Smetana Folks

Orthosphere commenter Joseph A. recently wrote that he could humanely bridge the ideological chasm between himself and an SJW if he found that they both shared a love for the music of the Czech composer Bedřich Smetana.  In the hope that it might add to this love feast, I promised to send him a photo of a hamlet called Smetana, which lies six or seven miles west of here.

I warned Joseph A. that Smetana was not much to look at, but as you can see, Smetana Folks have their hearts in the right place.

This county received a large Czech immigration in the 1870s, but it is unknown if they named the hamlet for their national composer or some humble Smetana who ran a grocery on the spot. If Joseph A. will only carry a copy of the second photo in his wallet, I am sure striking up humane conversations with SJWs will be no trouble at all.

4 thoughts on “Smetana Folks

  1. Right… Where have they hidden the Slivovitz Still?

    Wonder if the Democrat candidate was Lapsang Souchong? Russian Caravan anyone?

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  3. Thank you! I actually knew about the Texas Czech immigration wave because last year, I enjoyed the performance of The Bartered Bride set in a Czech community in Texas. I knew beforehand that Czechs had settled in Iowa and Kansas, but I didn’t know about Texas. Given how much I love Czechs and how charming I find Texans, perhaps I should make a pilgrimage one day. Yet, it doesn’t seem like there’s much to visit, though I could spend a pleasant afternoon in Mount Calvary Catholic Cemetery. From your picture above, I see that the good citizens of Smetana want to elevate Earl Gray to a position of power. Jean-Luc Picard would no doubt find the Smetanans quite sensible folk.

    • If I die here and am buried in a Catholic cemetery, I’ve told my wife to park me in the Smetana branch, and not the main cemetery in town. The candidacy of Earl Gray has been a feeble ray of sunshine in what has otherwise been a dismal fall.


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