is to say, to bad faith (Sartre), to false consciousness (Marx), to neurosis (Freud).

Excursus: Odd, is it not, that the chief progenitors and apologists of the Left are the ones who have so deftly noted, named, and parsed its characteristic psychic disease: psychic disintegration?

  • Crimethinkers – anyone who ever said or wrote anything now construed as politically incorrect – are hunted down, their careers destroyed.
  • Whites – which is to say, Westerners – are considered genetic crimethinkers, and so incorrigibly evil per se. Calls for their deletion begin to be heard. No institutional authority repudiates, or even notices, any of those calls. They are unremarked. That renders such calls normal. They therefore proliferate. Murders ensue, but again, no one in the Establishment notices. That likewise renders such murder normal, and so not very problematic.
  • The locusts are back.
  • We cannot get out of wars even when we want to; even when we have no idea why we are still involved in them, and are doing no good. We are not allowed to crush our enemies – to complete any wars – but only to harry them.
  • Political factions are intensely polarized, and polite civil discourse is no longer possible. Thus there is no way to trust in fellow citizens. Not only is it impossible to avoid crimethought with assurance, but there is no way to tell who might betray a crimethinker to the thought police. So everyone is a potential scapegoat. No one is merely innocent, everyone is always at risk. So there is no peace, no rest, no surcease from political labor. And our Establishment clearly wants it to be that way for us.

An appalling list, when considered in toto. It could of course be expanded, too. All that’s missing is a world war and the Yellowstone eruption. Or, a real epidemic like the Plague.

It is an all too perfect storm, no? I cannot but think that it is indeed orchestrated, as a climactic attack upon the West, upon its coordinating cult of the last 1700 years, and upon its nations; upon Christendom. I cannot but think then that such a massive, globally coordinated orchestration must be, at bottom, infernal. For, what is most interesting about the list is how many items on it stem from noise of some sort; from error, misdirection, confusion, lies, propaganda, counterfactual narratives. They bear the mark of the Father of Lies.

That sounds dire, and indeed it is. But remember, it is no cause for despair. Indeed, there is every reason to be of good cheer. Hell cannot – ontologically cannot – win its contest with Omnipotent Good. If you are on the side of that Good, you cannot lose at last, no matter what evils befall you in the meantime. So, take heart. You may be at peace.

Onward then, to the deluge that approaches. May God send it falls in our favor sooner rather than later. But, let his will be done, and not ours. Come what may, our duty as ever is simply, terribly, always the same: to do what is right, every single time. On with that then; it will suffice.

After all, the Great Demoralization cannot proceed except by conquering one heart at a time. Your heart can be lost only at your will. Will otherwise. More than anything, that resistance confuses the Enemy, and wrecks his plans.

Confusion to the Father of Confusion!

14 thoughts on “The Concerted Salients of Our Demoralization

  1. To echo the frequently repeated and never ill timed admonition of Fr Z: Go to confession! Im in need of this reminder frequently myself. Its a good antidote to despair, which i am likewise in frequent need.

    I cant tell you the number of times i have been greeted by “good morning–wheres your mask?” Im not even a conscientious objector to masks, after some literal and figurative soul searching i bent the knee in the name of obedience to my lawful authorities. I kept running into my departments executive at the office without it and was threatened to be sent home. But the collapsr of basic decorum has probably been more disheartening than the masks themselves. Ive been shrieked at by harpies for walking from my office to the printer without my mask. These are all specific and personal anecdotes and not generally applicable, but it just reminds me of the film Lord of the Flies. How easily, for how little cause, can we be compelled to turn on each other. Now that i think about it, nightmare on elm street comes to mind, too.

    Into thy hands Lord, i commend my spirit. May i trust that the rainbow will be bright if the flood is so terrible as this.

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  3. Depite that I write about this kind of stuff all the time – seeing it all assembled like this was a shock to me.

    As it should be. This year of 2020 is absolutely astonishing and shocking; perhaps the most shocking year I have ever heard of, on a world scale.

    “I cannot but think then that such a massive, globally coordinated orchestration must be, at bottom, infernal. For, what is most interesting about the list is how many items on it stem from noise of some sort; from error, misdirection, confusion, lies, propaganda, counterfactual narratives. They bear the mark of the Father of Lies.”

    Absolutetely right! And one would have though this was obvious to any Christian.

    And yet this is clearly is Not obvious to most self-identified Christians, but is instead strenuously denied and indeed ridiculed; which emphasises the severity of our condition.

    • I too was shocked as I wrote. I began thinking that the list would be only about ten items long. That was bad enough – bad enough to prompt a blog post. Then I began putting it all down, and the horror grew and grew.

      The scale of the assault is just massive. Its scale and coordination, and the mutual reinforcement of many items on the list, are all obscured because the attack is proceeding on so many disparate fronts, all at once: from agriculture and forestry to IT. It’s astonishing.

      And of course, the simultaneous attack in so many departments of cultural life is itself a source of bewilderment and confusion. There seems to be no place to turn where things are just normal. Even home life is disrupted.

      Several important items I forgot:

      • Pope Francis; with him, many – perhaps most – of the bishops and many of the priests in the apostolic succession.
      • Mass immigration to the West from the East and South.
      • Mohammedan terror and insurrection (as in France).
      • China.
      • A collapse in municipal and state tax revenues.
      • Everywhere in the US at least, widespread support and subsidy of homeless encampments by municipal authorities, generating an explosion of squalor, begging, petty crime, and so forth.

      I’m sure there are other things I’m forgetting. Then there are the things that have been building for decades, such as: the New Atheism; liberal “Christianity;” moral and epistemological relativism; transgressive art, music, architecture and fashion; the War on Christmas; the ruin of education; hatred of men, especially fathers; and so forth. These are not acute at present, but they are pervasively active in the background. As background they are not now particularly noticed, but they are nevertheless the matrix and foundation of many of the other items on the list.

      • It’s disconcerting, though I do not think that people are overlooking the mess (though maybe they are in the U.K.). Never in my life have I heard so many people speaking so apocalyptically. “The center cannot hold” appears to be the main lay judgment in these parts.

        Last week, the ZMan had this post that captures well the anxiety that I sense around me (“Suspicious Minds” /

        “. . . The reason people panic is that trust is built on predictability and predictability relies on rules and the orderly enforcement of those rules. When the rules stop making sense or their enforcement becomes arbitrary, it becomes impossible to predict the outcome of one’s actions. When you cannot trust the rules, you cannot trust the results of your own decisions, which means you cannot trust even yourself. When people can trust nothing they are willing to believe anything.

        “America appears to be in one of those moments when the people are suddenly thrust into a world in which they can no longer trust anything. The extraordinary events of the last election have caused tens of millions to question the system itself. . . .”

      • There is no center anymore. That’s actually a hopeful sign. It is a sign of an impending preference cascade into some new paradigm. That sort of earthquake generally has the effect of moving things closer to their natural angle of repose.

      • I also write about these things and I too was taken aback by this list. To see it all so clearly laid out really brings home the scale of the corruption and the utter irrefutability of its diabolical source.

      • If it were not otherwise obvious, we could tell that the attack on the West is demonic from the fact that it involves sexual slavery of Western children by rape rings of immigrants, and – this is the real kicker – the intentional permission of those damnable evils by the civil authorities, who allow them to continue unpoliced *for years.*

        Slavery is back. Moloch is back, openly. Belial is openly worshipped.

        What amazes me most of all I suppose is that I forgot to add those items to the list.

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  5. Well done, Kristor. An impressive and perceptive bill of indictment.

    In addition to trusting God through faith in Jesus Christ, we must also defend ourselves.

    That’s why I took my nickname; our side needs more acts of defense.

    To defend ourselves, three things are needed:

    First, the current narrative that whites and Christians are evil “racists,” which is explicitly endorsed by almost everyone and explicitly opposed by almost nobody, must be defeated. This narrative is why they war on us.

    Second, we must have political power, where “political” is understood in its widest sense. We must replace executives, legislators and judges (governmental and private) who oppose our people, and replace them with personnel who support our people.

    Replace *as many as possible*, that is!

    Third, we must all act in our personal lives to strengthen our people and protect them from the attacks of our enemies.

    How exactly to do all these? Can’t say for sure until it’s all over, it will have to be worked out. But that’s what we gotta do.

    • The narrative is how they war on us, not why. The narrative may motivate them by filling them with righteous fury, but its primary function is to demotivate us by filling us with doubt and despair. The narrative also serves them as a weapon because it converts political questions into moral questions, and thereby converts a conflict of interests into a battle between right and wrong. This is one reason the politicians we elect to defend our interests so often cuck and vote against our interests. The narrative convinces them that there is something indecent about standing up for the people who voted them into office. It convinces them the bald treachery is a noble and virtuous thing.

  6. “The narrative is how they war on us, not why. …its primary function is to demotivate us..”

    That’s a fair point. But when I said “This narrative is why they war on us,” I had in mind a point of logic: If we are evil, then logic demands that we be punished. Since the average person has been fully immersed in this narrative for decades, it’s no wonder he goes along with the persecution.


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