2,000 Posts

We reached something of a milestone the day before yesterday: 2,000 posts.

The Orthosphere has been in existence for 8 years now. While we remain tiny in the grand scheme of things across the blogosphere, nevertheless the sheer numbers we’ve accumulated so far are enough to raise my eyebrows in astonishment: we’ve garnered 2.8 million page views, 1,300 followers, and almost 44,000 comments from readers and contributors.

I am pleased that we have continued to refrain almost completely from commentary on the political news of the day, most of which is noise, or else stupid, or both. We’ll try to keep that up, so that our stuff is more or less timeless.

That said, we’d like to hear from readers if there is anything you wish we did more of – or less.

Thanks to all the Orthosphereans – contributors, commenters, readers, and participants in the broader orthosphere at many sites – for what has been so far a most edifying progress over the orthological formscape. There is much still to explore of that great continent, in all its dimensions – intellectual, moral, aesthetic – much still to learn. I look forward to the next 8 years.

17 thoughts on “2,000 Posts

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  2. Just for comparison – my blog began seriously in mid 2010 (it was a respository of teaching material from 2008-10 – which is why it has an odd URL); and my figures are 6230 posts, 6,386,812 views, 29722 comments, 39 followers.

    (For readers who do not already know – The Orthosphere originated from discussions on my blog: http://charltonteaching.blogspot.com/2011/12/orthosphere-it-is-do-ortho-bloggers-and.html – Kristor invented the name)

    That differential is pretty much what I would have expected. I’ve posted more often than daily on average, and moderated comments harshly and excluded a lot — probably ‘followers’ signifies that I have a smaller regular readership, which itself probably reflects that there are a lot more trad. Roman Catholics than Romantic Christians!

    • Or it could simply reflect the fact that your followers are way more influential …

      That was tongue in cheek, but come to think of it, Vox Day seems to be a pretty regular reader of your Notions. That’s something.

  3. Congratulations to you, Kristor, and to your fellow Orthosophers (orthosophes? shouldn’t have tried to neologize and just stuck with “contributor”, so on and sophorth)! Your achievement is to the enrichment of we, your readers, and I am grateful to you and your peers. Can you point us to the most viewed article on this site? Would be curious to see what gets (or has gotten) the most eyeballs.

  4. When I started blogging, it seemed hard to imagine that I would continue with it for decade-timescales, although I also never really imagined how or when I would stop. The thought that we will continue for eight more years is a happy one, even if we had no other audience but each other. It is optimistic to think that we’ll be allowed to continue for eight more years; the repression of dissent on the internet is proceeding faster than I had expected. For the time being, the establishment seems to be more interested in controlling social media than old-fashioned blogs like this one, but it is a lot to hope that this neglect will long continue.

    • I, too, would be terrifically happy if all we could ever do henceforth, having discovered each other, was to keep talking to each other. I find the discourse of the commentariat at orthospherean sites like ours, Throne & Altar, Charlton’s Notions, and all their ilk helps me understand things way better than I might otherwise have done. Especially when I am challenged by our intramural gadflies like a.morphous, Leo (hey Leo – I don’t mean to say you are like a.morphous except insofar as you challenge me like a gadfly (and like him are smart, honest, earnest, etc.)), vishmehr (ditto), and all you guys who put up with us and give us a poke from time to time. The pokes are valuable. They force us to explain ourselves. And that teaches us.

      I often discover how much our discourse helps me when I converse with other traditionalist people who have not partaken the orthosphere. They are on the right track, totally; but they are where we were in 2012, when the Orthosphere got started. I noticed this just last night, at a small dinner we hosted: notions that seemed commonplace and obvious to me were revolutionary and staggering to our (extremely conservative, intelligent, informed and educated) guests.

  5. And let us not forget to commemorate Lawrence Auster, on whose View from the Right site many of us “virtually” met. I discovered that site just about twelve years ago . . . just after the 2008 election. I binge read scores (hundreds?) of previous articles and was pretty excited to find such a page . . . even though my initial entry to LA’s orbit was (characteristically) critical: “The Aim of Liberalism Is White Dhimmitude” (if the html doesn’t work — http://www.amnation.com/vfr/archives/011822.html). Part of me wishes that LA was still around because I’d surely gain from his shared insights. Yet, it’s probably best that he didn’t live to see what has since happened to the churches and to the Western nations . . . though, of course, he predicted le déluge. May his memory be eternal.

      • Not a day goes by when I don’t miss Zippy. I try to pray for his soul, though I am ashamed to admit I miss the chance more than not. Thank you for the reminder.

      • Discovering Zippy (regrettably only after your Eulogy for him) precipitated a phase change in my faith life. His arguments and claims made me uncomfortable but for the life of me I couldn’t find where he was wrong. So I had to figure out where I was wrong. One practical thing I appreciated about Zippy was how well he linked his articles. When I was trying to wrap my head around him, I would follow chains of links until I got to an article which had none, and then read the chain forward. It was extremely enlightening, and I still go back to research some topics. As an accountant his masterful discussion of Usury truly rocked my world.

        I will have to spend some time familiarizing myself with Mr. Auster. I arrived too late to express my appreciation to these greats personally but thankfully still in time to appreciate their work. Orthosphere has been at the center of it all. Hear, Hear!

  6. Congratulations and please do keep up the excellent work. There are many of us who read these courageous articles like dissidents: by candlelight, beneath the sheets, to avoid detection, but risking the fire.

  7. After I discovered this blog less than a year ago it became one of my all-time favorites (I confess I don’t keep up with it as much as I’d like to; the shortage of time and all that). I had no idea it has such a long history! Eight years is quite the accomplishment for this caliber of content.


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