7 thoughts on “Morlocks Singing

    • And it has been performed on all wine- and coffee-bar singers of the used-to-be-male variety. November 10 was my birthday. To celebrate it my wife and I went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant. The music being played over the sound system — so as to elevate the ambiance — consisted of one emasculated male voice after another singing (but it was more like whining) tunelessly about this or that disappointment in life. My wife asked the waitress to change the station to something instrumental, as she found the vocalizations insufferable. Since we are good customers, the management heeded our request.

      Which of the selections — if I may inquire — most elicits your appreciation?

      I once taught one of my classes the chorus of the Sigurd Lay and got them to sing along. I took the verses solo. I must say, though, that “Bully in the Alley” has verve.

      • I’ve been in those whine-bars and heard those epicene laments. I liked Bully in the Alley, but have yet to listen to the last few clips.

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  2. Well, you know what is even more despicable than workers to our new guardians:

    Wait for 2:50 for the boy to show you how it’s done in our “lung.”

    (Reveille from “Pushkin’s Garland” / Sviridov, 1979)


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